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As far as he knew he was one of around eleven participants. His place and all the others were used as newly built physical structures for their class’ participation. Two or three would be scheduled to go to homes, get tours, and write a brief thesis on what they thought of the design, including its location. For this small college it was a great idea. Worked all the time, he was told. Every time in fact and one place, one home in particular had all the workings one could ask for, and more he had heard. He hadn’t been there. He wanted to see the new place for himself. So he called and he scheduled a visit. He felt he had to. He was the class’ professor. That alone justified the call.


Upstairs, in his room, the three of them were naked, doing it, and they were doing it the right way too. One was kissing him and the other was doing his limp cock, making it every bit the hard piece they heard it could be. He was single. He was never married. A work of art as men went. He was slim. He was muscle. He was “sweet.” And he was all man…all man as far as these two 22 years old girls were concerned. And they loved cock more then they ever imagined they would, especially his.


“May we come in, sir?” they asked once he answered his front door.


Smiling, he looked down at his 22 year olds. No, they weren’t “his” but they were that afternoon and that’s all that mattered once he invited the two of them in. She patted the others behind once he turned and walked into his house. They looked around it. It was fascinating from the word go. Everything a girl could ask for he had. And that meant everything.


“So the professor sent you to look around?” he asked.


They looked at one another. Shaking their heads one of them said yes anyway. They smiled as they looked at the other. He was still facing away from them. One of them looked at his ass. It was sculpted, from what she could tell. The other knew. One of them was going to get some ass, in reality one of them was.


“No, yours is the only one we haven’t seen. We wanted to come and see it” she told him.


“Good…goooood” he told them as he turned to look at each. “I’m really glad you have.”


They looked into his eyes. They looked into his face. Man, he was a good looking fellow they told themselves. His body, it had it all. He told them to sit down, relax, and he’d be right back. He had to put on some other clothes. Was this the right time, they asked themselves. No, they’d wait. They’d figure it all out. They’d know when that moment would be there for them to come to his aid and assist their needs and especially his…whatever it took. They waited and they waited and they waited, on one of the couches downstairs. What was taking this guy so long they wondered? Why hadn’t he come down yet, they had asked each other. Neither knew. He was only supposed to change his clothes. How long does that take, she asked her friend. Both shrugged their shoulders.


The doorbell rang. They turned and looked at it. Nothing. No body. No host. No nothing. Where was their host? One of the young women stood. The doorbell, a classic ring too had rung again. He didn’t come to answer it. The other girl went to answer the door. Still he hadn’t come downstairs. What was the guy doing?


“May I help you?” she asked the woman.


“Oh… No” the woman, a tall and long haired beauty said thinking she had the right place. She looked at the girl. They were about 10 or 13 years apart in age. Both looked at one another. She asked if this was the right place. She gave the man’s name. The young one acknowledged it was, but he’d gone upstairs twenty minutes ago to change. “Ohhh that only means he’s waiting for you to go on up” she told the girl.


“Pardon?” the girl said.


“Don’t you want his body?” the older woman asked.


“Pardon?” the young woman said.


“Come on” she came back. “You haven’t looked into his eyes? You haven’t looked at the man’s ass? You haven’t studied his body, yet? And you haven’t said to yourselves ‘I want sex with that man.’”


“Uh…no… No I have not” she replied, lying. The older woman looked into the young lady’s eyes. “That’s not true. You and whomever else…her…over there… You two have already, probably, in some way thought it and discussed it. Haven’t you?” she told them.


The girl turned around. She saw the look on the other girls face. The other girl motioned to the one who answered the door to come there. She did. The older woman stepped inside while the two younger ones spoke between themselves. “He’s upstairs. I think he’s naked. I think he’s waiting for us up there too. Yeah, he’s naked and he didn’t even know I was up there looking at him… God, what a body he has” she told her friend. “You have to see this guy’s body. Go on… Go on upstairs. Go see the guy. Go see his…well you know what I’m saying” she told her friend.


