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Pleasure under knots


Sara Evans opened her eyes and moaned as the pain radiated through her over-stretched pectoral muscles. Her beautiful face contorted in reflex and she blinked into semi-darkness. The smell of damp wood hit her nostrils as she tried to look around. Everything about the place seemed strange and intimidating. Still lying on bed, she made a faint attempt to shift herself and realized instantly that each of her four limbs could not be moved. Something of coarse texture strained into her wrists and ankles as she tried to move them close. Frowning at this she rose a little and looked over to right. For some awful moments she stared at the rope which was wound around the wrist to keep her arm tied to bedpost. She turned her head instantly to left and saw that her other arm was treated in exactly the same way.

It felt ridiculous, yet alarming to see her arms tied to bedposts. She was known to be a sober-minded woman in her neighborhood and none of the person she knew could ever think of making such an absurd joke on her. It was indeed pointless for a mother of three like Sara to be treated like this but most alarming thing was that she had been tied on bed in an unfamiliar room. That pungent smell about the place didn’t belong to her home.

She shivered in cold as a current of breeze swooped in the room. It seemed to pierce through her skin and she tried to pull her legs together. The strain of rope at ankles made her to look down. The sight was a good reason to add up to alarm. She stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Not only was she tied to bed but someone had stripped her naked.

So that wasn’t joke. Someone really meant to abduct and tie her naked on the bed in a strange place. The abductor had been successful in the attempt when Sara came out of the mall and turned round a block. She was caught unawares by the rascal near an alleyway, who had held her around the waist and pressed a hand on her mouth to stifle the cries for help. The rogue seemed to be physically strong and she felt herself unable to tear away the grip that held her tight. She was dragged forcefully in a deserted corner before the abductor had released her mouth. A woman’s high pitched voice said coldly behind her, “Come on, Knock her down”. Before Sara could turn her head to look at the speaker, something hard was hit on her head. It was the last thing she could remember before finding herself tied in that strange room.

A sudden idea made her shiver inwardly as she recalled reading the details of a newspaper report on the abduction of a pretty, wealthy woman some months ago. The victim was stripped, tortured and raped for consecutive four days by a group of black hooligans. Her hubby had to pay them three million dollars on demand and she was released to home in a very wretched state. After hospitalization, she underwent the treatment for about forty five days. The reporter had stated that the abductors kept her tied up for long hours in an old, weather-beaten shack. They used to force her for having group and lesbian sex after whipping and caning. Like that woman, Sara lay tied and naked on the under stuffed mattress. She felt herself miserably alone and it would be easier for the abductors to satisfy their lust unto her because she was unable to resist at their advances.

The horrible creak of the dry hinges started her. She turned her head to left and stared as the wooden door opened slowly to reveal two young, black women. One of them was short-haired and slim. She was dressed in a buttoned, mauve shirt and white slacks. Her companion was prettier, curvier and completely naked. Sara could see the taking rise and fall of her huge tits at each breath. The graceful swaying of wider hips was apparent as the black beauty walked towards Sara’s tied form. The short-haired woman closed the door and locked it before turning back to follow her naked companion’s example.

Sara stared at the two black women looming above her. Their faces wore an impassive, yet intimidating look. The short-haired woman seemed more calculative and Sara felt the heat well up inside her. The woman roamed a meaningful gaze all over the voluptuous form of brunette and then licked her thick lips like a hungry black tiger.

The short-haired woman stepped slowly behind the long-haired beauty. Still keeping her gaze fixed on Sara, she hugged her naked companion and roamed her hands up the well-curved torso. Her black hands cupped the jugs and in deliberate, slow manner began to squeeze their delicious firmness. The naked woman closed her eyes as her protrudent nipples were pinched by deft fingers.

The slim woman kissed her voluptuous companion on right cheek and continued to gaze at the tied brunette. After some silent moments, she spoke in her high pitched voice, “Dear V! The supper is served. Light up the lamp for us, will you.”

