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Alison and Sarah: Schoolgirls II


Sarah sat in the front row of her math class staring determinedly at a blank spot on the blackboard in the front of the room with her legs crossed tightly as her mind raced. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, after awakening in Alison’s arms after the most amazing night of her life. She had just gotten dressed when Alison handed her what looked like a purple egg.
“What is it?”
“A vibrator, now put it in your panties and make sure it’s right up against your clit.”
“How do I turn it on?”
“I’ll worry about that, just do it........good, it’s snug right....good. Now, you’ll be wearing that to class this morning and you’ll be siting on the front row so everybody can see you.”
“But how-”
“It’s remote controlled and I have it, do you understand.”
She did understand and as she sat there now she thought she must have been insane to agree to it. The waiting was killing her; the class was half way through and nothing had happened yet.
Then she felt the buzz, it was faint and teasing, but there all the same. She squirmed slightly cursing the fact the she had set the devise at such a pleasurable spot. She felt the vibrations increase and heard the buzzing of the toy faintly and wondered if anyone else could hear it. She clinched her legs tightly together and dung her nails under the edge of her desk, as she tried to think of anything but the feeling between her thighs. Her breath was becoming thick as she squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. The feeling was becoming so hard to deny that she just wanted to scream. Her legs were rubbing together as hard as she could and as she tried not to make too much of a seen, until finally she did it and the egg slid from her clit to vibrate against the side of her leg. Sarah slumped in her chair and for the first time she realized she was drenched in sweat. She collected herself and waited for the bell to ring and when it did she headed straight for the bathroom, where she began to wash her face. She looked up to see Alison smiling behind her in the mirror.
“What was that?”
“Are you out of your mind? I was lucky to dislodge it, what if I came right there in class.”
“Well, the point was to see how long you would go through with it. You lasted longer than I thought you would, for minute I thought you were going to have to reach in and take it out.”
“So what now?”
“Tonight be in my room again and I’ll teach you a lesson.”
“A lesson.”
“Yeah, for not leaving the vibrator alone.”
“I thought you said you expected what I did.”
“It doesn’t mean you still didn’t break the rules; you’’ll learn to my perfect little soldier. Off to class for now, and I’ll see you tonight.”
Alison again lay waiting for Sarah’s knock, and when it came she answered to let Sarah in. Sarah again stood in her uniform ready for her “lesson” to begin.
“I’ve done some handy-work in my room,” Alison spoke and gestured to a lone, small hook high on her wall. “Now, take off your panties and put your hands through the leg holes.........good girl. Come here.” Alison took the panties and twisted them tightly around Sarah’s wrists and lifted her hands above her head and let the fabric of the panties catch onto the hook. Sarah now stood facing the blank wall with her hands tied above her head as Alison removed Sarah’s shoes. She peered over her shoulder to see Alison stripping down to her thong, and then reach into her drawer and pull out a large pink dildo and a ball gag. Sarah gasp as Alison turned around and walked back towards her.
Alison smiled and said, “So I take it you’ve never seen a dildo before.” Sarah shook her head and Alison laughed. “What’s the most you’ve ever had inside you? My fingers?”
“Well then this should come as quite a surprise,” Alison said as she eyed the dildo in her hands.
Sarah faced the wall as Alison placed the ball gag in her mouth and tightened it in the back. She breathed heavily waiting. From behind her Alison spoke, “Your punishment will be first and then your pleasure. Keep looking at the wall, and don’t turn around to look at me for anything. Do you understand?” Sarah nodded as she couldn’t speak and waited with baited breath. She felt her skirt flip up and the rubber dildo caress her bare ass and then it’s swift spank. Unlike the ruler from the night before the dildo lacked the initial sting, but the smack drove deeper. Again and again the dildo spanked her ass as her breath became more ragged; she soon was letting out cries of pain being stifled into the ball in her mouth. The lack of sound she was making due to the gag was being compensated by the amount of saliva she was producing. Sarah’s eyes began to well and her tears mixed with the spit running from the ball in her mouth down her neck and onto her tits. With each strike to her cheeks her pussy ached for pleasure; the pain glorified the fact she desperately needed to go over the edge. Sarah was almost to the point of trying to free her hands to pleasure herself before her whole body exploded, when the final hit of her aching ass came. Sarah blinked away her remaining tears and looked down to see the wet and sticky mess that was her chest, and felt what seemed like a vibration coming from her pussy lips as if the egg vibrator was still being used on her.