The three stood in the main room. Looking at one another none knew what the others plan was. The older woman knew what to do, but how was she going to rid the home of two young women, who actually had come to get fucked and also see his house. This was the older woman’s sixth time through it. She’d seen, and fucked him, four of those times. This would be number five. To her five was always her lucky number. Five was great. The guy was good. He was smooth. He was...he was real, real good, or so she thought.


“Let’s all go upstairs and see what’s taking our host to long. Or at least call up” she said.


“Mr.” but the one young one was cut off.


“Thomas… Ohhhhhhh Thomas” the older one called out.


“Hey, is that Virginia?” he replied.


“Yes it is sweetheart.”


“Virginia…as in Virginia Stinson?” one of the young ladies began to say. “Are you…” but a hand crossed her mouth. Professor Stinson was their professor of Architecture. At least the class they were taking. “Uhhh wow…you…you and…and him?” the one girl said. She turned to look at them both and smiled. She winked as she nodded her head. “I suppose this is a long story. Isn’t it?” the girl asked.


“Yes it is” the woman had said back to her. “Let’s go on upstairs.”


“What?” the girls both said.


“You can stay here or you can join me upstairs” the woman had said. “It’s fun.”


She headed towards the staircase and as she did, one of the others came towards it but with some apprehension. The woman turned as she slowed before going up. She smiled, softly, and waved for one or both to come up with her. She said it’d be fun. She told them to trust her. The two of them looked at one another. Trust, her, him…sex… Sure what the heck, one of them thought. But the other one… No, she decided against it, and decided she wasn’t into this game. She’d either come back or the classmate could find another way home.


“I’ll find a ride” the classmate said.


“Good” her pal had said. “That works for me” and she left out the front door, but waited in the car outside. “Damn, this is too, too weird.”


The other two, the older woman and the young student had headed for the stairs. One asked what the guy was doing. The older one had to know. She just had to. Climbing the stairs, the older one began to undress, unbuttoning her top as they climbed the steps. Her bra on, it hung gloriously from within the cottony blouse. She took in a deep breath having made a sound the younger one only heard once before. The sound, a long deep thrashing of sorts, through her nostrils hadn’t gotten the young one to turn and look. The older one’s skirt which came unhooked was slipped off. Still the young one hadn’t looked behind her. The woman was quiet as she undid herself and carried her skirt but wore her top open and showing her two wonderful round tits and brassiere.


“What do you expect us to see?” the older one asked.


But she knew already. She knew he’d be in his bathroom, cleaning up, just out of a shower, and waiting for the two of them in it.


She knew he’d let them do him in any fashion they enjoyed doing him or at least the older one would. As for the young one, who knew for sure? She didn’t even know her “mate” the other lover was already partially undressed. She walked straight ahead. She didn’t turn around. Neither spoke as the older woman walked upstairs but looked at the young girl’s ass as they headed to the man’s bedroom.


“You know something, sweetheart?” the older one said “you have nice hips and a great looking ass for your age. He’ll love that about you.”


At the top of the stairs she stopped. Looking both ways it was easy to determine which room was his. She turned around. She stepped back. Her head flew back. She had no idea what the woman had done. None, whatsoever. She looked at her. She looked at the woman carrying her skirt on her arm and she looked at the woman’s open top. She didn’t move. The older woman smiled. Neither moved. They looked at one another. Then the older woman winked at the young one. She passed her up. This, the young one had to see. He has a nice body. What he was doing was anyone’s guess, but if she had her skirt off and was carrying it only one thing was on schedule that day. He was going to have sex. Have sex you ask? Her, she wondered? Uh, no way, not me she told herself, but the woman was already headed his way. She raised her hand. She had turned it backward. She didn’t even look behind her.


But she waved in the young girl’s direction as in “I’m going in and I’m going to have myself some fun. You want some fun then come in and undress yourself. Come in and lie down with us. Come in…and be pleasured by him, by us. It will be worth your while.”


