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A Bride and Cheat Story


Shanty quietly woke me up.

“Oh, it’s you, Shanty,” I yawned.

“Yes, its me. Your dad is waiting for you,” she said.  

“Oops, shit, I will be there in 5 minutes,” I said jumping out of bed.

I went into the bathroom and got into the shower after taking off my nighty.

The warm water awakened me, so I started to rub my sleek body. I needed to cum so badly. I usually masturbate every morning in the shower, as it makes me fresh for my long day at the office. My secretary often gets me off at the office so I can get through the day, but sometimes I have to go out to meetings or she is busy with her own work.

My fingers found themselves between my thighs, stroking my already wet hole and circling my clit.

With drops of water falling on my body, my fingers are doing their magic on my stiff clit. I start massage my wet boobs one by one and it feels like heaven one hand running on my tits other once on my dripping pussy hole.

I am now of two minds, either I need to go down as soon as possible where dad is waiting for me or to satisfy myself.

I made a conscious decision as I slumped to the shower floor and started playing with my naked and wet body. My two fingers already deep inside my pleasure place, the fingers moving again, this time fast and hard, almost grinding into my sensitive skin, digging two fingers into myself but I needed more.

I writhed on my own fingers, tasting, smelling and feeling my juicy wet pussy, moving fingers to taste myself, moving fingers against my lips, again and again, hearing the squelch and squish as my hand dug into my personal place. My mind was thinking about two girls now, Julie and Sheetal.

My stiff-nippled tits are wet and slippery and I am pinching both my nipples one at a time. There is no other way out of this hell except to cum, so my fingers start moving faster and faster. I try to reach and suck my 36b boobs but in vain. So I move my fingers deep down and inside me, now its time to take a third finger deep inside my tight wet slit and push them inside my velvet hole. I did and started thinking about my secretary, wondering about her body and let my experienced fingers move to give me a quick, satisfying cum. Soon my fingers were a blur on my drooling snatch, my fingernails brushing over my clit, a little finger going quickly into and out of my tight, red and throbbing pussy hole.

“Ohhhh, ummmm, shit, fuck, so good, so fucking good,” I whined as I writhed on my fingers, stiffened as the shock of the hard cum started, then overcame me, then suddenly, I relaxed my shiny wet body in the shower, panting and gasping.

I knew this was a good one, but it was not the big orgasm I really needed, but it would have to do for now. Dad was waiting for me.

I got out of the shower, rubbed on some moisturizing lotion, wrapped in a towel and went into the bedroom where I dried my hair and put on my make-up.

Then I dropped the towel and look at my naked body in the mirror.

Damned, I thought, if I weren’t me I’d sleep with me.

I laughed and padded over to my wardrobe opening it and trying to figure out what to wear. Because I am the boss of 33 people, I had to look like a boss. Usually I wear suits, but I preferred today my two-piece skirt and blouse set.

Julie gave me this outfit last weekend the first time I spent time with her. It was a night I will never forget.

My eyes went down to my secret drawer where I put all of my pleasure instruments for my partners to use with me. I picked up the rubber strap-on that I used on Julie. The double penetrating vibrator made me remember that Julie wept from pain when I inserted it deep inside both her pussy and asshole and started its motor.

I was brought back to the moment when Shanty came in and told me my dad had left.

I put on a soft pink bra and matching panties that would allow easy access to my shaved pussy later if the opportunity came up. I put on a tight white top that buttoned on the front, leaving the top button undone, and a very tight miniskirt that hugged my cute butt and left my legs bare. I looked and felt sexy.

After finishing breakfast I was on my way out the door from my upscale high society home and into the big four wheel maroon Toyota Land Cruiser that glided smoothly into traffic.

I entered my luxurious cream-colored office, a perk that comes from being the owner of the company. It is a beautiful office decorated in the latest luxury colors and furniture. A sofa and two chairs are in front of my table. Two other sofas are at the back. A glass table has my family picture on it, with two chairs in front of my desk. Thick, soft luxury carpets cover the floor and the entire office is air conditioned, something necessary in hot, humid Mumbai.

 I put my laptop on the desk as Sheetal entered.

“Good morning, Rita, ma’am,” she said.

“Good morning, Sheetal.”

Our eyes stayed locked for a long moment. Sheetal smiles looking into my eyes – oh my god, because of her dimples I love that smile and anyone one else would too.

I asked her if there was anything for me to do here today and she told me only a particular file that I would have to sign and the salary checks need my signature.

While I was signing the checks, Sheetal complemented me.

“You are looking really beautiful in that outfit – it perfectly matches your skin color, and shows off your boobs,” she said.

“Oh thanks, you know I told you about Julie, she gave me this outfit,” I told her.

“Oh, yes, of course, you told me way she wept,” and we both smiled broadly, remembering how Julie responded when I put the huge double dildo in her pussy.

“You may go now. I will call you latter if I need you,” I told her.

“I know you will definitely call me,” Sheetal smiled as she left my room, her high heels clicking and making her pretty tits bounce, and her ass cheeks jiggle as she walked away.

After a few minutes, my cell phone rang and I looked at the screen – oops, it is dad.

“Hello dad.”

“Him, Rita, I need your passport,” he said.

“But why, dad, I don’t think I plan to travel abroad soon?” I asked.

Actually the person working for us in New York City wants to retire, so I think you should be there when he does,” dad said.

