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Different from the rest.

Ok, basically my names Dero I live in Australia; to give you an image of what I look like, I’m thin “twink” looking being from an Italian back ground you would think I’ll have tanned skin and brown eyes, but instead I was blessed with white pale skin brown long hair and aqua blue eyes.

it started off in high school when I was 18, I always knew I was gay, but always shrugged it off as being a phase thinking Il get through it and be “normal” but as much as I tried to like girls I just didn’t find them attractive, especially when you’re going to an all boys school the pressure on having a girlfriend was tight.

I hung out with my friends all the time at recess and lunch. Especially Kristian; to mention I told him I was gay and he accepted me. but one day we had a fight so he told a few people in the school I forgave him and now we are still best mates.
one day I was sitting on the stairs waiting for him, when two guys Josh and David known to be the school bullies came up to me, ‘where’s your boyfriend’ josh said
I was embarrassed to eat so I put the lunch back in my lunch box ‘he’s my friend not boyfriend’ I said back at him.
‘We know he fucked you up the ass last night!’ said David

I got up off the step ‘fuck you’ I said and started walking towards the library; I was a bit nervous after saying that when all of a sudden josh punches me on the back I coughed loudly and turned around
‘What the fuck did you say to us?’
‘Fuck you!’ I said again; he came closer and this time punched me in the face.

I fell to the floor holding the side of my cheek and started tearing up, ‘yeah you’re a sick cunt now aren’t ya,’ he said touching his crotch and bouncing about, after about 2 mins of calling me names and cussing they left cause the bell rang,
I was still on the ground holding my head in pain when I saw Philip walk over to me ‘are you alright man?’
‘Yeah’ I said trying not to look too hurt
‘Don’t worry they’re fuckwits; here get up!’ I looked up at him and saw his cute smile and wavy light brown hair shine in the sun, he looked like an angel! He gave me his hand and helped me up,
‘What the hell did they do to you?’ he said, so I told him everything as we walked up to the front gate of the school, when we got there it then occurred to me that I missed the bus so I told him, he just smiled and said ‘you can come with me I’ll take ya’ I agreed and we got in his red mirage

As he was driving he looked at me and said ‘So what do you listen to?’ I lifted my shoulders and said ‘anything really’ he smiled again, I couldn’t help but think he was thinking about me in a certain way, so I smiled back at him and told him to turn left ‘nah..We’re going to my house first... Need to get a few things’
‘Okay’ I said, thinking about why he would go to his house first if my house is before his.

We began talking about the incident and school work until we came to his house, I stepped out of the car and left my bag under the seat thinking I wouldn’t stay long, he opened the front door and yelled out ‘hello!’ but nobody answered back.
I stiffly stood in the hall way holding my elbows and looking around while he raced around the house to see if anyone was home,
‘Nope no one’s home’ he said as he hung his bag on a rack ‘so you want a drink ... Something to eat?’
‘Nah I’m fine’
‘K well I’m gonna go upstairs and shower, you make yourself comfortable, there’s the TV in that room and the fridge is in the kitchen to your left’

I looked up at him and nodded as he ran up the stairs and turned on the water
I sat down and watched TV but there was nothing good on, just some stupid kid’s shows cause it was after school hours so I got up and started walking around the “modern style” house and came across a laptop I yelled out to Philip ‘hey can I use this laptop?!’ he didn’t hear me so I yelled out again, suddenly I heard the water stop running, and then the sound of footsteps come down the stairs, to my amazement it was Philip all wet with nothing on but a towel around his waist, I was stunned and looked away as if I didn’t want to see him without clothes.
‘What did you want?’ he said wiping away water from his forehead,
‘Nothing I just wanted to use this laptop to see my facebook’
‘He walked over to it; pulled up the screen and typed in his account password, as he hung over to type I couldn’t help but stare at his ass and his hips I think he knew I was looking at them cause he was moving his ass up and down slowly, I remember biting my lower lip and imaging him thrusting in to my ass

‘done!’ he suddenly said and I woke out of my dazed like state, he stood there and smiled at me again I was nervous thinking he probably caught me,
‘now that I’m here let me show you something’ he said and again he leaned over and started typing Again I watched his ass and smooth white tanned hips, I started to get a hard on,
‘Here ... don’t you think that’s hot?’ he said as he moved away from the screen, to my surprise there was a video of some guy fucking a girl on a couch
I chuckled ‘yeah!’
‘Do you like watching porn?’ he said as he stared at me, I looked at him ‘yeah of course I do I’m a guy!’ he nodded his head and smiled, ‘come to the lounge I’ll show you more’ I watched him put the laptop on the lounge and jump over it, ‘here sit!’