Sara frowned at woman’s voice and recognized it instantly. That black woman was the one who had instructed someone to knock her down in the deserted Alleyway.

The black beauty opened her eyes and turned to do as she was bid. Her companion did nothing but continued to gaze on the splendid, naked form of brunette. Sara shuddered inwardly as she looked into the coldness of that stare. It was so intimidating, so malicious. Sara felt really exposed and helpless for being unable to cover herself and stop that ruthless scrutiny.

Still staring at Sara, the black woman stepped forwards and reached at her. The brunette tried to keep her face from the black fingers but felt them touch her right cheek in soft strokes. She heard the woman speak in a soothing tone, “Oh sweetum, acting modest is a very good thing to do…” And Sara gasped as the woman suddenly slapped her cheek to turn her face back, completing the sentence loudly: “…BUT NOT BEFORE THE WORTHY J!!!”

Dumbfounded at this unexpected assault, Sara stared at J’s hostile face, which looked more intimidating. J looked at the brunette for a while and her thick lips curled into a malicious smile. She grabbed Sara’s beautiful, scared face in her hands ignoring the faint sobs of fear and spoke in the same soothing voice, “There, there darling! You don’t have to be prude before me. Not for long, if you get me.”

She moved her face closer to Sara’s and forced a kiss on brunette’s half-open mouth. Sara moaned in reflex as her lips were sucked hard by the black woman. J closed her thick lips to smack on Sara’s full mouth. She moved her head up as V had put the well-illuminating gas lamp on a wooden stool near the bed.

“I can see darling. I can see it well. You need to be enlightened for a mild entertainment. We know what the best that suits you is.” J said, curling her lips in a smile at Sara’s scared look.

She stroked Sara’s right cheek and got up to walk towards V. “Get ready for some show sis. The babe really needs to watch a preliminary.” She said to V, winking at her.

“Ok.” V said, flashing a sparkling smile at her sister.

Still scared, Sara watched in silence as the two black sisters hugged each other. J pressed her lips on V’s and began to suck on their softness. V returned the kiss in similar passion and fingered through her sister’s short hair.

After breaking that lip to lip suction, J showered little kisses on her sister’s pretty face. Casting a fleeting look at the tied brunette, she kissed V’s neck and licked on her throat. V closed her eyes in rapture as J kissed on her neck and continued to slobber down her huge chest.

Momentarily, Sara tried to pull at the rope. It was knotted so tight on her wrists that she was left with no choice but to turn her head at the hot incestuous scenario. Biting her lip, she watched J cupping V’s massive boobs and open her mouth to take one protrudent nipple.

The tit-sucking act was really hot and intriguing. Sara tried to rub her thighs together feeling a twitching pulse into her entrance, but they were kept apart by the coarse textured rope. She sighed and watched silently as J shifted her sucking mouth on V’s splendid tits alternatively, pulling on each nipple in audible smacks. The slim woman licked on each melon in twirling strokes and squeezed them to jut out the teats. She took V’s hardened nipples into her mouth to slurp-suck them again and again.

V fingered through J’s short hair as her huge tits received the non-stop passionate sucking. J roamed her hands down the curvaceous form of V. Sara sighed and bit her lip again while she stared silently at J kneading on V’s massive ass cheeks, without stopping to pull the engorged nipples into her mouth. The only person with whom Sara had ever been involved in sensual bouts of love making was her own hubby; nevertheless watching the black woman sucking on her naked sister’s huge bust seemed a very arousing, very delicious sight to the brunette. She never knew that lesbian love could be as taking and passionate as portrayed by the black siblings before her.

J sucked on V’s tits and licked them in upward strokes, before sinking down to her knees. The lesbian sisters looked simultaneously at the voluptuous brunette, tied and open before them. Sara was breathing heavily. She could see a calculative look on J’s pretty face, which was followed by the smile as malicious as before.