Alison took the dildo and felt the rubber as she rubbed her hand down the 8-inch shaft onto the base where balls had been molded onto. She put it to her mouth and began sucking on it, getting sloppy with it, making it as wet as she could for lubrication. “This will probably hurt at first, but you can do it,” Alison spoke as she placed the pink rubber to Sarah’s lips.
Sarah felt her labia part to allow entrance to her hole and had an intake of breath as she began to be filled. The dildo passed further and further into her, and Sarah felt that if it went much further it would split her open. She wanted to know how much she had taken, but continued to stare at the wall as she had been told. Sarah tried to clench her teeth through the ball gag as more tears began to flow until she felt the balls of the dildo hit her ass.
“Good girl! You took all of it, and now it’s time to fuck it.”
Sarah felt the dildo begin to slowly slide back out her pussy and the back in again. As it moved in and out of her pussy she felt it begin to cling tightly to the dick as it moved in and out of her instead of obstructing it. The pleasure she desperately wanted was finally being given to her, and as she was beginning to truly enjoy the dildo she felt Alison’s finger teasing around the rim of her ass to which she instinctively tried to avoid.
Alison stopped and used her hand to reach around and grab Sarah’s neck and she leaned into Sarah’s ear to whisper, “You need to trust me; be still.”
She then began teasing her ass again and Sarah nervously allowed it to continue, until final she felt the finger penetrate. She felt her asshole fight against the entry until she felt Alison’s knuckle. As Alison began to pull out her finger she felt her asshole cling tightly and suck on Alison’s finger as it slowly exited. As the fucking of her pussy and the fingering of her ass continued Sarah found the two sensations created quite the pleasurable experience. The pleasure was over taking her as her hips involuntarily began to gyrate. She closed her eyes to allow herself to fall off the edge into pleasure as her knees began to weaken, and then it stopped. She slumped against the wall and let out a soft cry. Alison took the gag from Sarah’s mouth and let it dangle around her neck, and she had taken off her panties and reached around to place them in Sarah’s mouth. She tasted them with her left cheek resting against the wall for support. The fabric was wet and she tried to suck the juices from them. They tasted sweet; it was the best thing she had tasted in her whole life.
Alison leaned into her ear, “You made me that wet, and you didn’t even have to touch me. Now, I’m going to unhook you and you’ll get on your knees and pleasure me. Then I’ll finish you, not that that’ll take long.”
Sarah felt her tied wrists unhook, and with her weight unsupported she slumped to the ground. She slowly got to her knees and faced Alison’s pussy as Alison reached down to her to take her thong from her mouth. This was the first time she had clearly seen it. Alison’s lips were slightly larger than hers and her hair was limited to a small triangle above it; the only description of it she could think of was beautiful. Her hands were still tied, but were resting between her knees with access to her pussy. Alison seemed to read her mind as she reached down and grabbed her hands and removed the panties from them, and placed them on her chest. She felt Alison’s soft breasts between her fingers and her nipple poking the palms of her hands.
Alison looked down at Sarah and spoke gently to her, “You keep hold of these so you want be tempted to pleasure yourself. Eat me out to make me cum, and then it’s your turn.”
Sarah leaned in and let Alison’s lovely musk fill her nostrils as she opened her mouth for her first taste of a woman. Her mouth closed around Alison’s clitoris as she flicked it gently with her tongue. She moved lower to part the the labia with her tongue and lick the pinkness within. She felt the soft wetness with her tongue delving her face as far in as she could. Alison had begun to moan and Sarah felt her grinding her clit on her nose as she continued to lick her. The pleasure she was giving her partner was driving her to please her on lovehole she could almost here it crying out to her to be pleasured. She dug her fingers into the softness of Alison’s tits to stop herself from using them on herself.
