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A surprise BD 3some with a Black Woman


I pulled in my driveway after an early morning round of golf to find a strange car in the driveway. I parked on the street and went thru the front door instead of the garage. My wife Angie and some other woman darted in the bedroom.

I went downstairs to check my e-mail Angie came up to me and said, “Don do you remember when you asked me to do a 3some with you and another woman”

Yeah I guess so, you didn’t seem to want to so I forgot all about it, Why? She didn’t say anything more.

Two weeks later I came in from work. Angie met me at the door, she put a blindfold on me. “What the hell are you doing” I yelled. She stopped me, saying Just follow me. Angie let me by the hand thru the laundry room, living room and to our bedroom. I got a whiff of strange perfume. Angie did you change perfume?

She didn’t say anything. Angie undid my zipper lowering my pants to the floor. I heard a voice whisper, “Get him to step out of them” Who’s there I asked. The perfume was stronger. I tried to remember who & where I had smelled it before. It didn’t come to me right a way. Angie tied my hands and feet to the bed posts. “ What the F_ _ _ is going on” I yelled again.

I heard Angie say, “take him” from across the room. I then felt strange hands stroking and licking my dick. Hey! I’m a male. It didn’t take long to stand right up straight and hard. Angie what are you doing? Who’s with you? She stroked my cock, then licked the shaft driving me to the brink. Those hands took me out of her mouth, she swallowed and said, “Happy Birthday Donnie”

Donnie, No one calls me Donnie. Well except Donna, This black chick Angie worked with years ago. “Talk to me lady” I said, “Oh Donnie I’ve wanted to swallow your cock for years” Donna, Donna is that you? Between gulping on my dick she said, “Hi there suga Happy Birthday” She didn’t say anything else. I felt her climb over me to a 69 position. I felt this baby butt smooth pussy lowering on my face. She reached down to spread apart the peddles of her flower and sat on my face.

“Here, Suga, suck on this, she pressed down hard to my face, sticking those black lips and her bald cunt to my mouth. I began to nurse her pussy lips a while then her sucked her clit deep into my mouth. “Oh My Gawd” She screamed. She stopped to turn around sitting on my cock. Shit! That feels good, I exclaimed. She went all the down to my balls swallowing my 8” cock. Angie came in, she straddled me bearing her pussy to my mouth. I began to moan and thrashing about trying to get the blindfold off.

“Happy Birthday Donnie. That voice, that perfume, both came to me. Donna that is you. What are you doing I asked.

Donnie, sweetie, there is something Angie wants to tell you. Angie said, Don, well. I have been with Donna several times in resent weeks. Donna told me that she wanted to join us” I replied, It looks like she already has. We all had a good laugh. She continued, Don You had asked me a long time ago that you wanted a 3some. I had told Donna about your wanting to do this, she said she would love too.

Donna removed the blindfold & smiled, “Here ya go Donnie take us. We’re here to give you the best birthday present ever. Angie sat back down on my face while Donna continued to fuck me silly. My cock was deep in her black wet cunt. Donna leaned in to Angie. They were kissing and sucking each other’s tongue they continued to bounce on my face and my cock. I flexed my cock while deep in her black pussy. Donna giggled and gasped for air.”Oh Yeah baby, Do That Again” I did it ah few more times. Angie asked Donna if I was teasing her womb. “Oh fuck yeah he is. Angie reached for Donna black breasts and her over sized nipples. Angie flicked them both and pinched hard. “Yeah Angie suck my tittles, bite my nipples. Angie bared down hard on my face forcing her pussy to open completely. Her vulva were far apart, her clit’s hood was gone. I had my tongue deep in her pussy.

Donna held Angie’s head lightly to her breasts, Suck’em baby, Suck these black tits. We all fucked, sucked and licked our way to a dynamic orgasm together. I began Cumming deep in her smooth pinkish black pussy. My cum hitting her insides triggered her orgasm. “Donnie, DONNIE I’m CUMMING, ANGIE SUCK HARDER! SWEETIE” Donna milked my dick of everything my balls had.

Donna turned around, sliding her fingers in her dark pink mound to gather up all the cum she could. Donna licked the tip with a wide smile and swallowed her fingers sucking them clean saying, “WOW Donnie, that was good. Happy birthday! I gotta have some more of that when you fuck my throat later. Angie was still coming down from her orgasm. She grinned & said, Happy Birthday Don! I wanted to give you something that you would never forget. You told me a long time ago that you wanted to get another to join us in our bedroom. I thought about this a lot. I thought about the women that you know, Donna was the only one that I would trust fucking my husband. She is this most deserving.