J stroked on the sides of her sister’s soft-contoured thighs and buried her face between them. V moaned aloud when her sister’s mouth made an intimate contact with her hairy cunt. Sara hissed and tried in vain to pull her thighs for rubbing them together, as she saw J’s head bobbing between V’s thighs. The sight was an enough stimulation to well up the heat into her loins and lubricate her pussy. She couldn’t see how J was making V moan in pleasure, but she could picture a pair of thick lips rubbing on the sisterly cunt-petals and a pink tongue darting out to lick unto them in quick sweeps.

That was indeed a true picture. V closed her eyes and grabbed on J’s head to pull at her short hair. The oral rub and lingual lick unto her tight slit was extremely pleasurable. Biting her lip, V tip-toed to move her thighs slightly apart and let J’s face bury deeper between them. It made easy for J to rub her mouth hard on V’s hot, black snatch.

J kissed hard on V’s cunt and turned her head to look at the tied nymph. Stroking and squeezing on V’s bigger buttocks, she pressed her left cheek unto the sisterly mons and stared at the heaving form of her quarry. She smiled in triumph. The preliminary incestuous play worked well to heat up the brunette and J was sure that Sara had grown wet.

J got to her feet and led V at Sara’s right. She walked around to sit at tied nymph’s left. Flashing a grin, J reached at Sara’s tits and began to trace her fingers on the coarse textured areolae. Sara sighed and closed her eyes as the light touch of J’s finger tips tickled her nipples.

“You like it baby, don’t you?” Sara heard the black woman asking her in a casual tone. “I bet you’re filled up to the brim watching our preliminary. Isn’t now the right time to milk you out, sweetie?”

Sara said nothing and lay close-eyed, savoring the black woman’s light touch on her ultra sensitive nipples.

“Answer me sugar! Should I milk you out?” J asked Sara, still tickling on the light brown nipples. Her tone was sweeter.

Sara said nothing yet and the next instant, her eyes flew open as she screamed. J had pinched on her nipples and the pulling twist of black hands felt very painful. V laughed, watching brunette’s face contorted in agony.

“I told you not to be prude before me, didn’t I? Answer me, or I’ll… PULL YOU MORE!” J’s tone grew louder as she spoke.

“Ye… Yesss… Yesss… ” Sara said in a faint defeated tone, sobbing at the harsh manipulation on her nipples.

“Very good. That’s more I like it.” J said in a jovial tone releasing the nipples and smiling maliciously at the tied nymph. She turned to address her naked sister. “You know V, what’s the next thing to do, isn’t it?”

“Certainly.” V said, flashing the smile, which seemed to Sara a jeering expression.

The black sisters shifted themselves to kneel along the bed, one at each side. They stroked on Sara’s huge tits and stooped together to take the puffy nipples into their mouths.

Sara, tied and spread-eagled before her black captors, forgot the pain inflicted a while ago. She sighed and closed her eyes as the lesbian sisters pulled on her engorged nipples into their mouths. They sucked and licked their coarse texture, occasionally squeezing on the firmness of brunette’s jugs. Never in her life had Sara felt so impulsive and wet at the oral service on her beautiful tits; not even with the dear hubby sucking on them every night. It was because two mouths were there for the first time to suck on her jutting melons simultaneously, letting Sara wallow under the ripples of pleasure that rose shortly from the depths of her cunt.

J moved her left hand over to stroke on Sara’s heated snatch. The brunette hissed and bit her lip as two mouths continued to suck her tits and deft fingers rubbed on the wrinkled labial folds open for the service. V was sucking harder on Sara’s right nipple, paying full attention at what she was doing. Her sister, on the other hand, seemed to know more at the manual techniques. One of her fingers had treacherously sneaked into brunette nymph’s lubricated entrance.

“Aaahh… Aaahh… Ummm… Ummm… Ummm… ” Sara began to moan. The lesbian sisters kept their sucking mouths glued to her nipples. V twirled her tongue on the light brown areola, sucking along the entire nipple. J kissed and licked more on Sara’s left boob, as she was rubbing fingers on her wet cunt-petals.

