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Jennys Dad gave me my First Anal


I was 18 when I moved with my dad to a new city when he started a new job. That’s when I met Jenny who lived next door to us. Jenny was in my class at school.  Mike, Jenny’s dad was 42, blond, tall, muscular and very friendly. My dad worked long hours, so I was hanging around with Jenny most of the time.

We used to swim in Jenny’s pool in the warm afternoon, joined by Mike when he got home early. I have always liked older men and Jenny’s dad turned me on. While in the pool we played around and several times Mike’s hands would touch me. I was turned on and several times I noticed the bulge in his trunks when we horsed around. Once while playing in the pool, while trying to run away from Jenny, I bumped into Mike and my hand touched his bulge. It was large and rock-hard. Jenny went to get a drink and Mike and I were talking. He got real close to me in the deep end and I wrapped my hands around his neck to rest. He gently hugged me and drew me closer and I felt his bulge rub against my pussy. That night I masturbated thinking of Mike.

Two months later Mike and Jenny were going for a campout over the weekend and Jenny asked me if I wanted to join them. Dad said it was OK. He was busy over the weekend. We packed and were on the road early arriving at a secluded campsite by noon. We setup the tent and Jenny and I were changing into our swimsuits. I had never seen Jenny naked before. I was taking my cloths off with Jenny’s back to me. I was down to my bra and panties when Jenny slipped her panties off. Wow what a beautiful body she had. Her ass was the most beautiful round ass I had seen.

I proceeded to take off my panties and had then down to my knees when the tent door suddenly opened. Mike stood in the door. Jenny screamed. I looked back at Mike, whose bulge suddenly started to rise. He closed the door, said he was sorry and that he was going to the lake and for us to follow him when we were done.

I walked over to Jenny when she turned. We were both naked now and I was horny as hell. I hugged her and felt electricity when our bodies touched. I said, Jenny you have a beautiful body and drew her closer to me. Our breasts touched and I felt both harden. I slid my hands to her beautiful ass caressing it. She tried to say something but I had my lips around her lips, kissed her gently and eased her onto the nearest sleeping bag. She tried to resist and said something about her dad coming back, but I assured her that he was already swimming in the lake and will not come back.

Jenny relaxed and laid back. I looked at her beautiful breasts and started kissing and sucking them. Jenny started moaning. I worked my way down to her lovely pussy, which by now was wet and smelled like heaven to me. Wow, her pussy lips were swollen like a pillow and she had little pubic hair. I could not wait to devour her wet pussy. My pussy was throbbing and felt like I was going to come soon. I went down on her sucking her engorged lips and sliding my tongue between them. Jenny moaned loudly and started to quiver when I reached her sensitive spot. My pussy could not take it anymore and I felt myself coming like I had never before. I straddled Jenny pushing my pussy into her face in a sixty nine position. She started to suck me until we both came once more. We were afraid Mike would start worrying, so we wore our swimsuits and ran over to the lake.

Mike was already in the deep. We swam over to him and both hung around his neck to rest. He pulled us both closer and I felt his hand on my ass. I was still quite turned on from the experience and I felt my pussy quiver from his touch. We swam around and played for half an hour after which Jenny said she was going back to camp. Mike and I were left alone in the lake.

We started talking as we swam away from the shore. He was swimming behind me and finally caught up with me gently pulling me closer into his lap. I felt his hardened dick against my ass and said nothing. He held me in that position and continued to talk. After a while he held me from my waist and started rubbing his dick into my ass. I felt my pussy quiver when he kissed me on my neck and then on my ear. He asked if this was OK with me and I said nothing so he continued. He started sucking on my neck while his pace was picking up. The feeling of his hard dick rubbing my crack was heavenly. After a few moments I felt his dick quiver as he came and I was not far behind. He turned me around, kissed me gently on the lips and we swam back to camp.

At night we arranged our sleeping bags. Mine was in the middle with Mike on one side and Jenny on the other. It was hot so we all slept in our underwear.

Mike in his trunks and Jenny and I in our panties and bras. We turned the light off and talked for a while and pretty soon Jenny was asleep. Moonlight was bright and Mike extended his hand and started caressing my legs. I saw his bulge rise and the head of his dick poke out of his trunks. The head was beautifully glistening in the moonlight. He motioned to me to be quiet and to move closer into his sleeping bag, which I did.  My eyes were fixed on his dick. He noticed and asked if I wanted to see the rest of it. I nodded and he slipped off his trunks revealing his beautiful 9 inch dick. He started to kiss me and slipped his hand under my bra caressing me tits, moved one side of  the bra off and started sucking on my hardened nipple.