Donna was still huffing & puffing trying to get rid of the cotton mouth & a breath. She kissed Angie, then me saying, Happy Birthday Baby!” I said, yeah that was great I thank you both. Donna grinned and said, “What is this (WAS) BS. Sweetie there is more planned for you. You just sit back and watch. Donnie you can not join in or touch us! You understand? You are going to see your little wife fuck ah black woman.

Angie reached the nightstand and pulled out this double headed black rubber dildo snake. Angie looked at me and winked with ah shy childish grin, licked the shaft, Donna smile at Angie. Angie rolled over to her back, she took Donna’s black hand pulling her closer. Donna straddled Angie’s hips and tightly pushing each other pussy against the other, they began thrusting and rubbing their flesh together. Donna winked at me with pure lust in her eyes. She moved into position with one leg under Angie’s, Donna started to move slow as Angie followed her. Angie eased her end into the black pink peddles of Donna’s flower. They moved in unison at first, slowly inserting this rubber dick into themselves.

Watching my wife having sex with a woman was such a dynamic turn-on for me, my dick was again at it’s full length and harder than ever. I knew that Angie had done this before, they were so synchronized with each other’s movements. Donna and Angie slowly moved in closer, the dildo had nearly disappeared. I started jerking off watching these women were going to fuck each other with that rubber dong.

Donna and Angie were increasing depth and speed, both moaning like, “Oh yeah baby Fuck me, Right there, Ooo right there. Fuck my black cunt bitch” I know how much Angie’s pussy will take. She was full of dick. Donna had about 4 inches left. Donna wiggled in closer as the remaining rubber disappeared. They were reaching their combined orgasms together. Both Angie and Donna screamed, Baby, I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING! FUCK ME. FUCK ME!

It was all I could take, watching my wife fuck another lady especially ah black woman. I began jerking my cock faster as I watched these ladies. I felt pressure building and I spit in my hand continuing to beat my meat. I started Cumming. I was centered on my dick. My cum gushed form my cock in big gobs of seed.

Each stroke splattered the all over me. Donna and Angie giggled as they were watching me get off with one of the hardest male orgasms ever. They watched as I was finished, slowly stroking my dick I noticed them with their eyes gazed on the last gob of cum shoot from my meat. They started laughing at me. “Gawd Ladies that was great. It appears that you two have been together before this. We laughed together.

Donna came over to me to lick the residual cum from my hand and my cock. There is something about her pinkish black lips that close to my cock. He began to grow again. “My, my Donnie looks like he’s not done yet“ My was hard and standing straight out. She licked him taking some short sucks. She looked at Angie and smiled saying to me. “Donnie I gotta have that cock down my throat while you cum. I was about spent. I didn’t know if I could muster up another good woody for her. Donna stroked him ah few more times holding ah firm grip, she jacked me off until I was good and stiff.

Donna kissed me then my dick, kissed Angie then my dick. She took my cock, placing it between her teeth, closing her mouth around it sent shivers though out my body. My cock was hard again. Angie sucked my balls while Donna gave me great head. Donna sucked me off with little short strokes. When she was ready she swallowed me whole. Right down her gullet it went. She bobbed on it while Angie was sucking on my balls.

“Oh Yeah you Blk Bitch SUCK ME OFF. SUCK ME DEEP DOWN THAT BLACK THROAT. SUCK ME OFF SO GOOD! Gugg” I moaned, Donnnnaaa, I’m close. I’M CLOSE” Donna smiled at me, she swallowed and reluctantly taking my dick from her mouth she said, “You white bustard Talk nasty to me you SOB Make me swallow your white cock and make me swallow your cum” She place my hands on her head to force her to swallow my cock. Donna was deep throating me and her swallowing mechanism was rubbing my dick in such ah way it didn’t take long until I was on the brink. Angie knew I was about to spill out everything again.

I reached down to her snatch and began fingering her black kitty deep with my fingers hard and fast. I pinched her blood fill clit sending her over the edge. You are making me cum Donnie! I looked to see what Angie was doing. She had a mouth full of black tittles and biting her huge nipple. She yelled out “You two are making me cum. I’M CUMMING, OH GAWD! Donna was thrusting her black dildo in Angie’s pussy.

Three screams all together, we all climaxed together. Donna’s pussy squirted all over me. I was Cumming deep in Donna. Angie was getting off to Donna pounding with her dildo. We clasped over each other, the sweat man cum and female squirting. Needless to say that was a great present these two women gave me. I guess it’s because I’m so lovable………