Sara cried and her eyes brimmed with tears as J hit thrice on her twitching pussy. She resumed the rubbing act on brunette’s hood to make her moan in pleasure. The lesbian couple continued to suck Sara’s big nipples for seemingly uncountable moments.

Releasing the nipple from her mouth in a pull, J moved up to kiss Sara full on mouth. The nymph felt her lips sucked into black lesbian’s hot mouth and then, she kissed her captor back. Momentarily, it felt surprising to Sara for how she was responding to J’s kiss. It was evident that the fear was replaced by pleasure. Nothing felt intimidating to Sara any more and she was getting truly involved in the intriguing lesbian sex.

V sucked on Sara’s right tit, who was responding positive to J’s lip-locking kiss. The black beauty had to release the engorged nipple in a pull as J signaled her for shifting the positions and untie Sara’s limbs.

“Let the sugar get mixed with your melons till I get my strap-on in place.” J said impassively to V, as they had finished unknotting Sara’s arms.

Sara frowned questioningly at J who got off the bed to walk up to a corner, and then turned her head to look at V. The black beauty was smiling, holding the pair of jugs as a rewarding presentation before the brunette.

“Come on dearie! Suck my tits. Don’t let them wait for long.” V said sweetly to Sara as if she was a child; yet her tone was inviting.

Encouraged by the curvaceous lesbian, Sara shifted herself to a sitting position and instantly took the left nipple into her mouth. V sighed as Sara began to suck her teat. She hugged the brunette and fingered through the abundant hair, savoring the pull of hot lips on her sensitive nipple.

V’s nipple slid out of Sara’s pulling mouth, who turned her head to resume the hot suction on the right nipple. V kissed on the crown of dark-haired head and continued to finger through the silken hair as Sara lapped on her tit and pulled the nipple into her passionate mouth.

Sara sucked on V’s tits alternatively, whose hug seemed maternal to her. For seemingly longer moments, she kept on pulling the resilient-textured nipples into her ardent mouth. Sara never knew that sucking another woman’s nipples could be so delicious, intriguing and utterly desirable. She was engrossed well on sucking the black tits to forget that her ankles were still tied. Nothing could have stopped her to suck V’s huge tits except for a sharp-toned commanding voice: “That’s enough babe! I see you can serve well. Now, get ready for some real action!”

Sara turned her head to look at the source of that voice and stared at the naked, slightly curved form of J. The thing which amazed her was not the nakedness of her captor but it was an 11″ rubber strap-on that was tied tight around the slim hips.

“You like the shaft sugar, don’t you?” J asked Sara, smiling sweetly. Her fingers were stroking on the lifeless crooked hardness. There was a look of amusement on her face.

“Wha… What’s that?” Sara spoke; her voice trembling in awe.

“Aaaaa… my cute little baby asks for the toy. Just look at her V! She looks sooo… interested.” J said in a jeering tone and then walked towards the bed.

The nymph stared wide-eyed at the dildo, which looked like a huge cock. Her hubby was a 7″ and she always enjoyed his penetration. Sara wasn’t a naïve woman and could easily make out J’s motive for tying the rubber cock. If J was going to fuck her with that thing, could she be accommodative for such a length and hardness?

J sat down besides Sara and stooped to kiss her on lips. She stroked on Sara’s left cheek lovingly and asked in a soft tone, “Are you panicked at my toy, sugar?”

Sara could see the impassive, yet intimidating look on J’s face. The black woman had asked her not to be “prude” a while ago and could go harsh if her question was not answered. Therefore “No” was the only word which had escaped her mouth.

“Now now! You’ve learned well how to answer the worthy J. But you’ve dried a bit and we can fill you up again.” J said, smiling maliciously and then nodded at her sister.

V put her hands on Sara’s shoulders and pushed her saying soothingly, “Lie back baby.”

Sara obeyed V in silently while J untied her ankles one after the other.

V turned around and spread her thighs to squat above Sara’s face. The brunette could see black lesbian’s hairy cunt, gaping at her. She could smell the pungent wafts oozing out of the over-heated feminine sex.

