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Restaurant Love


Lucy had been with Dugg for over 3 months and they had the most pleasurable sex Lucy had ever experienced. Dugg had a 7” dick which, when arroused which it oftenn was, grew to about 11” lonng and 4” thick. Dugg and Lucy had spent many evenings of the past 3 months together in her bedroom having sex, but lately she had started to want something more exciting. “Why don't we do it in a resturaunt? I can be under the table while you eat your meal then we can swap round!”

“You know what would be even more sexy? If I was on a date with another girl when all this happened,” Dugg replied in his deep, sexy voice.

“Sure!” Giggled Lucy, excited and getting wet just at the thought.

Dugg walked into the resturaunt at 7pm and met his date who was waiting at the table. Lucy sat at a table nearby. When Dugg's date went to the bathroom Lucy snuck under the table and waitde until his date come back. She slowly pulled down Dugg's trousers and saw his throbbing cock. She tickled it for a while hearing him groan a bit and then apologise to his date. Lucy grabbed his cock in her hands and placed it in her mouth. She deep throated him for about 15 minutes sending them both into spasms of pleasure. Dugg nearly forgot about his date and screamed “Keep going! I'M NEARLY THERE! LUCY! OOOOOOOH!” Appalled, his date left. The whole resturaunt was staring but neither Lucy or Dugg cared. Lucy came out from the table and Dugg stood up, his hard, 11” cock straight ahead of him.

Lucy sat on the table and spread her legs as far apart as she possibly could. Dugg stuck his head in between her thighs and licked her clit with his tongue, making Lucy close to an orgasm. Lucy begged him to stick his cock in but he liked making her wait. He stuck his tongue in instead and she grabbed his head, sending his tongue into her vagina as far as it would go. Just as she was about to cum Dugg pulled his tongue out. He told her to tell him how much she wanted him to shove his hard cock deep into her. She got down on her knees and gave him the best blowjob ever, causing him to have an orgasm and come. “You really want it don't you bitch!”

“Yeah! Dugg shove it in me HARD!”

By now half the resturaunt had left and the other half had joined in. Eve the waitor was getting a blowjob from a lady who he'd been looking at all evening.

Dugg knew Lucy couldn't wait much longer so he pushed her onto her back on the table and climbed on top of her. He slowly moved his tongue down her body. First licking and biting her nipples then he sat up and rammed his hard cock into her tight pussy as hard as he could. She screamed in pleasure as her hit her G-spot. “OOOOOOH! HARDER! FASTER!” Lucy screamed.

Dugg kept going pushing it in as far and as hard and fast as his cock would go! She grabbed his ass and pushed him into her. They both came at the same time, but still they kept going. They both came Lucy for a second time and Dugg for a third. Then suddenly they stopped and Dug flipped Lucy round onto her stomach. He put his hands on her breast and tickled her rock hard nipples. He then put his cock into her bum and fucked her up the arse. His cock was still wet from Lucy's come.

Finally they both came for a 3rd and 4th time! Then they stopped, grabbed their clothes and walked out of the restuaunt. They continued when they got home and both fell asleep, Dugg's cock still inside Lucy's wet cunt...