“But, dad, you know kind of work I am doing here – just signing files, nothing else. You know I am not good using, and have no idea what to do on a trip by myself,” I told him.

“Yes that’s true but we have people there who will do the work, I just want you there to check on them,” he said.

“What kind of check you are asking for?”

Dad responded, “Simple like you do here.”

“But dad, but …,” I sputtered.

“No, I told you enough,” he said. “Please no discussions.”

He hung up.

 I was worried about how I could live in New York, even if some think it is a paradise for gays and lesbians. I had friends here and did not need new ones in a strange place.

There was a knock on my door and I told whomever to come in.

It was one of our most senior managers, Mr. Gupta. I call him Uncle Gupta because he has been here so long.

“Ma’am, I just received a phone call from your dad wants me to discuss it with you,” he said.

“OK, sit, but I am not interested Uncle Gupta.”

“Ma’am, you need to go there because you know someone must be there to sign and to authorize things,” he said.

After a half hour of talk, Mr. Gupta convinced me it was a good idea to go to New York.

When he left, I called Sheetal into my office. She came in and I told her to lock the door and she did.

“You know I am going to America?” I asked her.

“Wow, that’s great,” I said.

“Sheetal, I don’t want to go, I don’t want lose my friends, contact with my family and all of that,” I told the sexy, young girl.

But Rita ma’am, you are going to be in a lesbian and gay paradise, you will love it,” she said.

“Sheetal, I don’t want lose friends and workers like you and Gupta uncle.”

“Yes, ma’am, I don’t want you to go, and I think the entire staff does not want to lose you, but you have to go,” she said.

“Yes, I have to go,” I sighed in resignation. “You know I am a lesbian. I have known since I was 15 or 16 that I was gay,” I told her.

“Yes, ma’am, you have told me this before,” she said quietly.

Sheetal, you know about my taste in girls, that I like simple girls like you,” I said, “Do you think I will find that kind of girl in the United States?”

“Yes, you will be able to find someone just like me,” she smiled.

Oh, sweet Sheetal, come closer and get between my legs and starts your secret job one last time before I leave. I need you.”

“Sure, ma’am let me. Turn your chair towards me,” she said softly. She leaned forward, brushing her soft lips on my face, pushing her hot, wet tongue into my ear while sliding her hand up my skirt and pushing a finger under my panties to touch my drooling and shaved slit.

Then she licked her lips sexily again then pushed forward and gave me a deep and noisy, wet tongue kiss.

My heart leapt.

I turned my chair towards more toward Sheetal and she took the arm of my chair, she sat between my legs; I placed one of my leg on my desk, the other one I put on her shoulder, like I always did when I needed her to lick me out. My skirt pulled back and my pink panties were there for her to see. My sexy bare legs were wide open for her to get between. They quivered a bit in the expectation of her face being buried in my cunt.

There was already a wet spot on my panties, right near my pussy hole. She looked and smiled softly, again wetting her soft lips, then licking the wet spot, tasting my juices.

I leaned head back in my chair, half lying on my chair with my eyes almost closed. I was so horny for her soft, wet tongue.

“Please, Sheetal, please lick me now,” I whispered while my heart raced and I panted a bit.

She started with a soft touch on my thighs and hips, her hands running above my skirt. I feel relaxed. Sheetal pushed my skirt upward.

“Oh you are already wet, did you masturbate today?” she asked.

“Ohhhh, yes I did, but I need your sweet tongue right inside my slippery slit. Dad was waiting for me this morning so I couldn’t get myself off good enough,” I breathed.

Then I felt Sheetal’s lips again nibbling on me through my panties; I could feel her warm breath washing over my clit. I gasped. She gave my panty-covered crotch a long, firm lick, and then another, wetting the pink silk panties. I felt my soft outer pussy lips thickening and opening in lust under her tongue,

“Wow, Sheetal you are amazing,” I gasped, starting to feel like an angel ready to soar into the sky.

Suddenly I squeaked as her tongue pushed my panty aside and lashed over my stiff clit, throbbing outside its little hood.

Sheetal immediately lost herself in the sweet, silky velvet of my wet cunt slit, her tongue flicking over my hot, throbbing pussy which was gushing my sweet excretions onto her flicking tongue.

I trembled as her tongue eagerly explored my soft folds, then the soft, wet tongue slowed, giving me gentle, luxurious licks the entire length of my little, bare pussy, lashing over my hot and bare clit.

My legs trembled and I wanted to squeeze her beautiful head and lock it next to my pussy forever. I listened to the wet, sloppy sounds of face pushing into my secret place.

She searched with relish and gleefully found the spots that made me tremble, the spots that made me gasp, and the ones that made me draw in my breath and moan for more. Sheetal ran her tongue from the top of my slit to the bottom, rubbing it from side to side, her tongue explored all over again and again every little nook and cranny of my pussy, finding sensitive spots aplenty judging by my shaky breathing and little gasps of pleasure. She let her tongue slide deep inside me.

“Oh Sheetal,” I gasped. “I can’t wait for you to do it with me, Sheetal, you are just awesome.”

She started gently stroking her tongue in and out, letting it swirl against my soft pussy and each time she pushed in, I felt my self in heaven. Her lips slurped softly on my throbbing lower lips, coaxing more and more nectar onto her tongue.

