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After all that we finally did it


It was a hot summer day and it was 4 days until I would get out of high school for the summer but then it would be off to college. It would be my birthday tommorow and was siked for how good it would be.

I drove home from school and pulled into the driveway noticing my dads car wasnt there. So, I thought that I would have some to jack off. I walked in and went up to my room, where I quickly shed off my clothes and started to rub myself all over. then I thought about my dads car not being in the driveway. I wonderd where he wouldve gone because he works from home most of the time and would only go out to get a drink and hang out with his friends. My dad is middle age I would say around 45 and he is well built,My parents got devored shortly after I was born so I never knew my mom and he never had any other relationships. he still has a six pack and is very hairy.

I thought my dad had a great body and I could never advert my eyes from looking at his "bulge" I never thought myself to be gay straight but alittle bicurious. So I got out my laptop and got on my favortie pornsite and quickly clicked a video, but when the video turned on I saw my dad and a random girl, I satred in awe at the screen as my dad with his 9 inch hard cock banging this girl. I got hard instantly and started jacking off,id must of lost track of time because before I knew it I heard the front door open and close. I quickly x"d out of the site and pulled my pants and shirt back on. I guess just in time because my dad walked up the stairs. I quickly pretended to be asleep on my bed when my dad walked past my room. To my surprise he walked in and looked at me. He just stood there because I heard no movement. Then he slowly turned me over and started to rub my cock through my pants.

He knew I was a deep sleeper due to me never getting up on time for school. Then he bent down and started smeeling my pants, I quickly got a boner and my dad was about to unzip when I thouight this was wrong and sort of shifted and he quickly but silently ran out of the room. I was so fucking hard right now I need to blow my load but with my dad home, I couldnt so I just had to keep it in until tommorow. I actually did fall asleep for a bit and woke up at about 5:30 and felt I needed something to eat. I walked past my dads room and heard moaning through the door. If I was standing any closer to the door my boner would have hit the door alerting my dad but I quietly walked downstairs and shrugged it off. I got a soda from the fridge and a bag of potato chips from the kitchen and sat on the couch and watched some tv. I"d say I have a 4 pack and am pretty hairy, my cock is about 10 inches. Id finished up my little snack and my dad walked down "Hey josh" he said. "hi dad, whats good" I replied "Not much just haning around" he said and he walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer "Do you wanna go to the gym?" he asked me "Yeah sure ill get ready" I told him and ran upstairs to change.

Because im pretty sure pre cum littered the front of my pants and I changed into some gym shorts and a tee shirt and got ready to go. 10 minutes later we were in my dads car and driving to the gym. "do you have a girlfriend" he asked briskly "Yeah, Her names justine, shes pretty cute." I told him "Did you have sex with her yet?" This question caught me off quard and I stayed quiet until we got to the gym. We walked in and I got right to the bench press and put on 150lbs and started going at it while some guy was my spotter. Id done about 20 reps when we swqitched postions and I spotted while he benched. Then I ran on the treadmill for a while and decided to turn in. I went to the changing room to take a quick shower and change into fresh clothes. I spotted my dad and he saw me too. "what you do?" he asked " I just hit the bench press and the treadmill for a while." I said "Well if you"ll excuse me im gonna take a shower before we head home. " I was just about to do the same thing" he said so I started walking, but only one shower was available. so he said " we"re both guys that are confident about our sexuality, why not just use one shower save less time too" he saqid almost as he was overjoyed.

We entered the shower and took off our clothes hung our towels up and turned the shower on we rubbed the sweat and odor from our bodies. I couldnt help but to notice his package the whole 7 inch flacid cock, I really hoped that I wouldnt get a boner all of a sudden. Then I looked up and saw my dad looking staright at my 8 inch flccid cock and said "Uhm Dad are you alright?" "Uh yes I am sorry I kinda got lost in my thoughts" what could he have been thinking about.

We arrived home and both said we were to tired to do anything else. So we both said our good nights and went to bed. On my way to the bathroom that night I peered into his bedroom and saw him completly naked on his bed. I couldnt help myself and walked over to his bedside. I read the clock and it said 4:30 am. It was my birthday and decided I would hjave breakfast early. So I plunged my face into his ass and started to lick and eat his ass. I also knew my dad was a deep sleeper so I didnt worry about him waking up. I klicked and licked until precum stained my boxers so I finally decided to relieve myself ontop of my dad. I came 7 solid streams of white cum all over his backside. I was sweating and glad my dad hadnt woken up. I decided not to clean it up and see if he notices it maybe I would get something special later today. I went back to bed and woke up at 9am. M dad already awake and making himself breakfast.

It was a saturday and hopefully would have alot of time with friends and maybe my dad today. He saw me and said hey but that was all. So I went and took a shower cleaning myself all over and got out. Dryed myself and walked to my room. I accidentally bumped into my dad on the way out of the bathroom and my towel fell. We both looked down but I was looking at the fallen towel and my dad at my cock. To my surprise my dick sprung up and my dad stared in shock at my whole 10 inches. He said "Can I ask you something son" "Yeah I said bending down to reach for my towel. He reached down picked up the towel and threw it out of the way making me look at him in confusion. He grabbed my shoulders and started to passionatly kiss me. His tong in my mouth felt so good. Soi I decided to kiss back. We walked to his room not moving apart. He threw me down on the bed and told me he"d been watching me for a while now that he was obsessed with me and my cock. So I told him I had found a love for his body too. thats when he pulled own his pants and I stareted to lick the tip of his bulbous cock head. The ni went and deepthroated his cock almost at the point of throwing up but I kept going and eventually my dad said "I"m cumming swallow all of my seed son." then came the bursts of warm liquid and I had no choice but to let it slide down my throat. He fell on top of my and told me that was the best blowjob hed ever gotten. Then he ran to the bathroom and grabbed some lube.

This is a Fictional story

Then to my surprise he told me to put on some lube and fuck his ass. I never thought he was a bottom I always thought he would be a dominant top. So I lubed my cock and spat on his hole,i put him on his hands and knees I slowly started to push my cock in, I heard my dad moan in pleasureso I pushed some more in. By this time I had about 7 inches in and had 3 to go. And then to my surprise he pulled me and slammed the other 3 inched in his hole, this made him basically scream in pleasure so I started to do full cock thrusts. With every thrust my balls would hit his balls which made me hornier so know I was going full force my ball hair rubbing up against his ass which made him horny and made him shoot another load on the bed making a big white pile of cum. Then I felt the rush of adreneline course through my boady and I started to cum in my dads ass, I would say a good 8 shots filling his hole with my man juice.

Then I got under his ass as he sprayed my manjuice back all over my face and I licked some up tasting his asshole with my cum. I was sweating feeling like I was gonna faint when my dad pullled me on his chest and we kissed sharing my cum. when we were finished he said "happy birthday" and we kissed, falling on top of each other into a deep sleep. This went on until I left for college. And then we webchatted and masturbated together. Every chance I would get I would drive back home for holidays and sleep in the smae bed, and make love while we were at it.