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First Time of Submission


Our night started out pretty usual. We talked while drinking some coffee, went out for a bite to eat and talked w/ some friends who had tagged along. Earlier in the month we had gone to the sex toy store and bought a few little items such as a G spot vibrator, some nipple clamps and a ball gag. While we sat their socializing, I snuck a look at him and he returned the look. There was something in his eyes that told me tonight was going to be a little different from our usual times together. I know he had wanted to try some of these new little treasures. I smirked and looked away.

Our friends were planning on spending the weekend as we had plans the following day for a sporting event. Later in the evening those friends decided to go outside for a little practice. He saw an opportunity to be alone and took it. He came over to me, and started to kiss me. Ah, I love the feeling of his lips on mine… He ran his fingers through my hair, pulling my head back and nibbling on the nape of my neck. I could feel my crotch starting to heat up a little bit. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bedroom where we could be alone without interruption. He started nibbling again on my neck and pulling my head back by my hair. I was getting hotter and started digging my nails into his back. We undressed each other as the passion became a little hotter between us.

Suddenly he stopped, grabbed my chin and looked me in the eye. “Are you mine?” he asked. I replied. “Yes, of course!” “Completely mine and belonging to no other?” he asked again. “Yes.” With my answer he turned me around facing away from him. He pulled the drawer out and I could here him fishing around for something. “Put your hands behind your back” he said. I willingly obliged. I had wanted to try some bondage w/ him for some time now but until recently, had never had the courage to mention it to him. I could feel the wetness starting to increase and my skin felt sensitive to his touch. His every breath and touch made my skin feel alive. I moved back towards him and could feel his cock pushing against my back. He moved me forward and started to tie my hands together w/ silk cord. The anticipation was starting to get to me. Just as I was wondering what was next, he said “put your head back”, again I obeyed and he slipped a blindfold over my head and over my eyes. I was already close to orgasm.

He gently turned me around and started kissing me again. I felt no need to fight my restraints or see what was going on. I trusted him completely and knew he would not take it too far. His breath on my face felt good. I could feel him running his hands down my body to my breasts. Suddenly I felt a pinch on my nipple and gasped. “How does that feel?” he asked. “It’s good… I like it” I replied. Suddenly a pinch on the other one. Again I gasped as a jolt of pleasurable pain surged through my body. I heard the drawer again and the sound of a small chain. I knew he was grabbing the nipple clamps. I stood in anticipation, my wetness starting to drip down the inside of my legs. His hands hadn’t wandered any further down than my waist and I was eager for him to touch me. I felt his hot breath on my breast as he sucked on my nipple to get it rock hard. He bit down and another surge of pain jolted through me. Suddenly I felt a sharp pinch as he put one of the clamps on my nipple. “Turn around. I want to put the chain behind you” he said. I obeyed and could feel him putting the chain under my arms and over to the other side. Again he sucked until my nipple got hard and again, I felt a sharp pinch. I cried out softly. The pain was almost unbearable but yet was so intoxicating at the same time. By breasts were being pulled apart by the chain and the clamps.

He started to kiss me again and then told me to sit down on the edge of the bed. I sat slowly so as to not miss the bed. I could sense his presence in front of me and smell the musk of his skin. He didn’t have to tell me what to do… I knew what was expected. I opened my mouth and started searching for his cock with my tongue. He was already wet with pre-cum and oh, it tasted so good. I swallowed his cock into my mouth, wanting to take all of it. I could hear him moaning as I went back and forth on his shaft, licking and twisting, sucking and kissing. I felt him grab my head by my hair and new it was now or never. Take it all or gag on it. I opened my throat as best as I could and went down on him just as far. I could feel his head banging at the back of my throat. His shaft pulsating while he shot his load my gullet. The tingling in my pussy was getting too much to bear but I dared not ask him to satisfy it. I wanted to be a good slave to him and knew if I was, he’d reward me. I swallowed every bit of his juice and then continued to suck and lick until he was clean again. He pulled me up by my hair and told me to turn around. I obeyed. “Put your head back” he said. Again, I obeyed. Anything my master wanted, I would oblige. After all, I was his. After some shuffling in the drawer he said “open your mouth.” Just as I did, I felt the ball. He had the ball gag out and was strapping it down. “Is that comfortable?” he asked. I nodded yes. “Is it too tight?” I shook my head no. “Kneel down on the floor over the bed”. I did as he commanded.

