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Closer: A Perverted Romance


A woman’s hand reaches out of the darkness. It has an elegant shape, with long white nails, like talons, that adorn the tips of slim fingers. Her fingers and thumbs pinch a man’s brown nipples hard and twist them until they are red and inflamed. 'AAAAHHHH!' The naked hanging man screams. The woman smiles, milky white teeth contrast against two red-rouged bands that constitute her thick sensuous lips. She strokes the naked man’s bound and weighted balls. They are big and smooth and hairless, bulging like two fat eggs from between his thighs, tied tight the way the woman obviously likes them.

She whispers to the man...

His latex masked head turns to her. He smiles and she leans in and bites his nipples, first the right then the left one, leaving them wet and hard, their length exaggerated by the woman’s sucking. She’s left a red lipstick ring around them both. She strokes the man's shoulder and then reaches down and fondles his helpless cock, teasing her long nails up and down it. The cock is long and thick, with lots of blue veins bulging from the shaft. Under the swollen purple head is a big silver ring through the little piece of skin that joins the foreskin with the glans. From the ring, a clip with a silver-linked chain runs upwards and attaches to another ring fixed to a black leather collar around the naked man’s neck. The chain stretches his hard dick up against his navel. The woman writhes against the man, pressing her cunt against his hard prick, causing him to moan and squirm on the St John’s Cross he’s attached to. The woman's dressed in skin tight black latex. She has the aspect of a panther about her, tall frame, lithe body. exquisitely proportioned subtle curves in all the right places. The ultra-tight black latex cat-suit she has on is open at the cunt and ass. Her hairless brown labia hang like two slim ears when seen from the rear, the six sliver rings piercing her love lips glinting occasionally in the light.

She kneels, sniffs it first, then licks the naked man’s cock, up and down its shaft. He groans and throws his head back against the wooden cross as she tugs on the chains and heavy lead weights that hang from the thin ropes looped around the base of his swollen testicles. They are long and stretched and have been made so by countless sessions like this one, where agony and ecstasy are so close they could be almost the same thing. The woman – who is in her mid-thirties, it seems – has her black hair pinned up. She resembles a Victorian lady, her features delicate and refined, a cute turned-up nose and expressive brown eyes give her face a similarity to Nicole Kidman, the actress.

She moves up higher up the naked man's body and...

...she licks the chain that attaches to his cock ring, allowing her silvery spit to run down the chain to the stretched glans, whereupon she bends lower and laps the spit back up, like a beautiful black cat might, if a cat was capable of being a Dominatrix. The man moans, his mouth is open in a sort of half-scream. The woman looks up and tugs on his ball-bag weights again. 'AAAAHHHHH!' he screams. She smiles and reaches out and cups the tortured balls, soothing their chaffed agony by spitting on them, massaging it in and handling them gently before suddenly tugging again on the chains. Sublime sadism. The screaming/soothing game goes on for some time before the woman un-ties the naked man and takes off his black hood. He stands there in front of her, blinks, then stares at his beautiful tormentor. She points to the floor and he kneels, head right down, ass uppermost. Whilst he licks and kisses her shiny leather platform-soled boot, the woman puts the other one on his spine, looking down on him and occasionally spanking his bottom, or thighs, with a thick leather riding crop if he does something she objects to.

She seems to find fault quite often...

After the boots have been cleaned with his tongue, the woman sits in a big throne-like chair and spreads her slim thighs, skinning back her slippery brown love lips with both hands. She beckons the naked slave over with her finger. He crawls over and kneels before her. ‘Lick me,’ she says softly, staring at him. He crouches and laps at the woman’s cunt as she holds his shoulders in place with her pervy-looking black boots. She groans as the pleasure reaches her, stroking her nipples through her tight black latex cat suit, unzipping the bodice and running her fingertips feverishly over them. She rocks her slim hips against the naked man’s face, her pretty features distorted by her oncoming orgasm. She’s soon reduced to a quivering jelly by the forceful electric spasm that speeds through every fibre of her being. She screams, pulls the naked man’s brown hair and smacks his face as she comes, shouting out the most obscene things; the disgusting vulgar language sexily at odds with her elegant appearance.


How wrong appearances can be. After all, why shouldn’t elegant pretty women be filthy and depraved? Perverted people come in all shapes and sizes and perversion is certainly not just the preserve of the ugly, or the average, despite what popular conventional propaganda might tell you.