As her tongue thrust in and out, I realized that I was gripping the arms of my chair; my hands were white with the power of my grip. Sheetal was digging her tongue even deeper to make my legs quiver. My hips jerked several times, twitching, as I climaxed and she drank deeply of juices. Her hair was soft on my naked legs and my eyes were. Finally, I relaxed with a deep shudder, my body going totally limp, and my breathing was deep and labored.

Thank you Sheetal,” I gasped, still shaky from my orgasm. “I will never forget you, and I hope you keep on working for me and don’t think of quitting.”

“Yes, Rita ma’am, I will always be there to give you pleasure,” she said smiling with her beautiful dimples.

We kissed on each other’s cheeks and she went into my private bathroom to wash my slimy goo off her face and fix her hair.

I did the same after she left the office.

That evening, before leaving work I asked Sheetal if she were available to come shopping with me. She said she could.

As we pulled into the mall parking garage, Sheetal begins talking about a sale ad in the local newspaper and pulled the ad clipping out showing a sale of bras and panties.

Even though Sheetal has been with me for six months, I didn’t know her sizes.

“Oh, Rita I am a perfect 34b,” she beamed at me.

Sheetal had managed to stay in good shape. She was 25 and tall, about five feet, 10 inches. With her silky brown hair and fair color, she can turn any man's head anywhere, anytime.

She was a vision before me in a stunning light gray suit with a rose colored silk blouse that was accented by a loosely tied mauve scarf, the hem of her skirt was just about her knee high with some lovely athletic leg showing black patent leather high heals completed the ensemble.

Sheetal was an impressive girl.

We headed to Level 5, and two beautiful young and sexy women stepped out into the crowded sales floor.

I found some sales girls who know well, my sizes, the quality and size, everything. I asked Sheetal if she wanted anything, but she didn’t so bought couple of pairs of panties for Sheetal.

Then I quickly lead Sheetal to another store where the expensive Amore' line of lingerie that was being endorsed by an Indian actress. I asked Sheetal to try and after giving her a quick once over, I selected flesh colored and black sets and led her to the changing room.

She told me she didn't usually try on lingerie in a store, but this time she did because I wanted her to. Sheetal was expecting me to hand her the clothes and wait outside the changing room, but instead I gently pulled her inside and closed the door behind me.

I told Sheetal to take off her clothes, but she hesitated. I gave her a firm look and she began to undress.

She was embarrassed but she quickly removed all of her clothes until she was standing naked. Sheetal was proud of her body but never had she ever thought about displaying herself to another woman, however here she was standing naked in a store change room with her superior, a woman she had satisfied several times.

Softly, I murmured, “Very nice.” I gave her the flesh colored panties and told her to put them on. As she pulled them up over her hips she saw I was looking directly at her black haired pussy, which caused Sheetal to shiver and her nipples immediately hardened.

She adjusted her panties and reached for the bra, and as she began to put it on, she felt my hands helping with the clasp in back. She adjusted her beautiful tits in the cups. As she tugged and pulled on the bra, I let my hands roam all over her, gently cupping each breast and squeezing and pinching her nipples until they were hard and pulsing.

Sheetal was stunned but didn't move as I continued to touch her while biting on her – my hands were now on her bare breasts!

The nearly naked girl turned around and my mouth went straight to her nipples, sucking on them urgently for two or three minutes as the her hot pussy got wet.

Sheetal became dizzy with desire. I slipped to my knees and pulled off the flimsy panties.

“This is what I want,” I softly said, licking my lips erotically while looking up into her eyes.

But suddenly the salesgirl knocked on the door.

“You’ve been there too long, Rita, you need to come out,” she called through the door.

Oh shit, why did she have to call us right now? I was shaking with desire and so was Sheetal! When we left, I slipped the girl a 1,000 rupee bank note for helping, well guarding, us.

As we left the store, I caught a movement behind the glass. I saw an attractive woman of about thirty approaching us and asked Sheetal if she knew her but Sheetal didn’t.

Later I remembered the woman was one of my partners,  back when I was just 18.

We went to bar and we ordered two Blue Knickers, then sat back to enjoy the drinks. Sheetal sipped the ‘Blue Knickers,’ then took my hand and sucked on my fingers one at a time. My tummy flipped.

“I love your tongue and warm wet mouth,” I said quietly into her ear.

She looked into my eyes, a bit nervously.

“How come you didn’t tell me before?” she said. “I think about all the women you are with.”

Why her, she seemed to ask.

“Nervous? Oh, darling Sheetal you are licking and sucking me for the last couple of months, so why are you nervous?” I asked her. “I promised you, when I came back, you are first one I’ll be with and that is a promise.”

Suddenly, she said she though we should leave.

“Why. Sheetal?” I said. “Its not too late, it’s just 8 p.m.”

She said her head was spinning, so we left bar, taking some chips and drinks directly car, we settled there and started to talk.

She told me her last boss’s wife was a lesbian and that is why she quit.

The she asked how I knew I was a lesbian.

“I already told you that when I was 16 I realized that I was gay, that when I looks at girls, my heart throbbed like yours does for young cute boys,” I said. “I am kind of worried about how you felt about your ex-boss wife. She was a lesbian like me. So why you are interested in me and weren’t with her?”

“Rita, I like you because you are young, and pretty and know how to treat people,” she said. “It is important to me the way you treat not only me, but all the other employees. That’s why I attracted to you.”

I looked at her.

“But weren’t you kind of embarrassed at what I did with you? I mean I only satisfied myself and didn’t care about you. Before today I never touched you.”

