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My first time in High School

I have always fucked girls when I was in High School but I've always wanted to try being with a man.

My best friend and I always talked about sex and he had always given me a hint that he wants to try out something with me but I was just dismissing it. So one time after our English Class, we decided to hang out in my room. He opened my closet and found a half-full bottle of gin and he was asking if I were drinking sometimes. I said yes and he asked me if I do crazy stuff when I get drunk. I told him I still do crazy stuff even if I'm not drunk.

Joseph is 5'7" and I was 5'10". We're both skinny but I have a more developed body because I do some cardio exercises in the gym. We both have dark brown eyes being asians but he was so white that he almost looks like a Korean/Chinese guy. I'm a little bit tanned because I love the sun a lot and I get exposed. But he does look sexy. And sometime he teases me saying that I'm a sexy guy that needs some banging all the time.

Then he laughed. He asked me if i got some porn in my room and I said I have a few magazines of playboys and penthouse and told him I jerk off to these magazines. He then said, "do you have any porn movies?" I told him I've got this video from my dad on a girl-on-girl action and he said he's dismayed because he wanted to see some live actions with dicks sticking up to pussies.

He said, "I always wanted to see dicks fucking pussies." I asked him, "do dicks make you hard?" He said suddenly, "I'm hard right now and I want to get off."

I was surprised because this guy suddenly surprised me out of nowhere. I said, "have you ever tried fucking a girl?" He asked me how it felt and I said it was awesome. But he said, "I don't believe you. Men know what other men need and you don't seem to get off satisfactorily." But I told him, "how about boys?"

He spoke as he pushed me on my bed, "have you ever tried sticking anything up in your ass?" I was getting nervous because he seem to transform into somebody nasty with his words. I said, " Honestly, i did try that here sometimes." He asked again, "how about getting anything in your mouth?"

My heart was pounding that he can actually sense that I was tensed. He spoke, "relax, I've never tried anything because I want to try something with you first." I was dumbfounded and I don't what to say...

"What do you want to do now?" I asked him.

"Open your mouth." He said.

"You trying to kiss me?"

"No kissing," he said. "I'll just try something with your mouth." I knew he wanted me to suck his dick because I can see the emerging bulge in his pants. I was on my bed shocked. Then he opened his fly, removed his pants with his white briefs on him. Then he had his shirt off.

We were both young so we don't have a developed body and we were both skinny then. But he surely has a nice body. I can see the bulge getting bigger then he opened my fly and removed my pants with only my underwear left because I have removed my shirt earlier because I was sweating all day long from the hot weather. I was just wearing my boxer briefs.

He then started to touch my bulge because I was also starting to have a hard-on. he said, "I knew you always wanted to explore stuff with me." He took my right hand and placed it on his bulge. We were starting to touch each other's bulge. And I enjoyed touching another guy's bulge.

Then he suddenly pulled off his white briefs and I was mesmerized by his cock. It was just like mine only a little thinner and a little shorter. His dick was around 5inches. But it was a nice one. I got really turned on and my dick was starting to emerge from my boxer briefs. He was stroking his dick right in front of me. And to my surprise, he took my right hand again to continue stroking his hard dick.

Then he told me I should start sucking it. I told him I don't know how. He said to me, "just do what you want as if someone sucks yours now." So i opened my mouth and took in the head. He moaned a little and said it was good. Then he grabbed my head and shoved all of his dick inside my mouth. I was suprised!

Then he started to face fuck me. I felt so good sucking his dick. It was great. He smelled perfectly even though we were sweating all day long because of the hot weather. He told me that I should imagine sucking a lollipop as I suck on his beautiful dick. He was moaning hard.

I was so horny at that time because I never thought I'd really like sucking dick. So he suddenly stopped face fucking me and removed my boxer briefs. He smiled when he saw my 6inch cock. But he said he doesn't suck dick but wants to see me get off. So he started wanking my dick. I liked the feeling of someone else touching my dick as other girls play with mine. But he knew how a man wants to feel being stroked. He was good in stroking my cock.

Then he suddenly said he wants me to cum. For a good five-minute storke I finally came and shoot my load on his chest. He got red. I thought he was furious that I shot some cum on his chest. Instead, he tasted some of my cum then put the rest on his dick and he started stroking his. He was different this time, he was really horny because he had his eyes locked with mine as he was jerking off.

Then he told me to lick his balls. I was hesitant because I had my cum on his dick and his balls but he said it tasted good. The he said, I have to suck him as he's about to cum. I just followed what he said but this time I was hungry eating his dick really well. It really tasted good and he really smelled nice.

I felt his balls and his dick about to explode and he exploded everything in my mouth. I took some of it but he had plenty to feed me that some fell on my chest. He tasted his cum, too! I wanted to kiss him but he said, "No kissing."

But we were both exhausted and just slept on my bed without our clothes on. I woke up after an hour and to my surprise he was sweet to me. He had his arms wrapped around me. I woke him up because his mom might be looking for him. He said I don't need to get worried because he asked permission to stay over since yesterday because he was planning to do this with me.

The next day was a weekend. And he has to get back to his place. But before he left, he gave me some good wanking first. And he wanked himself too beside me and we were both covered with our cum.

That was the first time I had experienced sucking another guy's dick. And i had fun.

After that, someone found out about what happened to us in high school, and we have no idea how. He started to ignore me and I just followed suit. We didn't become friends for a month because rumors were starting to come out. Thanks to the girlfriends I had, they defended me saying I won't be doing that.