He said patting the cushion, I walked over and sat with him and watched the rest of the video and more, we sat there for half an hour watching porn on his laptop I watched his bulge rise and fall and tried not to make it obvious I wasn’t looking at the porn I was looking at him and his wet body,
2 minutes into a video he pauses it and looks at me
‘Is it true you are gay?’ he said frankly, I almost choked on my own spit, I watched the seriousness in his face and replied ‘yes’
There was a silence ‘who told you?’
‘Kristian did he said you told him you were gay’

I just nodded my head expecting him to put on some clothes and feel uncomfortable around me.
‘So you like guys?’ he said turning himself to face me, I looked at him and said ‘yep’ he came closer towards me and kissed me on the lips, my eyes opened wide and my adrenalin started pumping I never thought this could happen
‘Did you like that?’
‘Yes’ I replied taking a deep breath

He started coming on to me and kissed me softly on the lips, he began inserting his tongue in my mouth and I did the same
It got more intense and he started breathing rapidly soon on our entire mouths were in each others,
I laid back on the couch as he lay beside me kissing and licking my neck and lips, I did the same licking the water droplets from his wet face and neck

He started to unbutton my school uniform as I began to slide my fingers through his hair pulling him closer and kissing him on the neck, the sound of him breathing heavily was so hot
I took off my shirt and tie and started kissing him on the chest and licking his nipples as he unzipped my pants and stuck his hand in and began playing with my dick, I can feel the warmness of his hand for the first time touch my dick it was so good I moaned out loud
He pulled my dick out and got off the lounge and dropped the towel his stiff 7” cock pointed in the air, I got up and unbuckled my pants and took them off, and we were both naked
He looked at my cock biting his lower lip and making sexy faces I got on my knees, and his dick was facing me I could smell the odour of it but it was not bad it was attractive,
It was my first time so I started licking the head at first remembering all the porn I watched I heard him moan, after awhile of licking the head I began taking it into my mouth, I surrounded his cock with saliva and felt it throbbing on my tongue the sound of him breathing rapidly and moaning had me hard as a rock I felt like I was going to burst!

Then he started grabbing my head and thrusting his cock deep into my mouth, I could feel it touching the back of my throat and I gagged
‘Ohhhooooo!!’ he breathed out loud thrusting harder and harder until he slowed down and picked me up off the floor
‘Come quick!’ he said picking my clothes off the floor and running up the stairs, I ran up the stairs and followed him into his room, he locked the door, pushed me onto his unmade bed and pashed me, I moaned in delight as he made his way down to my cock, he started licking and kissing my cock then put it all in his mouth when I scream-moaned! The sensation was so intense I pulled his head away

‘what’s wrong?’ he said looking up at me, I looked at him and laughed ‘nothing, go on!’ he put my cock back in his mouth and sucked it, I grabbed the sheets of the bed and hung on tightly as he sucked it from head to base,
After 2 minutes he told me to turn around, I gladly did so and he started licking my ass, I lay on my stomach enjoying the sensation, through the reflection of his mirror I saw him deep in my ass
Licking and slapping it, after a while he turns me over and looks at me in the eyes, ‘can I fuck you in the ass babe’ I laughed as I looked at his sexy expression ‘come here babe!’ I said as I grabbed and dragged him down to kiss his neck, he turned me on the side and opened my legs (I really didn’t want him to fuck me up the ass cause I was scared) so I closed them I felt his dick rub up against my back ‘come’on’

 He said slapping his dick on my ass I turned and faced him, I told him that it was my first time he smiled and said ‘Il let you fuck me first!’ I agreed and we swapped sides of the bed he opened his ass and I attempted to enter it but it was tight,
‘spit in it’ he said, so I spit on my fingers and rubbed his asshole, it was warm
I first put in my head then I entered my shaft real slowly, it was tight; I began moving in and out in a thrusting motion and sure enough it got looser I was gliding in and out of his ass as I heard him moan and whisper ‘fuck me’ I fucked him harder and harder until I felt like I was about to reach climax, ‘I’m gonna cum! I screamed’ ‘cum in my ass!’ he cried,
So I fucked him harder and harder until I slowed down and released my cum in to his ass,
‘Yes...yes!’ I whispered trying to catch my breath I pulled my cock out of his hole and watched it ooze out and onto his sheets

he turned around and pashed me on the lips ‘my turn’ he whispered, I got on the other side and he spat in his hand fingered and rubbed my ass with his wet warm fingers
‘Here I come’ he said while concentrating on his cock and my ass, I felt his warm head entering my hole ‘your very tight!’ he said looking down at my ass, it felt painful but delightful at the same time, he was very supportive as he kissed me on the neck while he slowly entered my ass
When Finally he got in, I felt his cock throbbing in my ass as he started moving in and out slowly holding my hips he thrust in and out licking my back, I moaned and began breathing rapidly

He lasted longer than me fucking me harder and harder 5 minutes pass and he yells ‘can I cum in your ass!’ I tried to laugh but instead screamed ‘yes!’ and at that he began to fuck me very hard until he suddenly stopped and screamed ‘ohhhhhohohoh!!!!’ I felt the warm cum fill my ass it was great! He pulled his cock out and watched the cum ooze out of my ass as I forced it out, we kissed on the lips and covered ourselves in the bed sheets and fell asleep naked in each other arms