That did not matter to me, or who else you touched,” she said while staring into my eyes. “I knew one day my fantasies would come true and I would be with you in bed and you would play with me with your toys. I swear I will not cry. I will enjoy it. Yes, you will definitely enjoy Sheetal in bed.”

I paused, looking the sexy girl next to me.

“So have you fantasized about me?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, whenever I think about you, about how your cum tastes, I masturbate imagining myself licking your pussy, sucking your wet lips up and down, around and around, repeating again and again until I suddenly find the spot where I can tease you. I love teasing, and when you cum, you sometimes squeeze my head so hard I can’t breathe. When I come back to the real world, I am wet and have to play with myself until I am satisfied.”

“Sheetal, can we be together tonight?”

“Oh no Rita, ma’am, we can’t,” she said. “My parents are waiting for me but if you had told me yesterday, it would have been easy to get away, but not this time.”

We had dinner, then I took her home.


My dad was waiting for me at home.

I asked if it would be possible to take Sheetal to New York with me.

“Well, I think it’s possible but it is not a good idea,” he said.

“Dad, I think she can help me a lot, I could really use her help,” I said.

“But I think there are enough people to support you there, Rita,” he told me.

“Who can help with me with English?” I asked.

“Mr. Jade,” he said.

“But dad you know, kind of girl I am, how can it be a man?” I said, pleading.

“Don’t you worry. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me and I will find someone else,” he said.

“Oh, thanks dad, you are really the world’s best dad,” I told him with a big smile.

I went upstairs to my room and the maid brought me fresh apple juice. I drank it and was so tired I fell asleep dressed.

The next day my employees arranged a party for me. We had a good time, but I couldn’t find Sheetal anywhere.

The day I was leaving, I tried her cell phone but it was off. I really missed Sheetal.

At the airport, I saw her.

I was angry and told her so, but then I said goodbye, but tears came to my eyes.

“I will come back Sheetal, I will,” I told her.

“Please, Rita, don’t forget me, you are the only person I love.”

I had nothing to say, we had one last kiss and one nice smile from her and I was gone.

During the long flight, I wondered whether Sheetal really loved me.

I couldn’t understand Sheetal.

I thought I am not the kind of girl to settle down with one girl, I am always looking for someone new to have an affair with. I love to fuck new girls all the time.

If she really loves me what can I do for her?

Does Sheetal want me forever, or just one time in bed? I needed to know.

In New York, we did chat online and her first question was when I was coming back.

I said soon.

She asked if I had found any girls and I said I hadn’t yet. I could see on the web camera she was starting to cry.

“Why are you crying Sheetal?” I asked.

“I need to suck and eat that cum I have been eating from last couple of months,” she whimpered. “Do you really miss me?”

“Yes, I really miss you.”

Suddenly she clicked off line. I left an off line message that I will wait for her on weekend but she didn’t come on line. I am already confused now I am in doubt, does she really loves me or she is just playing with me? If she loves me why she didn’t come on to chat? Finally, I thought maybe she really does love me and that is why she did not come on line.

I needed a break from all of this, so I went out, got my car and took a drive. A while later, as I was heading back to my apartment, I saw a young girl signaling for a ride.

I was in a strange city, and I was worried she could be a kidnapper or something but I stopped a ways away and suddenly she rushed toward me.

She seems strange to me and I was having trouble understanding her English.

She smiled and without my permission, she got into the car. I told her I was heading to a particular street and she smiled and said that was OK.

But I asked here where she was heading.

“To your house,” she said.

“My house?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes you want just a massage or do you more,” she said with a smile.

Oh then I understood, she was a hooker.

“No I don’t need anything just get lost,” I said sharply.

She looks at me strangely and got out of the car.

I did think about her and maybe it would have been fun, but then she was a call girl and I figure I did the right thing.

But I do want to get laid, I am horny.

I woke up near noon, got some coffee and started checking e-mail. There was one from Sheetal, which I quickly opened.

She told me about her routine work, and how she thinking of me with both joy and sorrow. She told me why she could not come on line the last time. She attached some of photos of herself.

That was really sweet I kissed one of her pictures, and responded about daily routine here in New York City. After coffee and e-mails I decided to go for massage. But I kept thinking about Sheetal.

What the hell am I doing thinking about this girls all the time when she is just my employee and we were together only a couple of times. But that one line kept coming back to me.

“I really love you don’t forget me.”

I had heard that before, usually when we were in lust in bed. Sheetal is the first to say it not in the throes of fucking.

I needed to get away, to stop thinking about her.

I cancelled my massage appointment and wandered out onto the busy New York streets. I was gazing at the Statue of Liberty, thinking I needed a girl to help me forget about Sheetal.

I saw girl. She was wearing a business suit, with some cleavage showing. I imagined her wearing a red strapless silky, lacy bra and matching panties. She was wearing black leather knee-boots with the pant legs over them. She had on a gold bracelet.

“Hello, I am Rita,” I said to this girl.

“Hello, I’m Mickey.”

She was beautiful, with a voluptuous body.

I pulled out a scrap of paper from my pocket and asked her to guide me to the address written on it.

She looked at me and asked if I were new to the city.

“Yes,” I said. “It is the address for my apartment, but I am lost.”

“Actually I am going on that direction, so I can drop you,” she said, signaling for a taxi.

“Oh really thank you Mickey, but I have my car parked here.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you would have a car in New York,” she said.

