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A 2 Year Affair with my X.


Charlie, my x husband & I divorced three years after our marriage. We were both just too young. I remember doing his huge cock in all kinds of ways. If I could have had Charlie’s dick with out Charlie, I’d still be married to Charlie’s dick. It was 81/2” x by at leased 51/2” in circumference. Charlie had gotten in trouble and spent some time in jail. Charlie & I remained long distance friends. Charlie was in jail & I had moved to San Diego but we gradually lost track of each other, even though we were divorced I still cared for him deeply because of our fantastic sex. Charlie took my hymen when I was 15. Our sessions were long & eventful. He could always cause multi orgasms and always did.

I met this man Rod. He was stable, with a good job. We dated a while and fell in love He asked me to marry him. Our sex was okay, I had a problem with Rod, he was unable to get me off like I had been accustomed to, comparing Rod with Charlie, my present husband was no match. His dick is 5” fully erect, kind of like fucking ah pencil. Having sex with Rod I would imagine it was Charlie. I’d have sex with Rod for his pleasure not myself. I really missed Charlie, well his massive dick. I love Rod, but it was difficult to make love with someone that can’t get you off. (It’s hard to use less when you’ve had the best)

I was going home from work on Monday. I stopped at the traffic light. It’s natural to look over to the next lane to see what or who is next to you. Vision of sugar plums danced in my head. “is it” I thought. Looking ah second time. It was. It was Charlie. Just remembering back at his massive cock, my pussy twitched and moisture began to flood my panties while waiting for the light to change.

This man looked at me, he rolled the window down, “Liz, Is that you” he asked. Well hi Charlie, when did you get out? I asked. “I’ve been out a year now. I was paroled early for good behavior, I’m free now. All that BS is behind me. Can you stop and talk a while”

I was torn between being faithful to Rod and the desire of lust to have Charlie’s massive cock between my thighs just intrigued me. I told Charlie to pull over. I pulled in behind him. I stayed in my car. I pressed down on my crouch pondering if I should get out. The wetness had made a wet stop in panties and my shorts.

Charlie get out and get in here I said. He got in my car, Hey Sweetie he said as he leaned over to kiss me. I reluctantly held my mouth closed lightly, but quickly opened my jaw as Charlie raped my tongue with his. I was over combed by his advances and kissed him back exploring and sucking each others tongue. Charlie placed his hand under my shirt & touched my bare breasts. Shivers of excitement and lust took over as my nipples jetted out hard as a rock.

“Damn Liz, Did I do that” he said. Charlie, you SOB, you know you did. He started to knead my breasts like raw pie dough. Charlie, I can’t do this, I’m married. I can’t do this. Please stop! Just then a short orgasm hit my insides. Charlie, you SOB, take me some where and fuck me now before I change my mind and go home to my husband! Charlie! C H A R L I E ! you SOB. Take me & Fuck me.

I slid over his lap & he got under the wheel. He took me to his condo that was minutes away. On the way I lowered his zipper and got a hold of that man meat, another short powerful orgasm hit me again. I was surprised he didn’t have on any underwear. Charlie where is your boxers? I asked. “Oh he said. I got used to not having any while I was in jail” That huge dick I remembered so well was right there in front of the lips. I began stroking him and kissing his head as it came through up above my fingers. I managed to deep throat him as he drove to his condo. “Liz, can’t you wait a minute”

Charlie it’s been so long since I’ve had a dick like this. Rod just don’t measure up. Strings of saliva came from his cock and snapped back to my lips as I came off his wonderful meat. He zipped up and we went in. We stood in the doorway and kissed very passionately as we stripped each other’s clothes off. Embracing tightly as he picked me up. I said, Charlie! you SOB. Take me! He aimed his meat between my labia and lowered me on his massive cock. Charlie penetrated my cooter with such force I climaxed right there.

I hung on to his neck and bounced on his man meat as he thrust his dick in my soul. OMG Charlie it’s been so long. I’ve missed that cock. I started going down on him as he lifted me up again. My pussy was leaking profusely that ran down on his balls. He pounded me with every inch he had. Charlie take me to your bed. Naked we made our way to his bedroom.

He lay me down on my back exposing my honey pot to him. He took his dick in hand and drummed it against my clit. “Liz, tell me how much you want this” Charles, please don’t tease me like this. I want you, I want that cock deep in me. Don’t play these stupid games, Just Fuck Me. Make me cum like before. Fuck my womb, I screamed at him. He placed his dick near my labia, I thrust up to meet him and he penetrated me deep. WoWeee. Oh Gawd Charlie. That feels sooooo goood. Take me places I’ve not been in so long.

I was so overcome with lust I wanted him to stay in my cooter for ever. I began fucking him back with every stroke he gave me. He pounded for ten minutes or so, this was so delightful as I pounded back. Charlie, CHARLIE Do me Doggie. He rolled over and pick me up to my knees. Charlie mounted me with one massive push he bottomed out deep in my insides. Oh yeah Baby, Fuck momma’s pussy. I cooed. Charlie with-drew his dick and pounded the head of the cock hard against my clit, then drove it back in sending me over the edge. We fucked like this until I was about to cum. Charlie! C H A R L I E help Momma cum, please cum with me. Charlie increased speed as I held with him with each thrust. I tensed up, Charlie knew I was so close to another orgasm.

My X ol’ man went into a fuck frenzy, our bodies slamming together sounded like an applause. I heard the sound of every clap, as sweat dripping from Charlie’s forehead on to my lower back. Charlie! I’m Cumming! I screamed. During my orgasm his thumb made it’s way though my puckered sphincter causing a longer climax. I was in such an orgasmic zone, it’s hard to describe.

Charlie had taken my juices and spread it over my bung, I knew where was going. He thrust his thumb in my butt several times. I looked back at him, Charlie take me, take my ass! I told him. He with-drew from my cunt, & then rubbed my clitoris with his dick and WoW he penetrated my back side. My orgasm had subsided a little & I felt pressure building again. I looked back at him again, his eyes were closed just like ever he would cum. He thrust in my butt, I followed in unison. We were like a well oiled machine as I thrust my hips back to my X husband.

I reached under and rubbed his balls against my cooter. My X had such staying power. I was trying to stay on my knees for him. I lowered my head & grabbed the headboard, arching my back to give him better access. Charlie’s balls enlarged, I knew he was ready. A few more thrusts. Charlie squinted his eyes and he said he couldn’t hold out any longer.

He yelled out, “Beth. B E T H!” he never called me Beth, It was Liz or Elizabeth. Charlie pounded my bootie a few more times, then his big ol’ dick erupted in my ass. I jammed my butt back to him hard and with our union each bang he spewed his seed in my butt. I felt every one as it came from his cock to my insides. The feeling of his goop shooting in me caused a fantastic climax as my bung clung to his dick and riding me through it. He reached under me pinching my clitoris, I squirted my lady cum all over his hand.

We fell down together in a heap of sweat, cum & sex. Charlie was taking short, shallow thrusts as he finished his huge wad in my ass. I felt his dick flexing with the last few gobs of cum. We lay there huffing and puffing waiting for our breathing to return to normal. We drifted off to sleep for a while. I heard a loud knock on the front door.

It was the police coming to arrest him. It seems that Charlie had been breaking the law selling drugs. Soon after our second anniversary of our affair Charlie was sent to prison for selling drugs. He‘s now doing 15 to 30 years for selling hard drugs.

I donno what I’m gonna do now. I need some Big Dick to fill my voids & Rod’s cock ain’t gonna cut it. Anyone out there that can help me???????