Anyway, back to the D/s scene…

After her climax, the woman sits up and strokes the naked man’s face before slapping it hard on each cheek. He reels and thanks her and faces her again, the red mark of her flat hand clearly visible on his skin. He’s ruggedly handsome, dark, with a couple of day’s growth of beard, thick eyebrows, dark brown eyes, distinctively full lips and a strong jawline. He might be described as swarthy, Italian, French, or possibly Latino. The woman leans forward and opens the man’s mouth with her fingers and rubs the tips of them on his tongue. He sucks them. She smiles and leans in closer, releasing a globule of silvery spit that hangs from her pursed lips, like a pendant, over her slave’s mouth. She goes lower, the spit touches his tongue and he sucks it in like a hungry dog, real lust in his expression. It’s that over serious slightly ludicrous look that men have when they exceedingly turned on. He has that look.

You know what I mean.

The woman moves in close and her big lips meet his in a replay of that famous Rodin sculpture, 'The Kiss,' apart from the fact that the roles are reversed here, as she holds him in a deep embrace. They kiss and swill their tongues about for ages, her nails scathe the man’s shoulders and back, leaving little cuts in their wake. She leans out over him and licks the blood off his skin and comes back and kisses him, exchanging blood and saliva with him, which he readily swallows in a frenzy of lustful mouth to mouth action.

She gets up...

...and stands over him, her boots either side of his ass. He's lying on his belly. Urine suddenly gushes from the woman's hairless cunt, all over the naked man’s bloody back and his recently caned, red-striped, ass. He writhes about under the powerful golden shower, moaning with lust and delighting himself to be so honoured by his Mistress’s favour. She kicks him over onto his back, ceases pissing and crouches, then pees again into his open mouth until it overflows with bubbling amber juice. She pisses her way up and down his body, eventually peeing on his erection, as he plays with it on her command, soon shooting a creamy fountain up into the noisy golden shower raining down on him. 'AAAHHH! AAAHHH!' the man yells, as he ejaculates. The woman smiles as she observes the many streaks of milky semen on his wet undulating belly and she kicks him in the thigh to make her point. He knows what she wants and smooths his fingertips over the pools of ejaculate and licks them clean afterwards. The woman watches and smiles, delighting in his erotic humiliation, directing him with a word here, a gesture there. The slave follows her every command to the letter. He’s safe in his boundaries – set by his Mistress.

She throws him a towel and he wipes the piss and cum off his body as the woman sits and looks on. After he’s done, she points to a bench nearby and he gets up and kneels on it, awaiting further orders. The woman secures his wrists and ankles to the leather clad device. It is brass-studded and looks vaguely medieval. The woman comes up behind him wearing a thick black rubber strap-on phallus.

It’s HUGE!

She smooths lube over the rubber shaft and presses it against the man’s hairless anal opening. He squeals 'AAAHHHHH!' as it goes in and the Mistress smacks his buttocks with her flat hand, very hard. ‘Shut up, you baby!’ she says. He quietens down and she pushes on inside him, ignoring his urgent murmurs of pain. He quivers as the giant black rubber dick enters his rectum. His teeth are clenched and his eyes are closed. In moments, he groans with delight as the strap-on pokes on into his bowels and the Mistress fucks him like a stud would a cute girl. She screws like an expert, her hands gripping his sides, yanking him to her and commenting, ‘I bet you love Mistress fucking your dirty little ass, don’t you?’ The man nods and says he does love it. His face is radiant now. He belongs...belongs to the beautiful dark creature riding his anus so violently.

Not long after...

...the woman screams and has a second climax. The dildo she’s using is a double header and all the pent-up lust in her energetic fucking has been repaid. She pulls out of his ass rubs and falls back into the high-backed chair, groaning and howling her head off, rubbing her clit as if it's an unreachable itch. After she’s calmed down, she goes back and reinserts the dildo for a moment in the man's ass then slops it out of him and shoves it into his mouth, expanding his jaw like a snake’s. He fellates the huge dildo that’s just come from his ass, tasting his delicious degradation... revelling in the divine subservience to this Goddess...his love.

The lights go up.

Waves of applause boom around the Fetish Club stage where the couple take their bows and several encores.

At their hotel in Berlin, later that night, the woman whose name is Diane and the man whose name is Dan, sat on their bed and talked.

‘Where are we tomorrow, Goddess?’ Dan asked.

‘Paris, Club Noir,’ Diane said.

‘Oh, good, I always enjoy our nights there,’ he said.

‘Mm, me too,’ Diane said, taking off her make-up with a cotton pad. ‘You were sublime tonight, darling, I love you so much. You mean everything to me.’

Dan looked up and stroked his wife’s bare shoulders. ‘Shall we, Goddess?’ he asked, looking down at his erection. ‘Yeah, let’s fuck,’ Diane said, smiling. ‘I need you inside me, you on top. Be the real man only I know you truly are, darling.’

Such is life: a paradox...always.