We start talking and she told me about herself, that she is working in office nearby here as an assistant, about her family and her education. We were standing in the parking lot for almost 10 minutes while I scanned her gorgeous body.

She asked about me.

I told about myself my business and why I was here in the United States.

But since I am not good speaking in English, she had trouble understanding me. But my problem is with my language and she couldn’t understand much that I was saying. But, soon we were beginning to understand each other.

I asked her if she could join me for lunch and she accepted with a big smile. Later, after lunch, she offered to show me the sights of Manhattan.

It was midnight when I asked her if she had to be somewhere. No, she said and I smiled. We had dinner then and then I asked her to come to my apartment for drinks and to spend the night with me.

She accepted.

My apartment was small, but was luxurious befitting my position as the owner of an Indian company. It had a quality double bed in my room and an attached bathroom. In the living room there was a standard sofa and two loveseats, a large color television (with DVD, of course!) and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

We settled on the couch and I gave Mickey some champagne.

First it was light conversation, and then it became more and more erotic. I told her frankly I was a lesbian.

“I am, too, Rita, and I want to spend time with you,” she said.

I thought we should just enjoy the wine and talk, but I was really horny. It had been three weeks since I had sex with Sheetal.

So I started running my fingers over her soft legs and hips then touched her breasts. They were soft and silky smooth, and their weight felt so good in my hands.

She reached into her bag and took out some massage lotion.

“I think you need a massage for your tense body,” she said with a grin.

We went into the bedroom and she told me to take off my dress. I stripped naked.

I was lying naked in front of her with just a towel covering my pussy. I watched through the mirror in front of me as she arranged lotion and powder from her bag and placed on small table next to bed. I smiled at her.

“You had all the necessary things with you. It’s unbelievable,” I said.

I watched her in the mirror. Soon, I thought, this beautiful girl is going to be giving me a massage. 

“Would you like oil or powder to start with?” she asked.

“Powder,” I said.

I love powder on my body. How will it be when this girl does it to me? I felt her shake powder on my shoulders, then her hands began rub and massage my naked body, her hands working magic.

“Are you cold?” she asked.

“No,” I said, “Just nervous because it’s first time with a foreigner.”

“No reason for that,” she said. “I am going to make you forget all about being nervous.”

Her hands continued gently massaging my back. I began to relax. She knew what she was doing. She was giving me chills, as I watched her hair falling down and brushing my shoulders to the middle of my back.

“Do you give a lot of women massages or I am first one?” I asked.

“Oh, no, beautiful, you aren't the first,” she said. “But you are the prettiest.”

“I was watching you in the mirror and thinking how beautiful you are,” I told her.

“I knew I wanted you when first I saw you,” she said. “I think I got wet when I walked towards you. When another woman has a certain look in her eyes, it's a dead giveaway isn't it?”

“Yes it is,” I said. I put my head down on the pillow. She began again with her powder massage. Her hands started above my hips and gently worked their way down to the towel. Without asking, she removed the towel and trailed her hands down toward my hips.

Then the hands moved abruptly down to my legs. I silently wished she would come back up to my hips. Then she trailed her nails on the insides of my thighs and without thinking I lifted my hips and opened my legs giving her a good view of me.

But she moved on to my calves, then my feet. Suddenly she had my toes in her mouth. She licked between each toe, slowly sucking.

A few moments later she leaned over so that her lips were lightly touching my ear. She gently let her tongue enter my ear and then she tenderly let her breath brush my ear.

She went down once again began massaging my feet and legs.

“Well, you can't suck your own toes. But guess what? I can suck them all night if you want.”

I closed my eyes.

“Now, it's time for the rest of the trip,” she whispered. “Turn over.”

But when she placed her lips our mine and kissed my lips I felt something was wrong, should I play with her? Should I cheat Sheetal?

Tears came to my eyes. When she saw me crying, she asked if  everything was all right.

I told her there was something but it was not she. She picked up right away and asked me if I am in love.

I said I didn't know but, yes, there is someone and it is disturbing me.

She stopped and sat close to me on the bed.

“Who is this beautiful girl?” she asked.

I told her everything about Sheetal.

Suddenly she starts thinking about someone, a moment latter she asked me if it is OK to stay, that she would do nothing without my permission.

“I felt the power of love once,” she said “I was also in love but could never trust someone so soon.

We talked all night and when we talked about Sheetal my eyes became wet and I only think about Sheetal.

Early the next morning she left my apartment without a word while I was sleeping. We never met again.

A few days later, I called my dad to ask him if it is possible for Sheetal to come?

After lots of questions from dad and my answers, he agreed to send Sheetal to be with me for few weeks, but only if I would work hard in New York and stay until he called me back. I agreed.

A week later I received an e-mail from my Mumbai office, which had Sheetal’s arrival details. I was ecstatic. Minutes felt like hours, days like weeks. I thought time had stopped, but finally she arrived.

After a few days I asked Sheetal about her feelings for me. She told me she wanted to spend her whole life with me.

“Sheetal, have you ever touch any other women beside me?” I asked her.

“No I've never touched another woman. Only you. I don't know anything about being a lesbian or how they have sex or how to find out anything about it, but I have had fantasies for years so that’s why I started with you.

“When I was about nine, my best friend and I were messing around under the covers one night when we had a sleepover and we practiced kissing so we would know how to kiss a boy. It was the most amazing thing I've ever felt but I carried guilt for many years from that tiny act,” she said.

