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A Causal Meeting while Grocery Shopping


A causal meeting turned out great BONNIE Laura.

I was in a grocery store, strolling down the aisle when I looked up there was this lovely young woman with ah spring in her steps came bouncing towards me. Her tits caught my eye first, they were bouncing with each step. She had a low cut neck line sweater and 2/3 of her breasts showing with about 6 inches of tight cleavage. I almost filled my jeans right there.

I began to follow her around the store watching her breasts giggle as she walked. She was finished and made her way to the checkout stands. I whispered in her ear, Nice Tits She turned to me, smiled and said. They are real alsoI grinned with a (Show Me look) on my face. I slipped a note in her hand with my cell phone number & she put it in her purse. She cupped her breasts in her hands, This bra is coming off when I get home, it's too tight.

I had forgotten about it until one night weeks later I received a call. Hell-O I answered, gHi she said, we met at the grocery store This is Bonnie, I was changing purses and came across your number. I remember your comment about my tits and that you wanted to play with my body. Do you still want to play with my naked bodyh

OMG, Yeah I remember you! I sure do, do you want to come to my houseI gave her my address. Sure, she said, gIfll be there 30 minutesOh WoW Bonnie, thatfll be great! I jumped in the shower, splashed some stink pretty on and blow dried my hair, when the door bell rang. I put on my bath robe on the way the front door & opened it, You must be Bonnie, come on in here lady. I remember you so well, I said.

She didn't hesitate a minute. Bonnie grabbed the seam of her sports jump suite, and I jerk the velcro came apart and fell to the floor, Bonnie stood there totally in the buff. The first site of the nakedness, her pubic area was baby butt smooth. She looked like a young kid standing there. Bonnie took the ties from my robe and with one swift move my robe hit the floor. Bonnie said, WoW you look fantastic I too was shaven smooth.

She took my breast in her soft hands and pushed them together and slowly her mouth went for my right tit lightly biting my nipple and sucked it into her wet mouth, my nipple, areola and all. Softly suckling from my breast. I quickly gathered moisture at my thighs. Bonnie stood up straight placed her hands on my face and said, Ya know the day you whispered in my ear, Nice Tits. I had an orgasm instantly had an orgasm. I saturated my panties, I knew I had to call so I could fuck you're brains out!

Her fingers walked down my body & cupped my kitty, slowly pushing them in to the third knuckle. Oh my Bonnie. I sighed. :Yeah slowly and deep. Finger my pussy. Maker me feel naughtyShe kissed me, exploring my mouth with her tongue. I kissed her back tenderly. Where can we go to get more comfortable? She asked. I grabbed her hand and led her to my bedroom. She kissed me as she lay me down. She moved slowly but deliberately between my legs with out saying a word. Bonnie knew what to do and how to do it. We both knew what the other wanted and needed, very few words were spoken.

She had me reaching another earth shattering orgasm in minutes. She had taken complete control of my body, Bonnie began licking over the hood that hides my clitoris sending my over the edge. I was saturated with my pheromone moisture and gapping for air. I moaned loudly, Bonnie, Sweet Bonnie. Make love with me. Fuck MeShe slid her fingers in my love connection while licking my labia and pinching my clit. She sucked on my little nubbin. Bonnie, You're about to make me cum. Suck Laura's clit. Make me cum with your tongue.

She & I turned to the 69 position driving my face into her thighs, and tongued her smooth muff to suck her clit between my lips, biting it gently as too not hurt this little gem. Laura, she said. Sweetie suck on my clit & make me cum againAs I started sucking her clit she began bucking her hips hard to my face, forcing her kitty hard against my face. Here baby, suck me offshe was fingering me while sucking my clit also. Here is where things went wild. Bonnie's orgasm started at the same time as I. Screaming, yelling and Cumming together was well worth it. I reached into my nightstand, pulled out my favorite toy. This dildo has a small reservoir for warm water, when the time is right I'll squeeze it several times. The batteries were fresh. It pulsates in spurts like a male. It feels amazingly like a male cumming inside my pussy.

I surprised her with it. Oh My God she screamed, Yeah Fuck me with it Laura I started with slow shallow penetrations. She told me to FUCK her with it. I did. She was thrashing about hard wanting more. I increased speed and depth. Laura, LAURA! I'm going to cum again. Faster baby faster, she continued. She was in total orgasm, I squeezed my dildo, it began doing it's thing cumming in Bonnie's cute little pussy. Bonnie told me to fuck her lower with it. I knew what she wanted. I moved down rubbing her G-Spot hard against the rubber dick. She squirted her female cum along with the water from the dildo saturating my bed sheets.