Alison felt the fingers dig into her boobs as she was being pleased by Sarah. She felt herself nearing the edge, and she grabbed the back of Sarah’s head to force her deeper in her pussy. She grinded her clit on her face as the tongue probed deeper. Her ecstasy was deepened by the sound of Sarah trying to catch her breath after being consumed with her vulva, while at the same time eating her out harder with every passing second. She felt her muscles clinching in her thighs and her vaginal muscles tighten around Sarah’s tongue clinging to it as if it was a dick, and with one last grind of her clit she was done. She felt her pussy spasm and her muscles loose control. She was pushing into Sarah’s mouth with her body, releasing into it. Her stomach was aflutter, her legs were made of jello, and her pussy was in heaven. Her scream was stifled into the fist of her free hand until she came back down to earth, where slightly twitching she let Sarah come back up for air. She felt the sweat running between the fingers clinched tighter than ever over her breasts, felt the final ebb of her pleasure float from her pussy and surrounding muscles, and felt her soaking juices slide down her thighs making them wet and sticky. She was coated in the sweat and lubrication of her ecstasy, she was weak and tired, and she treasured that feeling. She let her eyes drop to the girl on her knees in front of her as her fingers still gripped her reddening boobs. She saw the glisten of her cum smeared over her eager face as Alison placed her hand under Sarah’s chin and pulled her face even with hers. She took her tongue and licked the sweet juices from her face savoring it on her tongue. Until she reached her mouth and she kissed her, where she sucked on Sarah’s tongue as if trying to taste all the juices she hand released onto it. When she had taken enough of her own cum and Sarah’s saliva she broke free leaving Sarah grasping for more. Alison smiled and said, “Your turn.”
Alison moved slowly removing Sarah’s blouse, tie, bra, and finally skirt. Moving slowly as to make Sarah wait even longer. Alison looked Sarah over who stood in front of her in nothing but her school knee socks. She took her hand and led her over to the bed where she leaned her over it. Alison had picked Sarah’s cotton undies from the floor and fitted them again around her wrists, and let her hands rest on her back. Sarah’s ass was presented to her fully and she parted her cheeks to see her tight hole again. She got down on her knees in front of it as she kept the checks firmly spread in her hands. She examined the pussy below the was now red and swollen begging to be burst of it’s orgasm. Alison smiled thinking of the control she had; Sarah was at her mercy to when she could cum. She looked at Sarah’s body at such a close distance and appreciated the cleanliness of every part of her body, as every part of her seemed to exemplify the naivety and pureness of her. Her swollen and sweaty pussy somehow still seemed that of a virgin’s, and her asshole seemed void of any imperfections. She kissed the cheeks she had in her hands working slowly towards her asshole. She had decided to make Sarah wait as long as she could, because she knew barely a touch of her clitoris was send her into pleasure. She used her tongue around the edges of the forbidden hole as she worked her way to it. She spit on it and watch her saliva run down Sarah’s crease and into her other opening. She took one hand and used it to tease the edges of her asshole. She pushed her finger against it and felt it fight to stop entry, and felt the sudden plunge as she entered. She enjoyed the tightness of the suction around her finger as she pushed in deeper, and then as she pulled out the clinging as it slid back to her. Sarah enjoyed the sensation even more, but at the same time it tormented her. The feeling in her ass teased her pussy, even though the pleasure was there it wasn’t to her pussy. She tried to will herself into making the sexual arousal pass the couple of inches to her pussy but she couldn’t. It was as if her pussy was crying out to her for not pleasing it to. Then her now overly sensitive pussy felt breathe upon it. She bit into the covers in front of her as she felt Alison’s mouth inclose her clitoris. She felt the pull of the suction in Alison’s mouth as well as her tongue beginning to flick it feverishly. It was only seconds until it happened. Her clit released the built up pleasure it had been holding and it burst through her body. She felt the waves crash through her making her muscles spasm and her nipples ache with her pleasure. It was as if it was trying to escape from every orifice of her body: her eyes were blurred with tears, her mouth open releasing as silent scream, and her pussy was flowing uncontrollably into Alison’s mouth and across her face and back onto her own legs. Her knees buckled and Alison support her weight as tremors still pulsed through her. As her fleeting pulses of ecstasy ebbed away she was slowly lowered to the ground as Alison knew she couldn’t support her own weight. She saw Alison lie next her, and then felt her body against her, cuddling her. She felt her body warmth and was happy as Alison smiled at her and said, “I think we’ll have to this again tomorrow night too, if you don’t mind?”
Sarah let her exhausted smile do the answering, as the words escaped her as to how she wanted nothing more in the world than to be with Alison every night of her life.