But as she watched the half naked figure walk around the corner, she stood there wondering. She wondered what all this was about. She heard him say something. “Hi baby” she heard him tell her. “When did you show up? Did the other two not stay?” The young one stood in the hallway. She wondered and wondered and she wondered some more, but as she did she felt herself burning up. She felt that need and that desire to be with him, for some reasons she didn’t quite clearly understand.


“Mmmmmm” she heard from around the corner. “Ohhhhhhh, yes ohhh yes feel them, feel my breasts like that again” she heard the older woman say to her host again. “God, oh fuck yes, fuck me” the woman said quietly but loud enough to be heard outside the room. “I have so waited for you, all day already… I need this. I need…ohhh yes, yes” she had said. “YES… OH OHHHHHH YES” her words had spoken. She already was horny. She was so horny that the two of them were on one another and he was jamming her pussy, hard. Her hair twirled like sparklers on Fourth of July. Her tits bedazzled him as each jumped and danced and sizzled excitedly. He was everything and more or so the young one had thought. She walked closer. And she walked closer. Then she walked up to his doorway, but wouldn’t look inside. She listened, her chest filling with air. This was good. No, being here and hearing what she had already heard was exciting. She could feel his cock in hers. She could feel him on her and against her. She wanted it. She wanted to leave. She knew she couldn’t… Ohhhhhh but she wanted to…to try it once, at least.


She swelled as she eased, slowly, around the corner of his door, and into his room. The woman was now doing things to the man’s cock she’d never seen in her life. There’d be time but at this point all she wanted was to make sex with him. That was all. Sex with this clean cut, older, and definitely very good looking man and feeling his cock and putting it on her and definitely in her was what she desired. She heated up as she watched them. She could not believe the stuff they were into. Not weird, but weird enough. Her eyes were frozen on his body. Her eyes were stuck to hers. The woman’s tits could have been her own. Couldn’t they have been? Sure, why not.


Suddenly she felt it. Suddenly, she felt the intensity erupting within her. She knew what she had to have. She knew where it was. She knew if she didn’t do this it would probably be a long while before a chance would come to her, like this. Watching these two do what they were doing had her uncontrollably wanting what they were doing, what they had between themselves. Oh god, she thought as her body erupted over and over and over. Her pussy bled with desire. Her thighs, like her pussy, needed touching. Her tits felt him on them. Her lips could taste him too. All of her needed what that woman, the teacher’s wife, had been getting from him already. God, get some of that, but how. How, she asked herself. How do I…


“Oh god… I want him too” she said, but too quietly.


One of them heard her. He did and whispered something to the professor’s wife. They turned, both of them did. They smiled. Looking at her, he looked at her body. Young, fruitful, and fully dressed he could see all the benefits dancing along his body. He could see her on him. He could see himself on her. It was all there. She was there. Her body, as gorgeous as it was, was there. Come here, he had thought to himself. Walk over here and I will undress you, he had said, or so she thought. And she did. She walked towards him. She walked to the side of the bed. The two of them stopped. He sat upright. His hard cock softened for her or because of the lack of sex. He took her hand. Placing it on his chest, he ran it up and down and looked into her eyes. He smiled. He spoke to her.


“Human action, like we’re doing, it’s a beautiful role in our lives… Join us” he said.


But she stood there, unsure of herself, looking at the two of them, together. She wished it was her, alone though, with him, maybe. She didn’t know, but he had nothing but body. And his body was good. She knew what she meant. It was real good. White, smooth, ripples in all the right places, and a nice structured chest, his pectorals inviting her in on them. She wanted to be alone with the guy, not sharing him with another woman. God, wouldn’t that be good, she thought, and he spoke to her seeing her once the woman kissed his lips.


He leaned into her, a small grin on his face. “Please join us?” he asked again. “You’ll walk away remembering this forever” he told her.


