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I am Selena and I’m eighteen, I have long brown hair, C cup tits and a tight, shaven pussy.
I live with my Dad Robby, Mum Bonnie, brother Matthew and sister Cindi. Mum and Dad are both 33 and had my brother and sister at age 15, Matt and Cindi are both 19 and are twins. We are a sexually open family and we had no limits except no sex until 18 and no anal sex til 19. Because I was the youngest I was allowed no sex yet but I would watch mum and dad have sex or Cindi and Matt have sex and masturbate to it. At home it was a house rule that everyone must be naked at all times and you can only be clothed when going out.
On my fifteenth birthday I came home from school and immediately stripped at the front door as per usual, there sitting on the lounge couch sat Dad name and holding his huge 9inch cock. Dad was very tall, muscular and had short brown hair. “Hey Selena, you left your bed a mess when you left!” Dad yelled. “Sorry Dad” I sighed, he grabbed me by the pony tail and dragged me to my room and pushed me on my huge bed.
On each pole was a pair of handcuffs he handcuffed my legs and arms so i was spread and he could see my wet dripping pussy in plain sight. “You’re a bad girl Selena, I know you’re a virgin but you’re about to learn that messiness is not excepted in this house” he then thrusted his whole rock hard 9 inch cock into me at once. I screamed in pain and joy, he continued to fuck me hard while screamed. My head hit the wall as he fucked me hard “FUCK ME DADDY, AH SHIT IM GONNA CUM!” and as soon as I said that word he pulled himself out and came all over my legs and feet.
“LICK THAT UP YOU MESSY SLUT” he screamed as he took off the handcuffs on my wrists, I did as I was told and licked up his cum enjoying every bit. He then cuffed me again and began to slap me. “WHO’S YOUR DADDY YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH!” I cried as he slap me and pulled out a whip and started to whip my hard clit. “You are daddy!” “You bet your fucking ass I am”
He then uncuffed me flipped me over and cuffed me again, I was confused and before I could ask a single word his whole cock quickly entered my tight asshole. I screamed in agony but he wouldn’t stop he kept thrusting into me and I squirted on his leg and me then came up my arse. Just as I began to settle down, Mum Matt and Cindi entered the room.
“Robby I’m disappointed you didn’t wait for us” Mum said her huge DD tits bounced as she walked over. Matt and Cindi just walked over to the bed next to mine and began to have sex doggy style. Mum then bent over and began to lick my pussy as Dad began to fuck hers.
Everyone stopped, I was uncuffed and then pulled by my hair by Matt to the basement where i was chained to a wall and Matt began to fuck me. “MATT OH FUCK IM GONNA CUM AGAIN!” “SELLY YOU LITTLE MUTHERFUCKER IM GONNA CUM INSIDE OF YOU!” and we both came at the same time.
A week later Cindi and I found out we were pregnant both by Matt, for the next 9 months we continued to fuck everyday until we both had our daughters. Cindi’s daughter’s name was Mikaela and mine was Jeri. It was the best birthday of my life, I lost my virginity to my dad and I had my first baby with my brother.
We still fuck each-other everyday and when Jeri is 18 she’s gonna have the fucking of her life.