“Around the age of 11 or 12, I decided that I wanted to be the “World's Greatest Lover” so I could keep my man someday. I wanted to fully satisfy him so he would never have reason to run around on me. I snuck a book out of my parent's library on how to have an orgasm and I started practicing. I would take a bath by candlelight with sweet smelling bath oils and then I would get in bed and rub lotion all over me and begin rubbing my clit.

“It took me over a year to have my first orgasm and even then it would take up to 45 minutes,” she said. “I finally figured out that I could come much quicker if I thought of a woman and her breasts while touching my own. It made me feel dirty because I knew sex with another woman was wrong but it was the only way I could come. Thinking about a man just wouldn't do it for me. I have this fantasy of meeting a beautiful, feminine woman like you.”

I told her that was all I needed to know.


It was for me like a dream come true, to spend my life with a beautiful woman. I still love her today, but you will see that what she did to me will keep me from ever falling in love with one person again. I try to forget her now and I spend nights with other girls but I’ll never fall in love again, because with one person life never ends.

But back to story.


We spent almost all the time together even seconds of our life for the next month or so. Sheetal had a six-month visa but she had to live there with me for a couple of weeks but I got dad to agree she could stay with me as long as I wanted.

We spent nights together. We traveled together, we worked and ate together. We slept and bathed together. We agreed that we were in love and we thought how sweet life was with just the two of us, no third person between us.

It was Sheetal who asked that we stay together, so we decided to have a married life. We did shopping separately for each other, she bought a beautiful white bridal dress with lingerie, and a ring for me.

I remember a Saturday evening when we both ready to accept each other for life.

I bought cream colored bridal dress for Sheetal in cream color.

We both wore dresses as we both are brides. She presented me gold ring and I presented her flower bouquet and golden ring. We both prayed, we promised each other to spend our whole life together. She caught these beautiful movements on her phone camera.


I will never forget those beautiful movements but whenever I remember those things, tears flow even now, but its life we have to accept.


So after this we cut a cake and I fed Sheetal and she fed me. Then we had lots of champagne.

Then we went to our bed as a married couple.

Hands in hand, we went into bedroom that I had beautifully decorated with roses and other colorful things. The bed was covered in red, white, pink flowers. The pink colored couch was the same color as the walls. There were matching bed sheets and pillows.

Sheetal was really surprised when she saw bed of roses waiting for us, especially when she looked around she told me she thought that she was in heaven.

She was very surprised with the many-colored candles instead of regular lights.

We sat on the bed next to each other and she took my hands into hers, with hers over mine. Her fingers started tricks with my hands as we talked. I moved in and watched as her lips come closer, then felt the soft moist touch of her lips. All the air was sucked out of us the moment our lips connected. I loved teasing her on her sensitive bare lips.

“You are looking so beautiful Sheetal,” I said, touching her. She gently pulled my hands away and pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her lovely, natural breasts – neither of us had on lingerie.

I bit my bottom lip as she pulled my hands back up, placing them back onto her breasts. I gently rolled her hard breasts in my hands, feeling them and then slowly rubbing my thumbs around her beautiful dark small nipples.

Her soft, sensual hands slid up my thighs and up to my hips.

This time I pushed her hands away and stood up, pulling off my upper dress. Now my big boobs were visible to her and she touched my breasts and began squeezing them, pinching my nipples in her hands. She started kissing my soft, sweet lips so I kissed her back. Soon we started sucking each other lips and tongues and she pulled me on back onto the bed. I closed my eyes and laid back on the bed while sucking her beautiful soft lips. She asked me to look into my eyes. I did what she wanted. She started looking directly in my eyes and I kissed her again.

We got up and stood in the middle of the room looking in each other’s eyes, she stared into my eyes and I stared into her eyes. Shyly, she moved closer and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I returned the kiss and soon we were deeply kissing, entwining our tongues and exploring each other’s mouths, tasting her and she tasting me, tongues embedded mouths.

I pushed her onto the bed and leaning down Sheetal gave each of my hard nipples a gentle kiss. Stepping out of my skirt, I let Sheetal lead me to the bed. She rubbed one of my tits, lowering her mouth to bite the nipple gingerly.

Ours mouths met again, and we deeply had another passionate kiss. My hands moved down her back and found her smooth, bare ass and gave it a firm squeeze. We both moaned.

She kissed my lips then chin, slowly moving down her body. I felt her warm lips on my chest, then felt her tongue as it licked my erect nipples. She trailed her kisses down my soft stomach. I felt Sheetal’s body tighten as she dipped her tongue into my naval. With eyes closed and anticipation building inside of me I felt Sheetal move her hand gently over my quivering bare pussy.

Moans escaped from my mouth and my body arched as Sheetal tongue dipped inside the wet pussy. I could feel her inside me as she increased her love making. Then finally with one last plunge of her tongue I felt her cum. She relaxed her body as she licked the flowing juices from my pussy. 

Sheetal moved up and laid next to me turning her face to me and smiled as I kissed her. I brought my hand up to her face and traced her red lips. I sucked them into my mouth and held them softly. I cupped her breast and covered her erect nipple with my mouth and nibbled first the left one then the right. I pulled my fingers gently from her mouth and slowly moved them down between her breasts down her stomach, and brought them to the damp opening between her legs.

