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AMISHI Experiences a Bisexual Massage at a Spa


AMISHI even at 38 had 40D sized BOOBS, with a big curvy butt. She felt like an explosion of pleasure as she rode Kuntals cock, while, Daisy still sucking her big tits like a hungry baby. Wow what a Wonderful MASSAGE at the local Spa

As I was walking down the lane in South Mumbai, where I reside, I saw a new Massage Spa in the lane opposite my building. I’d had a hard week at work and felt this was just what I needed. We have a guy who comes home for a massage for my hubby and his brother, but it would be inappropriate if I asked him to massage me, since my in-laws are very orthodox.

This new Spa was dark inside and I found it hard to find the reception desk. As I approached the counter a tall curvaceous sexy fair looking lady came out. She was wearing a short black skirt which showed off her long bronzed legs and a tight top that clung around her massive breasts. I could see her lace bra through her top which pushed her tits together, they must have been at least double G’s! I’ve always been attracted to men but seeing this girl lean over the counter made me ashamedly a little hot & wet. When she spoke she had a low seductive voice which was enticing.
‘Hi there, how are you doing?’

‘Hi, I’m good thanks. I'm AMISHI. I know its late, but I was hoping you could fit me for a massage tonite?’ I couldn’t stop staring at her tits as she leaned further down.
‘Yeah sure thing honey, we’ve got a special offer today- its only for our hot customers though.’ She winked and ran her tongue around her well glossed lips.
‘Well what does it involve?’ I was anxious and was really just looking for a quiet end to my night…

‘Well darling’, its free for one thing. Its in our new massage room with our best masseuse, Kuntal.’ She came around the counter and I could smell her perfume. She flicked her long black hair behind her shoulders and then placed her hand on my arm. It felt electric.

‘Sweetie, you have the most gorgeous body.’ I’ve always had people complement me, but from this girl it felt real nice. I’m 5’2” with olive skin. I’ve always been blessed with a curvy body, as I grew older my tits got bigger and bigger each year. At 38, I have 40D sized BOOBS, with a big curvy butt, but a flat stomach. Originally mixed race I was often asked if I was Persian. I’d just come from drinks with my friends so I was wearing my going out dress that was really too short and very low cut. My bra could hardly contain my tits and my nipples kept coming out when I moved about too much. It’s actually annoying sometimes having too big breasts, I get so many comments each day from pervy men. I could see her appraising my body as she led me round to a separate room out the back. As we passed the main door she turned the sign to closed. I felt this was a bit ominous but the idea of a free massage was just what I needed.

Who I imaged to be Kuntal was sitting with his back to us was in the room. He was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, tanned, muscular, with a chisel chin turned to us. His bulging biceps pushed against his T-shirt. As he stood up he extended out his strong manly hand in greeting.

‘Daisy, you picked the perfect lady to try out our new massage offer.’ They exchanged knowing glances. ‘I know Kuntal, isn’t she just gorgeous!’ I felt awkward as they both stared at me. Daisy, the tall blonde, stood behind and laid he hands on my shoulders. My nipples went immediately erect from her touch. I could tell Kuntal liked seeing us together. Daisy slid her hands over onto my chest. My knees felt weak. I could feel her ginormous breasts against my back. I stepped away, as although I’m liberal minded I felt wrong having a women touch me like that. Especially a random one in an unknown Spa.

‘What’s this massage all about? Why’s it special?’ I asked warily. ‘Well, it’s a full body massage, with extras… but its all safe’ he said sensing my anxiety. ‘I’ll need you to get changed into this towel and lie on the couch.’ Kuntal passed me a towel.

‘OK…’ I took the towel, and asked where I could get changed. I walked to the small area at the back of the room which shielded their view with a curtain.

‘Erm, Daisy is it? Could you help me undo my dress?’

She smiled at Kuntal and came into the room, she moved my short hair to one side. She undid the back zip of my dress, my dress slid over my big tits and fell to the floor. I forgot I was wearing my stockings and suspender belt underneath. I could see my reflection in the mirror. I was hot. In high heels and sheer lace thong and bra I felt so sexy. Daisy was still behind me taking in the view.

‘Shall I help you out some more?’ She said in her seductive voice. She reached for my bra and rubbed against my nipples, I gasped in surprise. I could see Kuntal staring through the gap in the curtain. He was smiling and I could see he was rubbing his dick though his jeans. I thought fuck it, this girl is hot. I reached out to feel her massive tits, she groaned as I kneaded the big soft titties. I pulled her top over her head which unleashed her huge melons. They flopped out to reveal the sexy red push up bra I’d seen though her top. We were both in our underwear in high heels playing with each others tits. She moved closer to kiss me. She placed her tongue in my mouth, probing softly. I was so turned on. Our tits were pushing against each other. I was aware that Kuntal had come closer and was feverishly rubbing himself more. I enjoyed putting on a show for this handsome man. Daisy undid my bra, as my big jugs fell out, my nipples were hard as ice.

