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After the party. party in my bed


It was saturday day night, i was at my dads 49th birthday party. my dad was 49,fat,and 6 foot, not rilly attractive to anyone but me! I had wanted to fuck him since my teens. now i was 23, 6 foot 1 inch, and average not fat nor slim. my dad my cusin and i were drunk because we had gotten a keg and had a bar set up with $400 worth of "adult drinks". my cusin zack was 26, also 6 foot 1 inch, but was much more thinner and muscular than i was.

It was 1 a.m. before i decided to go to bed. when i left the life of the party died off and their dd"s came and picked them up. my mom was passed out in her bed my cusin didnt have a ride and was going to drvie home, me being the wisest and the least drunk said no, you can just stay here till tomarrow. he said ok and i took him to my room and showed him my bed that we would have to share. my dad was the only one left down stairs now "cleaning up" the bar area. i had also been attracted to my cusin who was too drunk to know what was going on at the moment, so i told him that i only let people sleep in my bed if they were naked. he said ok striped and hoped on my bed. i turned around and was amazed that he had a fully hardened 8inch cock that he was stroking slowly. now i could feel my self hardining.

I told him that i was going to check on my dad to make sure he was going to bed. i found my dad in the kitchen on the floor still chuging down a beer. telling him to go to bed i pulled him up and we walked up stairs together. walking in his room we found my mom laying on her side because she had barfed all over the bed still asleep. now i told him he could come to my bed with me and my cusin, it would be a squeeze but we would fit. we reached my room finding zack still stroking his cock. my dad was even more out of it than zack and when i told him he had to strip he striped and jumped on the bed. now i was left and the only empty spot on the bed was the middle. so i striped and got inbetween them both.

I the strait guy that was confused about guys layed there between the two straitest guys i knew drunk with no cover on any of us, all naked. now was the time to make a move. i reached down and rubbed my rock hard 8 inches for a while hoping they would notice, but nuthing happened. then i reacked over with both hands and rubed my dads 9 1/2 inch cock and my cusins 8 inch. we were all hard when i sat up and told them that we also had to try some things because we were in my bed. they were too out of it to know any better, i got my dad to suck my dick, i sucked zacks dick and zack sucked my dads monster. my dad gave the best blow job i had ever had and at the same time i had the best tasting cock that had been in my mouth for years.

my dad suggested we switch it up a little so i said yea lets do that. dad you suck zack, zack you keep sucking dad. ill eat zacks ass hole. they resumed sucking while i was left with the warm hole. i licked all around it stuck my tounge in a little and then started to finger it he moaned louder eack time. it was very tight, it had never been fucked before. i gave it one last lick, spit on my cock and put it to the hole. sloly i pushed in wile zack layed there screaming of pain being fucked and sucked. i started picking up the pace and as his pain wore off the screams turned into moans of pleasure. i started to slow down because i decided to save all my cum for my dad. i pulled out and he asked why i pulled out, i said it is time for you to return the favor by sucking me while my dad fucked me. my dad quickly agreed.

Zack started to suck, he also gave a mighty fine blow job. my dad was teasing my hole with his already moistined cock. all of the sudden he rammed it in all the way, i yelled in so much pain. i had never had a cock that big shoved in there all at once that fast. my dad fucked me i moaned dad moaned he fucked harder and faster than i thought he would or even could. oh yea dad fuck me harder, give it to me like u should have done long ago. he sped up, then i felt it. it was like someone had poored a gallon of hot water into me. he kept going a while but soon got tired out. he pulled out and his cum squirted out of my ass all over his cock and balls.

me and zack cleande him off with our mouths. i kept sucking my dad while zack now was going to fuck me. it felt like nuthing compared to what my dad did to me but it still felt good. we both moaned with pleasure for the longest while. he pulled out and started to fuck my dad but was quickly done and cum was dripping out my dads ass hole.

his hole must of been super tight from not being fucked for 49 years. i was about to tackle the task though. i lubed up my dick with zacks cum that was on his hole. sticking my cock into my dad was the best thing that i had ever done in my life it was so tight and warm. he was yelling, the pain of me fucking him faster and faster died away and turned in to moans to. i sped up and fucked like my life depended on it. he moaned the loudest of all three of us. fucking his tight hole i couldnt hold my cum in much longer. i moaned im gonna cum loudly and it came out in him. it felt so good. i pulled out and cumed like 4 more loads all over the 3 of us. we of corse cleaned it up with our mouths and went on fucking and sucking for hours.

the next morning i woke up with my dads cock in my ass and my cock in my cusins ass on my bed. i then relized that this time it wasnt just a dream, it rilly happend. sadly got up feeling bad that our fuck night was over. threw diffrent covers over my dad and zack. got dressed and then woke them up. they didnt remember anything that had happened that night. this was the bad thing that i thought would happen. niether one questioned why they were naked in my bed, for they knew that they were so drunk the night before.

its been 3 years since that best day of my life. its happened twice since, at my dads birthday party. which im about to go to again and find myself, now the gay one between the two straitest guys i know. they are still clueless about what happens but im just dreaming that one day they will be able to do all that stuff without being drunk. the end!