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Again. Soon.

She had just moved into her very own new house. She had been dreaming about this for years. every room was filled with boxes waiting to be opened and sorted. one of the first things she sets up is her computer. no need in doing the rest of the house without music! of course she checks her email in hopes of recieving a message from any one of her many interested men. sure enough, her friend Jon had sent her a message wishing her luck with her new house. she smiled and sent him a reply saying thank you and went on about her night.


Sometime in the middle of the night, she was awakened by a noise that seemed to be outside her window in the back yard. it was a thump against the outside of her house. she stood up, putting on her robe, trying to see through the dark. she made her way downstairs, and through the kitchen to look out the back door window. nothing.

hmm, she thought. maybe it was in her dreams. she made her way back through the house to be certain the front foor was locked. as she turned to go back upstairs, by the door, she noticed a pair of white mens shoes that shed never saw before. stricken with fear she instantly backed away and turned to get back to the kitchen. not only because thats where the phone was, but she knew the box of silverware was right by the sink. unfortunately before she had the chance to even take a step, she feels him behind her.

his arms wrap around her tightly as she tries to dodge and fight him. towering over her, she soons realizes that her only way to survive might be to stand still, and hope he isnt too unreasonable. right then, she sees the glimmer of a blade in his hand. she immediately panicks, unable to stop herself from screaming and trying to get away. he puts it up to her throat as he says "shhhhh", and slides his other hand over her mouth. by then she knows thats the best thing to do. having her throat slit is one of her worst fears...did he know this?

he takes advantage of having her there, in such a vulnerable position. his hands were all over her body. she couldnt believe what was happening. with one swift move, he turned her around and and hit her almost hard enough to knock her out, but not quite. she fell to the floor, letting out a cry that broke even her own heart. he got down on his knees on top of her pulling at her panties so hard that the sides tore, and she was exposed. she quickly tried to cover herself with her hands and robe, but her arms were forced above her head. he hit her in the face a few times, trying to get her to stop struggling. the third hit was the one that made her lose consciousness.

she woke up to him, having sex with her, in her own bed. at that point, she wasnt even there. she looked at the ceiling, thinking about how she could have avoided this. her daze was interupted by him, trying to kiss her. she moved her head to the side, trying to get away. he started kissing her neck and chest. she cried out loud as she scratched and pounded at his chest and face. he grabbed her arms, flipped her over onto her stomach and leaned down to her ear. "isnt this what you wanted?" he said, as he kissed her back. "what?! who are you?! why are you doing this?!" she screamed, half into the pillow.

"shhhhh" he said once more. he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. she knew he was about to fuck her again, so she fought. she started kicking and trying to turn over. he started hitting her everywhere he could. he then remembered his knife. he opened it, grabbed her hair, and pulled her head back, putting it to her throat again. she grasped her hands around his wrist and said "please! no!" thinking he was going to kill her. he said  "listen, dont do that again. you dont want to piss me off. dont fucking move, or i'll use my knife, ok?" she didnt respond...

he moved his knife from her neck, down her body. he once again, pulled her hips toward him. by then, he knew he had gotten through to her. she wasnt going to fight again. that thought turned him on extremely. his cock throbbed at the thought of being inside her. he spread her legs more with his knees, and entered her very slowly, being sure not to hurt her any further. he heard her gasp as she turned her head in to the pillow.  she could feel the knife still in his hand, even though his hands were on her hips. she let out a cry, not only hoping that he would be more gentle this time, but also that he would leave after he was done.

his rhythm sped up as the feeling she gave him got better and better until he came hard inside of her. she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt him pulsate. they both collapsed a little. he rested his weight on his feet behind her. she was done fighting. she turned onto her side, away from him. he kissed her thigh, and down her leg, very gently. he then stood up, finding his shirt. he backed out of her room, and let himself out. she laid there, thinking.

she woke up the next morning, more sore than she had ever been in her life. she pulled herself into the bathroom, gasping in horror at the sight of herself in the mirror. too weak to stand in the shower, she got into the tub. only then, when the water hit her, did she realize that she had been cut. in several places. she contemplated going to the hospital, but she knew they would ask questions. after her bath, she went to the kitchen to make some coffee. on her way, she stopped at her computer. sure enough, there was a message from her friend jon. what she saw in the message made her panick.

it said "again. soon."