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The New Neighbors


We live at the end of the street, we had no neighbors, I owned the lots around me so that would happen, but I never dreamed of them building in the field across the canal. I was in my work shop and I heard the machinery come in, I watched them over the months clearing the land, bringing in the concrete for the foundation, then starting to build it, it was going to be a large house, it had a pool laid out, and a changing house to the side, it had an outside grill area, the master bedroom was almost the entire up stairs, it was going to be very nice, I knew they couldn't see my house even if they had a telescope, so I had no fears of being spied on, since we don't like to wear clothing. After about eight months the house was ready, we went over to see it before they started to move in, it was beautiful, a strong Latin influence, and decorated very nicely. We waited for the owners to move in, they never came to the shore to meet us, so we didn't go over. I finally heard they were having a party and it sounded like it was a good one, I was out in my shop, I pulled out the binoculars, I had to dust them off, nothing to see around me except birds, so I didn't use them often. I adjusted them to see more clearly, I looked around and what I saw almost made me sick, I focused on the pool area, that's where the noise was coming from, I saw a woman with a collar around her neck and a leash, she was tied to a pole, the guys were all touching and feeling her, they had there fingers and hands all over her, she was trying not to cry, but it was close, then this man, I'm guessing the owner, came over to her, told her something and she shuck her head no, he raised his hand to her and he let it go across her tits, she cringed and started to cry, she shook her head yes after that, he untied her and tied it back lower letting some more of the rope out, she got down on all fours, she spread her legs and the guys all took turns fucking her, she took them in her mouth, pussy and I'm guessing her ass, she had four guys at once in her, she was doing her best, but she was not able to, when they all came, she laid there crying as the guys all laughed and one even pissed on her, that made all the other do the same thing. The boss of the lady took her over to the shower and turned it on, she washed off the pee and the cum from her, she stood there cold, the wet body, the cool spring air, she was shivering, the man finally got her a towel, she tried to wrap it around her but he would have that, she was to dry herself off and they started in on her again, she took them all again, and then again, she was to suck them off until they were hard and they fucked her again, I was boiling at that point, she obviously wasn't a willful participant in this, so I was ready to go over and take this guy out, permanently. I called over the intercom, and had Amanda come down and watch this, she was in tears when she saw what the woman was forced to do, there isn't any reason for this, I said I could go over and end this right now you know, she pulled me close and said no, not yet, lets wait until morning, then we'll go over and find out what's going on, ok, I said she could be dead at that point honey, she said Jack, if you go over there, you'll kill this guy, then I won't have you any more, so please, wait, for me, I said ok, but I still get my time with him, ok, she said we'll see, I said Amanda, she said we'll see, she had this power over me to keep me cool and calm, if not, I'd probably be in jail for murder or hurting some one so I listened to her. The next day we waited until we didn't see the guy any more, we did though see the woman that was tied to the pole, she was walking around the pool area, not perfectly walking but walking, we went across the canal in my little john boat, we yelled out to get her attention, she met us at the edge of the pool area, she introduced herself as Anna, and we introduced ourselves, she shuck our hands and we told her we came over to meet out new neighbors, she invited us in and showed us around, we got the grand tour, but when we got upstairs, she was a little timid there, we went up the curved stair case and when we got upstairs, we found out, it was a torture set up, there was straps and chains, a sex swing, the whole nine yards, there were whips along the wall, and dildos of all sizes and shapes, she said my husband likes this stuff. I said yea, we can see that, she just hung her head down low, she took us into the master bedroom, it was a smaller version of the main top floor, it had straps and cuffs, chains everything, even some face masks, and butt beads, it was a BDSM dream. I said your really into the torture thing aren't you, she didn't answer at first, she said her husband likes to entertain his clients, so I help out, I said you do this willingly, she said it's for his business, I said so, you don't like this, she said he's me husband, I have to do this, it's for his business. That's when Amanda took her aside and we told her that in this country it's called