I reached under and undid my bra which he removed and started sucking both tits. I felt his hand slide down to my panties and started to rub my pussy which was thoroughly wet by now. He later slipped his hand into my panties and reached my wet pussy. I almost screamed and he put his hand on my mouth to keep me from screaming and waking Jenny up. He took my hand and guided it to his hardened dick which was already wet with precum.

He started moving my hand up and down his shaft and then let go. I continued to rub him while he rubbed my pussy. He finally gently slipped off my wet pink panties, parted my legs and buried his face in my wet pussy. The feeling was explosive, more than when Jenny and I had made love earlier that day.

Mike started to insert his finger into my wet pussy then slipped it back to my pink asshole and continued to lick my pussy. His finger kept alternating between my pussy and asshole in a steady rhythm. A few minutes later we both came together and collapsed on the sleeping bag. A few minutes later he kissed me and asked me if I was a virgin, which I told him I was. He told me he did not want to be the one to deflower me and asked me if I enjoyed his finger in my ass, which I told him I did. He then asked me if it would be OK for him to fuck me in the ass. I was afraid, having not tried it before and seeing the size and width of his dick.

He felt my fear hugged me gently and assured me it would be a great pleasure which would surpass what I felt when he rubbed it through my swimsuit in the lake.  He assured me that with the lubricant he would slip in easily and we’d both have a great time, and that if I did not like it or it hurt he would stop. I agreed. He told me that before the lubricant he needed me to lubricate his dick a little. I did not understand what he meant at first, but then realized he wanted me to suck his dick. We both laid on our sides with his dick close to my face. He gently guided the head of his dick and inserted it between my thin lips and started to move it in and out. In a few moments I was sucking away on my own trying to take in as much as I could of his beautifully engorged dick.

After a while I tasted his salty precum and he quickly slipped it out and asked me to lay on my belly. He pulled a pillow and stuffed it under my belly so my ass was sticking into the air. He parted my cheeks and I prepared for the big moment when instead I felt him kissing me on the ass until he arrived at my pink hole. He started to lick my asshole and gently push his tongue inside. It was heavenly. After a while he started inserting his finger into my asshole after he lubricated it with his saliva.

The feeling was great like I had never felt before. After a while he kissed me on the neck and asked me to relax and I felt a second finger being inserted then a third. There was some pain by now, but he continued to talk to me sweetly asking me if I were OK. My pain was mixed with pleasure so I told him to go on. Moments later he told me he thought I was ready for his dick. I heard him reaching out for something and I turned around to see him pull a KY jelly tube from his knapsack and knew then that he had planned this all along. I watched as he applied a generous amount to his engorged dick and massage it along his thick shaft. He looked back at me, smiled and asked me if I liked it.

The head of his dick which I had been between lips only moments earlier was glistening in the moonlight. I thought of it penetrating my hole and my pussy quivered with expectation. He proceeded to apply another generous amount to my asshole and I laid my head down and relaxed with expectations of great anal lovemaking. He inserted his fingers inside me to lubricate my hole and mounted me. He kissed me gently on the neck and told me how long he had been dreaming about this moment.

I told him I had dreamt about making love to him too. He reached under my chest and started caressing my tits. At that moment I felt the head of his dick touch my asshole. I quivered and almost came. He asked to hold back so we would both come together when he was inside me. I fought back the feeling and controlled it.  He started to gently pump me continuing to ask me to relax and ask me if it was hurting. I was so relaxed and he had prepared my hole so well and with the lubricant I felt the head of his dick slip in easily. He pulled it out again and continued to pump me and his dick went in further with every pumping. It was heavenly and I could not hold myself back anymore and came like I had never come before. He kept kissing me and I asked him to go in more. We were both moaning now and I was afraid Jenny would wake up, but she was sound asleep.

I finally felt his crotch on my ass and knew that his 9 inch dick was all buried inside me. With my delicate body, he was too heavy to lay on top of me, so he turned me to my side laying behind me and continued pumping me. I was amazed he could hold himself that long and he told me he was enjoying this so much he did not want to come yet. We were inside his sleeping bag all naked and it was cold so he flipped the side of the sleeping bag over us and continued to kiss my neck, massage my tits and pussy for another 15 minutes during which I came twice more. He finally told me he was going to come, quickened the pace of his pumping rammed his dick the deepest he could go and I felt his dick shudder and his hot liquids empty inside of me. I came again at that moment and we both collapsed, sweaty and tired. We laid in the same position until his dick slipped out of my hole then moved over to my sleeping bag, put on my panties and bra and went into deep sleep with a satisfying smile on my lips.