Coming down from her astonishing orgasm she said between gasping for air, Let me do you that way Laura. She got up to fill the reservoir. I began fingering my pussy with anticipation until she returned with the dildo filled to the brim with warm water. She told me to get in the doggie position. As I rose up to do as she instructed Bonnie skewered my cunt with it. Oh you like that don't you Laura? Here ya go sweetie, She thrust it in all the way until the balls were hitting her ass. Bonnie, Yeah baby bang my pussy fast. Rub my g-spot hard I said.

She knew when I was ready for the whiz-bang orgasm it gives me. She pumped me fast, hard until I was so close to loosing my nuts, she stopped. Inserted her fingers in me to bring me to. The wetness of my pussy and my butt was enough for her to penetrate my bung. Short choppy thrusts with that dildo while she was still banging my snatch with the fingers was too much to keep my insides inside. I started squirted my lady cum when she squeezed the reservoir bulb sending waves of that hot water deep in my bung. She continued in and outs while it released it's contents in my ass. I started jerking around telling her to fuck me in what ever way she wanted too.

Laura, she says. You are one amazing bitch to come on to me in the store that day, now to be naked here with you is overwhelming. I am going to want more of this! Are you sure you can handle me? I am bi-sexual, but I prefer female sex like you have done with me! Are you sure you can handle me.

Bonnie I wouldn't have hit on you before if I didn't think I could ride with you. Remember, If you run with the Big Dogs, you gotta piss like the Big Dogs girl, I can do both!

We lay there for a petting each other, talking about our sexual encounters of the past. Laura, when did you find that you were attracted to femalesSweetie, I was showering after me 8th grade gym class, when this girl kept looking and winking at my pussy. She was the same age as I, I was too stupid to know what she was telling me with her winks. I ran into her after school one day, she stuffed a note in my hand, and said. Laura read this and burn it. She kissed my cheek and walked away.

What did the note say Bonnie asked. It said. I want to shave your young pussy and drive my tongue as deep as I can until you cum. Bonnie I was virgin until 2 days after her note. She was the person that popped my hymen & I'm glad it was no other. She was so tender and loving with me, I could cum again just thinking about her having her way with me. Judy was her name. We were in gym class when she patted my butt, I'd love itshe said. After gym we were the last to shower in an empty shower room. There were some girls dressing.

Judy came up to me kissed me gently, placing her hand over my kitty and one on my ass cheeks. Her bare breasts pressing against my small bumps I had at that time, she leaned in close and whispered, I want you Laura. I want to make love to you.She spread apart labia and lightly rubbing them.

I was astonished by the strange feeling she was causing me to feel. As I became wet Judy ran her fingers in and out a few times lighting a fire unknown to me. I started rocking my naked hips opposite her fingers. Judy was going in my pussy ah little deeper, a little faster each time. We stood in the hot shower embraced tightly together as she kissed me, sucking my tongue in her mouth. At that point I couldn't stand up very well. My legs were shaky & I felt pressure in my insides, then a sharp pain with ah little blood, I thought she had hurt me bad, but the pain soon subsided and the pleasure took over again. Cum for meshe said. She continued to thrust her small fingers in my cunt until I had my first female/female orgasm. Bonnie, she made me cum the first time and I haven't looked back. Judy was the first to show me tender love making. I have so much to thank her for.

I then noticed while I was telling Bonnie about my first orgasm she was fingering her self, bringing herself to orgasm turned me hot again. I quickly got into position flicking her labia with my tongue. Laura, Fuck Me she said with desire. I moved in a scissors position with her, pressing my pussy against hers.

(I'm getting hot just writing this down for you to read) Bonnie is one fantastic woman. She began rubbing my clit as our kittens were hard pressed against each other. I started lightly pinching hers. We both were gathering female moisture between us. Our cunts was saturated again as we hit the highest peek of orgasm with-out actually having one. We kept the enactment there until we were both ready to cum together and WoW!

Bonnie yelled out the same time I did. I'M CUMMING BABY! FUCK MY PUSSY BONNIE. FUCK ME HARD LAURAHer and I went up together and I came down alone. Bonnie had passed out during her orgasm. I found out later when she told me that it was that hardest climax she'd ever had. I'm glad I wax the one to give it to her.

This was seven years ago. Bonnie and Laura are now a happy lesbian couple with so much to give to the other..