“Lick her pussy sugar and make it sweeter for treats to come. Don’t stop to please my sister with your mouth until I’ve drunk your honey.” Sara heard J’s distant voice. At that very instant she felt her own thighs being pushed apart and raised up. J had stooped down as she held and stroked on the inner tones of brunette’s splayed, fat thighs.

Sara had never eaten a woman before but the pungency of the cunt above her face was enchanting. She raised her arms to hug V around the soft-toned thighs and pulled her down. Feeling J’s mouth pressing unto her own cunt, she moaned. The sensation was extremely pleasurable; nevertheless it wasn’t new to Sara. Her hubby was an expert cunt-eater. She used to shower his face with the girl-cum shortly after he began to suck her clit.

J opened her mouth to rub it over Sara’s cunt-petals. Sara sighed and inhaled on the pungent smell of V’s ripe pussy. Her first idea was to lick that delicious tart. Hence she darted her tongue out, which lapped softly upon the sensitive folds of labial skin in a deliberate stroke and then, she continued to lick on V’s hairy pussy. V hissed and closed her eyes, savoring on Sara’s lingual strokes unto her twitching petals.

J reached at Sara’s pussy and pinched on her hood. Reflexively Sara strained her torso up in rising lust, pushing her mouth harder into V’s cunt. J pressed her fingers on Sara’s petals to stretch her open. She slid her index and middle fingers through the lubricated cunt with utmost ease.

Sara was stimulated to lick and suck V’s gaping pussy as she was getting fucked by J’s gliding in-gliding out fingers. Then the warm tongue of black lesbian danced and lapped over her exposed clit, sending Sara over to edge of lust.

Sara opened her mouth and moaned into V’s pussy, when J sucked on each of her pink labial folds. The black lesbian continued to finger-fuck Sara, pursing her lips along on the ultra sensitive clit.

“Aaahh… Aaahh… Ummm… Ummm… Oohhh… ” Sara moaned aloud and raised her voluptuous torso again in pleasure. The moans stifled as soon as her mouth met with V’s open cunt and rubbed hard on the wet entrance.

“Ummm… Oh yeah… yeah… Aaahh… ” V moaned her pleasure aloud when Sara’s lips glued on her wet opening in an attempt to suck the cunt-petals. She stooped forwards to brace herself on the pillowed bed. Sara had grabbed her bigger cheeks tight in response to J’s oral service unto her own twitching pussy.

J continued to fuck and suck Sara, who rubbed her lips hard on V’s sex slit. Soon Sara could taste V’s salted cum pouring into her mouth. J was still sucking on her clit and her pussy shuddered violently, nearing the orgasm. V moaned aloud in extreme pleasure as she pressed her pulsating cunt on Sara’s sucking lips. Sara raised her face into the over-heated black pussy filled with the salted cream as she showered the gushes of hot cum into J’s mouth, pressing on her cunt.

Sara kissed hard on V’s cum-coated cunt as her own spent pussy was lapped hungrily by J. After licking Sara dry of the cream she got up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“We aren’t through yet girls.” J said aloud to her bed mates as if she was lecturing them in a classroom and they looked attentively at her, like obedient students.

J pursed her thick lips for a while and addressed to Sara, “Now sugar, get your slutty ass raised for me! I wanna fuck your cunt right away.”

V rose a bit to get her fleshy bottom off Sara’s face and make room for the brunette to sit up. But before she could get off the bed, J ordered her as well.

“Sis! I wanna see this chick coat your pussy. Lie on your ass and let her eat you. I’m gonna watch this while I fuck her with my toy.” she said, slapping on Sara’s huge ass.

V nodded and stretched on back, splaying her legs wide open. Her hairy pussy, still licked improperly, was wet and glistening.

Sara knelt between V’s splayed thighs and stooped down. Her hot breath fell on the sensitive cunt as she inhaled the black girl’s stale hollow. The smell of recently oozed cum felt intoxicating to the brunette and she darted her tongue out in impulse, lapping up the cum coated on V’s labial folds.