‘Right AMISHI, get your towel on.’ I was upset that our play around had finished, but the thought of being massaged my Kuntal also made me excited. I took off my stockings, suspender and thong. Wrapped the towel around me, although embarrassingly it I wouldn’t fit around my massive tits. I tottered out and got on the table. However it was strange as there were what seemed to be two holes in the middle. My breasts fitted perfectly into them. I was now prone on the table, my breasts pushed trough the holes dangling to the floor. Kuntal oiled up his hands. I turned around to see that he’d undressed. This was all a bit surreal. My first kiss with a girl, now a naked massage from a naked man… I would normally object, but Kuntal’s dick was huge and he was so hot. He was all shaven, and I could see precum at the tip of his dick- he must have really enjoyed seeing Daisy and me getting it on. He started massaging my butt. I could hear him groan as he pressed against my fleshy backside. His dick brushed against my hip. Daisy put a blindfold around my eyes saying that I could feel all the sensations more. I accepted, as she bent forward to kiss me. This was sensory overload! Suddenly I could feel something sucking on my nipple. I gasped, then relaxed as I realised Daisy must have been under the table sucking on my giant tits like a baby. I thought I could come alone from that. She took turns with each nipple sucking it ferociously.

‘Oh babe, your leaking on me.’ I suddenly remembered that after my abortion I had sometime back, the doctor had briefed me about having milk express from my breasts! It was after my husband fucked me without a condom without telling me, I’m against taking hormones and I was so pissed off. I was so embarrassed, but she seemed to love it... I could hear them both groaning as they sucked and rubbed my naked body. I peaked through the blindfold to see Daisy on the floor on her knees with my tit juice all over her. She was rubbing it into her tits and playing with her clit. Kuntal was watching and wanking himself off at the image of his fat titted colleague writhing in their customers milk. Daisy was cumming soon, the groans were getting louder. She moved so I could lick her nipples. Her big wet tits fitted perfectly in my mouth. I sucked on them like a lolly as she squeezed them into my mouth.

Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming… Suck them harder bitch! Yeah that’s it…’ she let out this loud groan as she came. Then Kuntal joined in and I could feel hot spunk cover my face which was latched onto her breast still. Fuck this was weird but I was so horny. I was still on my stomach in this strange massage table with Kuntal’s cum dripping off my face. Daisy licked it off me then obediently cleaned up his dick.

Kuntal’s dick was still hard! I couldn’t believe, I got up from the table and beckoned him closer. I put his big dick in my mouth. It was so big I could squeeze with two hands. His bell end was getting sucked like a lollipop. He grunted as he thrusted his dick deep in my mouth. Daisy came from behind and started kissing my neck. I could feel her tits up against me again and I loved it. She squeezed my tits like a cow as I sucked Kuntal. More milk squirted out and dripped down his legs. ‘Squeeze them hard’ I said as she played with hem like bread dough. My nipples were tingling with pleasure. I started rubbing my clit. I was going to have to cum soon but I wanted more of Kuntal first.

‘Get on the floor Kuntal’, I wanted to ride his big dick. I lowered my cunt onto his dick. I was dripping wet with excitement. Daisy straddled him too with her back to his face as we stared kissing and rubbing my leaky tits against each others. Kuntal feeling Daisy’s butt as I squeezed his dick with my cunt. Daisy’s tits were so soft, so big and so sexy. This long haired brazen blonde was going to make me cum soon. I could feel the beginning happen as a rode Kuntal harder. His dick was pushed so far up my cunt it hurt. I kissed Daisy as I clutched onto her colossal tits.

‘Fuck yeah, fuck I’m going to… uh… lick my tits harder…’ It felt like an explosion of pleasure as I came on his dick with Daisy still sucking my big tits like a hungry baby. Kuntal came again, this time up my cunt. I could feel his big dick shoot the cum up me as it throbbed in my pussy. I was the best cum of my life. I was covered in his cum and my tit’s were still leaking as milk dripped all around Daisy’s mouth.

‘That was amazing’ I said after it was over. Kuntal said ‘come and lie on the couch over here’. We all laid kissing and touching each other for quite a time. I was so glad I decided to stop by that night. I think Daisy and Kuntal will be good friends for a long time.