With my gentle push my fingers found their way inside Sheetal’s wet pussy and it was much tighter then I was imagining. Sheetal’s breathing got heavy as my movement increased inside her. I felt the contracting lips around my fingers as Sheetal neared her climax. With a gentler stroke I felt my lover’s cum flow onto my hand. Taking my hand away from Sheetal’s pussy I put one finger in my mouth and tasted the juices. I placed the other finger in her mouth, allowing her a taste as well.

After a short rest, I faced her, both lying naked on the bed, and asked her if she liked what we were doing.

“Yes, I like you near me, yes I like it very much,” she said.

She kissed my chin, and I kissed her soft wet lips.

I got up from bed going middle of the room and took off the cloth covering the table.

I had a special gift is waiting for Sheetal.

“It’s for both of us,” I said.

It was like a huge rocking horse with two 8-inch dildos each end. 

I reached back towards Sheetal and took her hand into mine and, on very wobbly legs we both got in our feet and gingerly made our way across the room until we were standing next to the imposing object.

“How do we take these big ones?”

I ran my hand up and down one of the huge, hard rubber cocks.

“I am there to help you on first,” I gave self assuredly while guiding my leg up and over the “horse.”

Sheetal moved like I did until her tight little hairless twat was situated directly over one of the monster cocks.

“Okay,” I ordered, “now let it go into you real slow, easy, easy, take your time!”

Sheetal's head rolled from side to side on her shoulders as each inch disappeared inside of her incredibly tight pussy. Almost immediately her cunt began to convulse out of control as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body!

She gasped, “I'm cumming I can’t take this any more.”

“Sheetal try to take it all,” I told her.

“I can’t Rita I can’t take any more.”

 “But, Sheetal, for our love you have to take this as I tell you this time.

Eager to join my lover, I quickly positioned my own cunt over the second cock and settled my soft butt down until I was completely impaled by the vicious invader.

“It's wonderful, isn't?” I asked

Sheetal moaned. She was quite unable to answer but with a great deal of difficulty she managed to nod her head as a climax slammed into her cunt making her boobs shake and bounce crazily from side to side while her whole body shivered with excitement.

We are facing each other, so we can easily lean forward until our breasts were squished together. I kissed Sheetal hard on the mouth then on chin, eyes, and cheeks – everywhere. I kissed Sheetal as much as I could and as hard as I could. I nibbled at Sheetal’s face with my lips; I sucked her tongue as she sucked mine and our hot, wet tongues licking each other’s faces.

At last we began slowly bouncing up and down in unison as we fucked ourselves into an absolute frenzy with the gigantic rubber cocks jammed deep into our stretched out pussies.

“I love you,” Sheetal gasped.

When I sucked her nipples between my lips, pinching with my thumbs and biting them with my teeth.

“Oh shit yes, Rita, do it. I am cumming, yes, suck my nipples, they’re hard. Do it.

“Rita I really love you, I only love you! Suck my nipples,” she moaned as loud as she could. “I feel so full of hard rubber dick; it feels so fucking good.”

“I love you too,” I told Sheetal. “I just love a good hard fucking, don't you?”

“Oh yes,” Sheetal replied while her tight little ass bounced up and down like a trip hammer, “especially when I'm getting fucked with you”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,” I managed to reply while my big ass was also humping and bouncing up and down on the wonderful hard cock.

Sheetal whimpered to me, “twist my nipples hard, I'm so close now, right on the edge, please, twist them for me.

I leaned back and offered my jiggling and bouncing tits for her use, but instead of twisting them with her fingers she said softly, “I don't want twist them!”

“Why not?” I gasped.

“Because I'd rather do this,” she replied while leaning down to take my throbbing and hard nips into her soft lips and biting roughly.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, “Oh yes, just like that, suck it harder, oh yeah, bite it, make it hurt.”

“Why so Rita? Why should I hurt you? I just want to do it softly to you, I love you, you can tease me you can hurt me but I cant hurt you, She said in gasps. “I just love you.”

While she continued to suck and bite my nipples, both of us now ramming ourselves senseless with the monster cocks that stood rigidly on the back of the modified pommel horse.

“Oh, god, we're riding these fat dicks and getting the fucking of our lives,” I moaned. “I am cumming, oh my loved Sheetal I am cumming.”

Sheetal was coupled with the thick spike jammed deep into her tight little twat and it was more than she could take because an instant later both of us let loose with a roar while our poor defenseless pussies were decimated by the relentless pounding of the huge rubber dicks.

As all the strength ebbed out of us, we collapsed together while our pussies twitched and flitted around the still impaled monsters.

“Do you have any other surprises for me, Rita?” Sheetal asked? 

“Yes but later.”

After some rest, I remembered.

“Oh shit, I brought another gift for you and I forgot to give it to you.”

I stood up bent over near her and asked Sheetal kick my ass. I thought she’d never do this to me, even though I just asked her.

But she kicked my ass with magnificent power. Then, sprawled out, I looked at her and she was smiling at me.

 As we both lay in the bed, we talked about monster cocks she told me she feels pain so I told her it hurts me, too. Sheetal said, “You take it take completely.”

I smiled at her. ”I have another toy for you, what? Yes I got another toy for you want to see that?

I stood up again and took from a drawer a Basix Pink 16 inch Double Dong with ribs on both ends, slightly curved in the middle.

Her eyes went wide.

“Oh, wow, that’s much bigger,” she said.

I was thinking about when I saw it in a lesbian movie. I give it to Sheetal and she asks how it works.