Excited to see the hot scene, J bit her lip. She touched the brunette’s raised bottom to stroke on it and stretch open the big cheeks. Roaming her hand down the glistening slit, she located Sara’s twitching front door and wasted no time to slide the 11″ rubber cock into the steaming, shaven cunt. She began to plunge the lifeless hardness into Sara and slapped on her big ass as the brunette gave a howl of pleasure. This stimulated J to push harder into brunette’s pussy. “Yes sugar, do it! Scream for me. Scream for the worthy J!” she chanted, pushing in and pulling out of Sara’s pussy.

Sara jerked forwards into V’s open cunt under J’s forceful, repetitive thrusts and her teeth nibbled on black beauty’s clit. Her mouth pressed unto the salted cuntal folds and an occasional lick sent sparks of lust through black girl’s spine.

V closed her eyes and arched her back in extreme pleasure. She bucked her wider hips up to shove the dripping pussy unto Sara’s mouth. Reaching down, she grabbed the brunette’s hair and pulled at it to keep the sucking mouth glued into her twitching cunt.

“Oh fuck, eat her honey! Just eat that sloppy cunt!” J groaned, pounding into Sara’s pussy, almost ripping her open.

As if intrigued by J’s words, Sara kept on jerking her face into V’s over heated pussy, licking on the loose folds of cuntal skin and nibbling on the well-engorged clit along. V’s eyes rolled in utmost lust and she screamed out, “EAT ME, BABY!! EAT ME!! YEEEAAAHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!”

Hot gushes of salted cum oozed out of V’s love canal and coated Sara’s face, who couldn’t brace herself to wipe it clean. V gritted her teeth and arched up her voluptuous torso as her pussy vibrated under the waves of lust.

J had increased her tempo and jerked the cock violently through Sara’s over-stretched opening. The brunette howled and screamed between V’s splayed thighs, as the tension rose into her perineum, higher with each quick paced penetration. She pressed her face harder into V’s twitching cunt as her own pussy began to contract over the 11″ hardness. Grabbing the bedsheet into fists, Sara shut her eyes tight and screamed aloud, “YEAHHH!!! OOHHH!!! YEAHHH!!! YEAHHH!!! UMMM!!!”

J pushed and repushed into Sara, who banged her forehead on V’s sensitive cunt as the lust waves coursed through her body, shaking her all over. V screamed at the hit and felt that Sara’s face was pressed harder into her pussy.

Sara was breathing heavily and her screams grew louder. J frowned as she made quick and violent thrusts into Sara whose body rocked violently in the extreme pleasure. The black lesbian panted and groaned hoarsely. She was approaching the orgasm herself as the strap-on pressed unto her own clit. The lusting effect pleasured her enough to fuck Sara with all the might she could muster. Sara felt herself filling to the brim and screamed as she reached her peak:


Hot cum exploded out of Sara’s pussy and J also cried out a shaking orgasm above the heaving form of brunette. Sara collapsed as her pussy pulsated into the vibrating lust. Her open mouth pressed harder into V’s cunt, shuddering the black girl into a quick, rippling orgasm. Evidently, Sara’s face was coated with V’s cunt again.

Thinking and acting fast, J pulled out of Sara and rolled off to lie besides the couple of volupties. Following her example, Sara shifted too and laid herself between the black sisters.

The trio spent rest of the night sleeping on that bed in a warm mutual embrace. They started their delicious lesbian games over again as soon as they woke, totally recharged in the morning. The incestuous couple subjected Sara to more pleasures, getting intimate and passionate with her under the bondage of lesbian sex. Evidently, there lay no more intimidation or fear between them. Love had expressed itself simultaneously in three hearts, disguised at first before Sara as the pleasure under knots. It had changed her preferences to a newer angle for the rest of life.

On the third night, the black sisters dropped Sara secretly at her home and departed without getting traced themselves. The family rejoiced greatly at her return. What happened next and how Sara shed off the questions put to her by home mates or police regarding her disappearance is another story.