By this point my pussy was soaking wet. My juices were dripping down my legs and my pussy was pulsating, ready to explode. He spread my legs w/ his knee and then pushed my head down into the bed. I felt his hand running up the inside of my thigh and the heat was emanating from my pussy. I felt his fingers reaching forward and then gliding back from my clit to my ass. My skin jumped to life and I moaned. He continued doing this until my entire nether regions were coated in my juices. Suddenly he plunged two fingers into me and I lurched forward. He fingered me for a minute or two as I moaned in delight and then he found my G spot. He started massaging it, slowly and softly at first. I was moaning and I could feel my orgasm building. The harder he massaged, the louder I moaned. He could tell I was getting ready to cum. I felt a jerk on my chain and a sharp pain raced through my body from my nipples. I was just about to cum and he let loose and removed his fingers. “No. Not yet... Hold it. Don’t cum until I say so.” I let out a little moan letting him know I understood. My legs were shivering and breathing was heavy and it took everything I had to concentrate and not let my orgasm go.

He started rubbing the outside of my pussy again, smearing my juices and lubricating everything. He started massaging my clit and then running his fingers back to my asshole and back again. I felt him squirt some lube on my ass and knew that every hole I had was going to be used tonight in some way. I heard the drawer again and knew either the butt plug or the G spot vibrator was coming out. I was right. He toyed w/ the outer rim of my asshole w/ the lube, getting the lube nice and warm. I felt his finger go in and again I moaned. His other hand kept exploring my pussy, switching back from my clit and my hole while he fingered my ass. After a moment I felt a second finger go in. It was getting to be too much. I was having a hard time controlling my orgasm. He put the vibrator in my pussy and turned it on. Oh my god…. I was being taken to a place I had never been. My head was swimming. My body was on fire. My pussy was begging to explode. I was moaning again…loud. “Bury your face in the pillow” he commanded. I did as he told me. He started fucking me harder and harder w/ that vibrator and with his fingers. “You’re going to come for me in just a minute. When I say let it go, let it go. Do you understand?” I nodded. I was moaning loudly, almost screaming. He was fucking me harder and harder w/ his toys and I was holding it in as best as I could. I felt his breath on my back as he took the chain in his teeth. “Now!” he yells. “Let it go!” I felt him pull on that chain and my body started to shudder as an endless wave of orgasm took over me. I was screaming into the pillow as my pussy squirted out fluids that I didn’t realize I had. My pussy was pulsating violently and my body felt like it was being hit w/ a sonic boom, over and over again. I had come on his hands and his stomach. My nipples were aching from the chain being pulled so hard but it was such an exotic feeling at the same time. I collapsed my weight onto the bed as he let go of the chain and slowly pulled his fingers and the vibrator out of my holes. ‘That was good. You did well. Lift yourself up for me.”

I raised my body off the bed and felt him remove the clamps. He put the clamps away and then told me to lay my body down again on the bed. He started to run his fingers again along my pussy. “Relax for me” he said. I could feel the edge of the butt plug at my asshole. Slowly he started to push it in. Just a little bit and then out again, slowly working it in to position. My pussy was still throbbing from the intense orgasm I had and I could feel the heat coming back as he toyed w/ my asshole. Suddenly I felt it slip into position w/ the last push and I gasped w/ satisfaction. It felt so good…stretching my asshole out just enough to cause a little pain but overridden w/ pleasure. My pussy had started dripping with juices again and I knew my reward was coming for being such a good slave. He pushed in on the plug a few times while fingering my pussy. My G spot was still bulging from the stimulation and he found it right away w/ his fingers. I could feel his cock pushing again my ass as he pushed himself against me. I was getting heated up again and quickly. He moved himself into position and plunged his cock into me. A feeling of ecstasy rushed over me. I knew it wouldn’t take long at all to reach another orgasm. He moved himself out very slowly and then plunged in as deep as he could go. I could feel his hands around my neck in a slight choke hold. Just enough pressure but not enough so I couldn’t breath.

My breathing became heavier as he sped up his rhythm. I could feel my orgasm building up and getting ready to explode again. “Shall I go harder?” he asked and I nodded. He was fucking me as hard as he could and w/ each thrust was pushing that plug in. I couldn’t hold back any longer. He held my head up by my throat and I screamed as the orgasm took over me. My pussy had clamped down around his cock and was pulsating w/ each wave. He was getting closer to his own orgasm as mine started to subside. He pulled out quickly and stood up, shooting his cum on my back and in my hair. I could feel his cum running down my sides and down the crack of my ass. I knew at that moment that I was now marked and was completely his.

He knelt back down and removed my gag and then turned my head so he could kiss me. His kiss was ever so soft and loving. He untied my hands so I could touch him. My fingers touched his face ever so lightly while I returned his kisses. He ran his fingers down my back, smearing his juices all over me and then told me to clamp down while he removed the plug. I felt it coming out slowly and gasped a little just as it finally came out. He ran his fingers over my pussy and my asshole ever so lightly.

This was a first for both of us; a first for him being a Dom and a first for me being a Sub. I have never felt as close to him as I do now and I know that it should ever be questioned, I undoubtedly belong to him in mind, body and soul and I belong to no other.