slavery, and it's illegal, so if you don't want to, tell us, we'll get him to stop this, she said oh no, please don't talk to him about it, it will make him angry, please tell me you won't, I said Anna, in this country, you would get everything here, plus he would be in jail, he couldn't hurt you anymore or make you do these awful things, she said but he's y husband, the wife is suppose to obey her husband, Amanda said to some respect that is true, but what husband would allow other men to take his wife as a sex toy, that isn't what the bible says. She looked into Amanda's eyes, she said what can I do, he will hurt me if I don't obey, I said when is the next time like last night, she looked up with horror in her eyes, I said yes, we saw everything, and if it wasn't for Amanda, I would have been over here and hurt him, but she knows how to keep me in line to some extent. Anna said this weekend, they are all suppose to come over around 6 and I am to be ready for them, I said ok, I'm going to be watching, so act normal, I'm not going to do anything but watch, if they are getting to hurtful, look up towards the canal and mouth help me, I'll be here in a flash. I set up a video camera and had it zoomed in on the pool area, it was a digital so the clarity was great. I also had the binoculars set up on a stand so I didn't have to hold them, I was going to be ready if she needed me, well at 6 they all came out of the house and Anna was bound to the pole again, she was naked and the guys were all fondling her and feeling her pussy, she had one leg tied up so it made it easy for them to feel her pussy, and if they wanted to fuck her right then, so a few of them did, she took them and when they were done, she was to smile and thank them for fucking her so well. This went on for quite a while until two of the guys wanted to fuck her together, well normally that wouldn't have been a problem, but they both wanted to fuck her ass, the husband, Carlos tried to tell them no, but they wanted to, so he finally said ok, she begged them not to do that, the one man entered her ass, he was ok, but hten the other tried to do it, but she was to small, so they both pulled out and they went at her with there fists, entering her ass, she was screaming and she finally couldn't take it any more, she looked straight at the camera and mouthed help me, Amanda called the police, it had to go to the other county, but they were summoned, it would take some time to get there, because they were all the way on the line to my county, so I said the hell with this, I took Amanda with me, she took a base ball bat, she was going to save Anna, I was after Carlos, he was mine, and there wasn't enough cops in the world to save him, we got there and told them the party was over and all to leave, and if I saw them on the street, they were mine. They all took off like a scalded animal, Carlos said that this was his house and we had no authority to break up his party, in the mean time Amanda had released Anna and was waving the bat at him, I was standing back, I know when she is mad, so I was standing clear, she was going off on him, she told him that no one, not even a slave was to be treated like your wife was being treated, so if he wanted to say something, say it to her, and she would smash his teeth in his mouth, she had such a tight grip on the bat, her knuckles were white, I knew she would do it too. He threw up his hands and said I'm calling the police, I said no need we already did, and with the video tape and audio we had, he would see day light for at least twenty years, if he lived that long in prison.he laughed and said that I would be the one going to jail, he's done nothing wrong. I said oh we'll see about that, so when he heard the sirens coming closer, he took off, he ran up stairs, I was hot on his trail, he tried to lock himself inside his room, but my foot didn't see it that way, I went threw the door afterwards, and he was waiting for me with a whip, I took one hit, then I hit him, I hit him so hard he went over his bed and stayed down, I went over to him, picked him up and I was ready to throw him out the window, he actually begged me not to, but I really wanted to, the police told me to let him down, they would take care of him, so I did, as I did, he went for me again, he took the lamp from the table and was going to hit me with it. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, the police already had drawn there guns at him, I kicked him in the chest, that propelled him into the wall, he thudded hard and was out, they took him away, and with the tape and audio I had, the judge put him away for 40 years, with no parole chances. Anna did get the house and the business, but she canceled all the customers he had and started all over, she wanted nothing to do with them, and she was right doing it, she could have had them thrown in jail also, but she didn't. We hang out a lot, she comes and goes when she pleases, she still likes having sex with us, she loves having Amanda and I do her together, she cums so many times, I love having both ladies fuss over me, hey I'm human.