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Lesbian sexstories


The Night I Took You

Shemale and Female

No Longer a Boring Day

A Causal Meeting while Grocery Shopping

My First Time

Finding Love In Unexpected Places Pt. 1

This is the Day I'm Going to Jump her Bones

My First Time ever

Hot Night with the Neighbor

Pussy Fingering at the High School Dance

Home Alone... What to do?

Unadulterated Animal Lust

A Bride and Cheat Story

Lindsay and Me

Alison and Sarah: Schoolgirls

Alison and Sarah: Schoolgirls II

1 on 1 with a Teaching Pro

Kidnapping Tiffanie

Club Games

Job Interview

Job Interview 2

The Window Ch.1 Revised

The Window Chapter 2

The Window Ch 3

Jessica Good Samaritan

Firsttime With Irene

More Than Friends

Christinas Secret

Looking After Cousin Kerri

Project Amanda

The Window

Seducing My Lovers Wife

Lingerie Loving Lesbians

Next Door Neighbour

Alices Marriage in Wonderland

Alecia and Ruthies First Time

Lily Chronicles 1: Curiosity

A Train Ticket to Nowhere Changed my Life

Sweet Innocents

Perfect Piercing

University of Curiousity

Wine Tasting

Barnyard Buddies

Pool Time

Night at the Gym

The Night with Pat & Cat

My Sex Awakening at Lils all Girl Party

My First Lesbian Experience

Misguided Nina and Deb - Part 1

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

Lover From Russia

Lesbian night

Fucking a Thai Masseuse

Her Best Friends Mom

Valentines Gift

Girls Night Out

Two Women

Lesbian Car Ride

Veronica and Melody

Kathys First Woman - Lesbian Sex Story

Weekend To Remember

Trade Off

A Passion For My Own

A Face to Cum On

Lesbian Domination Story

Donna stays over

Help I was Fired

Sensory Perception

Lesbian Story

First Lesbian Experience

Grinding In The Sand

The Porno Tapes

Victorias Secret

What a Woman Needs

Boarding School Sex

Lesbians First

Fun in Bed

The Two Headed Dick

Lesbian School Masterbation

First Time Lesbian Experience


Lesbian Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders delight

Blond on Brunette Sex

Boys Night Out

The Cable Girl

Tennis Tour

The Pool Table

The Hitchhiker

Rougth Day

Under the Stars

Lesbian sex story - Female Networking Group

Susan and Heather

Summer Job

The Class

The Ring

Toy for two

My Lesbian Sex Fantasy