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Dear Dom B


My Dear Dom B,

 I am writing You to thank You for the educational experience You provided me. At first I was not sure You had sent these men to teach me, so You can understand why I put up the fight & struggled as I did. I must tell You I was scared to death when I walked to the chicken coop yesterday morning. As I live in such a rural area & it was so nice & sunny I had on only my white cotton night shirt. I should have had on more going outside & all. I turned on the well hose & opened the coop to let the chickens out, gather eggs & give them fresh water. That is when the men You sent came out from nowhere. They must have been hiding in the barn. I think they were eagerly surprised to discover I only had on a night shirt with no panties. I can't say I got a good look at them. For the one that grabbed me from behind quickly blind folded me, but I did get a good feel, repeatedly! I tried to get way but these men were stronger than I & they forced me to the floor. I never realized how straw hurt against bare skin. I was trying to scream as they held me to the ground but one of them quickly thrust his cock into my mouth. I gagged because he thrust that hard cock so deep. I was determined not to let them touch me or have me, as I did not know if this was Your will or not & I had no time to ask You. Plus I was taken off guard by their aggressive attack & forcefulness. I tried to kick at them but then grabbed my ankles. I realized they would not be easy with me & I tried very hard to keep my legs together.

Dom, I tried to keep my legs together & my pussy closed to these men. But they overpowered me and pulled my legs apart. They were laughing at my useless struggling. Then 1 of them told me to lie very still or I would be hurt & I felt something cold against my thigh. He told me he had a knife. I started shaking all over & that made them even more excited. I the knife trace up my thigh & brush across Your pussy & push my night shirt up. Then I felt the knife trace my cheek & throat & then he cut through my night shirt & ripped it off. I was now naked but blind folded still & couldn't see what was about to happen to me next. I felt their hands on my body grabbing my breast & pinching my nipples while the one was still fucking my mouth until he started cumming. I could barely swallow I thought I would drown from all the cum he shot in my mouth. Some spilled out and he wiped on my breast. The men who were holding my legs apart were having theory fun at me too. Dom, the man that hand the knife, at least I think it was him, he decided to put his finger in me.  when he discovered that Your pussy was wet. He told the others that I really wanted to be raped & they were going to have lots of fun with me.   he put another finger in me then told his friend how wet I was. He used his 2 finger to spread Your pussy open enough for the other man to thrust his finger in me. That must have been the one that had fucked my mouth because another man had start fucking my mouth. I tried to move my head away from him but he had a hold of my face & wouldn't let me turn away.  The other guys were finger fucking Your pussy really hard. Then the 1 guy pulled his finger out & the other put a third finger inside me. I didn't think my pussy could take any more. And the more I struggle the more they enjoyed what they were doing. They guy that had pulled his finger out of Your pussy wasn't done with his attack. He had something cold & wet he started rubbing on my ass. I tried to shake my head "no" but they man fucking my mouth wouldn't stop. I also tried to free my legs but couldn't as these men were very strong.  then I felt it. That man thrust his finger up my ass. They were making comments about how tight my ass was & they knew I had never had it there. I realized then they must have been sent by You. But I wasn't sure.

Dom, I started to enjoy feeling their intrusions into Your pussy & ass. I got very wet. Then they decided they were going to fuck me right there on the chicken coop floor. The floor was so uncomfortable, the straw & dirt against my bare skin.  two of them grabbed my legs and pulled them up. They were holding my arms too. They had me spread wide open & there was nothing I could do as he thrust his huge hard cock deep into Your pussy. It was so big I felt like I was being ripped open. He was not gentle & they each took their turns at me like this. When the last one came I thought it was over. I was wrong. Very wrong.

When they had finished fucking Your pussy they tied my hands together & onto one of the wrung of the loft ladder. There I stood. Naked with cum dripping from Your pussy & my hands tied above my head. They started smacking my body with something. It didn't hurt but more stung. The one told me not to worry that there would be no marks if I behaved. Then I felt two of them grab my legs & lift them into the air. It felt like they rested them on their shoulders. They spread my legs open exposing Your wet cum filled pussy. Then I felt something hard & cold being inserted into Your pussy. It was large & the stretch slightly burned. He put a vibrator to my clit & forced me to cum. I tried to squirm but couldn't. Cumming didn't end my torture though. He left the object inside me and they took me down from the ladder & laid me face down on the egg table. I felt something around my ankle & realized my legs had been tied spread apart to the table legs. There I was spanked for struggling earlier. Not hard enough to leave marks but it stung deeply.  then that man had his fingers in my ass again.  I heard him tell the other they were to prepare my ass good. I didn't understand but as he stared finger fucking my ass it felt good. Then he stuck a 2nd finger inside me. The vibrator was on my clit again & I was forced to cum with this man's fingers in my ass & that thing in Your pussy. Eventually after they all finger fucked my ass they decided to fuck your pussy again with me bent over & spread like that. When at last they had finally finished they untied my legs & retied my hands above my head to the loft ladder. I was instructed to spread my legs apart. I heard the water running but wasn't ready for the ice cold well water against my naked skin. One of them stick the hose up to Your pussy & I could feel the cold water inside me. When they had finished with this the untied me & told me after they left I could take the blind fold off. They told me the reason they didn't fuck my ass yet was because my Dom would be the first to have my ass. After that I would be fucked whenever & however & in every hole at my Dom's discretion. That's when I knew You had sent them. The man told me when I went inside I was to e-mail You so that You would know they had finished with me & would be bringing You the video they took. I believe You will be happy with the fight I put up and the treatment these men dished out. Thank You Dom for this pleasure.