“Simple, Sheetal, the almost realistic textured ends offer pleasure from the bumps on the shaft for amazing sensations. The soft material flexes easily in all sorts of fun positions, and it warms up so it is not all cold inside you.

She asked if we should try it now, but I told her not now.

“I’ve got another surprise for you,” I said and she asked what was it.

“Do you wish I fuck could your ass and vagina at the same time?”

She said that sounded like fun.

I took from the drawer a Double Penetrate Vac-u-loc attachment, with battery.

I told Sheetal the 6-inch and 8-inch probes can work at same time in your ass and you pussy and it vibrates.

“Oh, my god, Rita you are just awesome.”

I asked if she wanted to see the particular toy for which I asked her to kick my ass

“Yes, sure.

“It is Heartstopper Large Glass Dildo I bought especially bought for you,” I told Sheetal.

“Let me see how beautifully shaped it is,” she said, “Is it made of glass>”

“Yes it is, and it’s your favorite color, blue,” I said. “It is 7 and a half inches long and 1 and three-quarters inches thick.”

“Is that for me,” Sheetal asked with wide eyes.

“Yes it is for my love.” I said.

We started kissing and sucking, licking and biting each other breasts. I decided that I would first use the strap-on with the Vac-u-loc double cocks first. After massaging Sheetal’s pussy with it, she said she was feeling pain. I put some lotion on both cocks as well Sheetal’s pussy and butt holes. Her pussy was already wet from my licking and some fingering. I first pushed a cock slowly into her pussy. When four inches was inside her, I pushed the other cock into asshole, but she felt some pain even though I was pushing with loving care. I applied some more lotion on her asshole and on the cock and pushed the double dildo so that six inches were in her pussy and four and half in her asshole. Then I started vibrator as well I was stroking in and out her in her both holes.

She was whimpering and whining, complaining it hurt, but still panting in lust. Her head was turning back and forth and her hands grabbed the sheet on the bed and she clawed at the fabric. Her butt was flexing and it was a beautiful sight to see those big cocks going into her cute, tight butt and her drooling, wet pussy. She came with a whine and a small scream.

Then it was my turn to get this beautiful double dildo up my holes.

She was inexperienced with a dildo like this, but she managed to bet both cocks into my pussy and butt hole. She started the vibrator and moving the think slowly in and out of me, I was soaring in ecstasy even if there was a little pain in my asshole. I did not show Sheetal any sign of the pain, because I knew she would stop if she thought she was hurting me.

The next night we got each other off with our fingers playing on our hot pussy slits and also used the Heartstopper dildo I had given her.

For a month it was wonderful, we had sex every day, sometimes twice a day.

But after month later her attitude towards me changed. I asked her a couple of times what the problem was, but she didn’t say anything.

A few more days went by and I did some investigating and found that Sheetal had a boyfriend and they had been together longer than she and I had.

When I asked Sheetal she gave me a nice smile and told me, that’s life, and that some people had to do things to live in this world.

“I really can’t understand you Sheetal, simply tell me what you are talking about,” I said to her.

She pinched my cheek.

“Just wait, Rita darling, you will understand soon,” she said mysteriously.

The next day she brought her boyfriend with her and I was in shocked.

After introducing her boy friend, she starts talking in front of her boyfriend about all those beautiful times that we had together. I wasn’t surprised, I thought she just wanted to tell her boyfriend about our relationship.

But that wasn’t true.

Her boyfriend quietly handed me an envelope.

Sheetal smiled and said it wasn’t a big deal, and they walked out of the apartment without another word.

Before I opened that envelope I thought that I am in big trouble. I remember all the photos and video clips she took while we were making those beautiful memories of us having sex while we were naked and in lust.

I didn’t worry when she took them because told me it was just to catch these beautiful memories, and she also joined me in these videos and photos.

When I opened the envelope I found a CD and same photographs that Sheetal had taken. On the CD cover is a picture of Sheetal and me, and a letter.

“If you want to became a famous lesbian porn star in India, then don’t gave any importance to these pictures and CD, but if you don’t want that, then I think some rupees will not a big deal for you.”

I really loved Sheetal, and I cried all that day and night.

Why do I love her, I thought, when she tries to extort money from me and cheats me out of my happiness?

I still ask myself that question; it is like a black cloud over my life.

Only my dad and brother can help me, now. No one else can. They know about me being a lesbian and my interests in girls and I have never hesitated to talk with them about anything. But even today, it is different in India – these things have a negative meaning.

So I called Sheetal and told her I was leaving for India soon and I would let her know when I would be able to give them money.

She was cold and gave me just a week and if I did not pay them the money in that time, they would publish the pictures and the video of she and I on the Internet.

I stayed calm going back to Mumbai and, after thinking it over, I decided things I wanted to tell them. I told my dad and my brother what I thought, they told me just forget them and that they would handle the problem. I gave them the cell phone number of the fuckers.

I don’t know what they actually did, but they tell me they are in jail now for at least more than14 years and my dad gave me that original photos and video clips found in their laptop. Then I could relax. I felt relaxed after that.

I still ask myself that if I had not been able to get help from my family, or if they had rejected me, would I be a porn star or a call girl today? A different Rita?

We must consider in advance how much space we can allow to lovers, and if he or she crosses the limit is it a big deal to leave them instead facing problems like I faced?

I have not forgotten Sheetal. Despite all this, I still love her and I know my love is only for Sheetal. But she almost changed my life, and I still go with girls and I will in the future, but only after deciding what is best for me and for me alone.