She knew she would. She wished she could too, but for the moment, she couldn’t. She couldn’t even though inside she was erupting with spasms she wasn’t able to control. This man was some kind of saint, or something. She didn’t know, but she liked seeing what she saw on that bed. She watched them. She watched him. And as she did she didn’t feel herself heading closer and closer to his bed, but she was. She was drawn into it, whatever it was they were doing. And it was okay, because this young lady was going to have the time of her life. The young woman, for 25 minutes of her life, would do some of the most incredible acts she could have in her life. It was pulling her, drawing her inward, and before she knew it she was almost against his bed, on them, watching, and…and breathing into their souls. Was she really doing this? Could she really be doing that? Oh her body was doing that. It was doing just that. Being pulled into their lust filled actions as that woman fucked, no, what was it she was doing to him at that moment?


“OHHHH OHHHHHHHHH” she moaned with her head up, her body down, her legs spread out, over him.


What a nice ass, the young one thought. I hope I have an ass like hers when I’m her age. She watched two plus feet from them, her loins aching with growing pleasure, and that woman kissed and needled the man’s presence as he did nothing. She found herself touching her own chest as she watched them. Rubbing, caressing, and feeling her tits. She heard something, but what? Had she agreed to slide into bed? Not realizing it, she nodded her head. She undid her top and slung it over her head while the two of them went about doing one another. Her smallish tits exploded from within. They were still sexy. They had life of their own. The girl, unable to understand, allowed her boobs to posses a life, an existence she didn’t understand, but the older woman stopped what she was doing and sat upright.


“Come to bed…join us, please” the woman said to her. “We’d love for you to be in here with us. Won’t you?” she told the young lady.


The young woman stood there, partly naked, but wanting to slide into the bed and do what the older woman was doing to him. She wanted what the older woman was doing. She couldn’t, not with her in there hogging him all to herself she thought, but her body cried to her to be with the man she didn’t know, at all. Her body screamed at her owner, herself to slip in to the bed, and it told her not to be afraid that it would be okay to be in bed with the two of them. Go on, she told herself. Slip into bed with them. You’ll always remember these times, but she could only watch them do what they were doing, at first. And finally, he stopped doing the older woman. Finally he laid her aside. Finally, he looked at his other guest. Finally a hand reached out for hers.


“Join me, please” he said. “I love your body. I adore your… beauty” he added. “I want nothing more then to…then to please you, to please it” he told her. At that point, his body was sweating. At that point he was smiling into her eyes. I love this…all of it. I love pleasing and being pleased like this. So please…don’t be afraid… Take off your clothing, all of it, and let’s enjoy ourselves all afternoon… Or for at least a while” he went on.


“Okay” she finally said.


She looked at the older woman as she undressed herself. They both watched her. It was weird, but he stretched out his hand and invited her against his body. It was warm and he was inviting in his demeanor. God, she loved how this felt. She wanted to do so many different things with him, but where to begin and what should she do and suddenly a hand came down on her lips as a finger splayed across them.


“Mmmmmm, I like that” she told him. The older lady watched. She smiled while huddling against him. She lay there watching as he and the young one began to get to know the other. Touching, feeling, caressing…it was all apart of some game. It was, this was… “Ohhhhhh touch me there again” she said, her eyes closed, her body rupturing with fantastic feeling. “Oh do that again and that… OHHH AND…AND THAT TOO” she begged.


And before the young woman knew it, she was all over her host. She was kissing his body, everywhere. She was making him feel like a king he wanted to feel like and all over his body. Kissing it everywhere, her hands did the same as the older woman lay and watched her. She was impressed, in fact very impressed as she felt him all over her. Her body contorted as it pressed harder and closer to his as she felt his body lurching against hers and then it happened. Out of nowhere he flipped her serendipitously and began doing it to her. She cried out in great exaltation. Excitedly, as his lips serenaded her smooth lines, stopping here and there, and at her smallish bosoms kissing and showing her his love for them, he kissed and suckled their equity in life and then descended upon it. He went quickly but lovingly for the throttle. Downward, in a fashion only he would, he caressed her thighs, pulling them against his body, but while doing it, he kissed her tummy then lower and lower and…


“OHHHH FUCK… YESSSS” she called out, her pussy erupting, rising, and pushing into his mouth. The older one watched. She smiled. She enjoyed watching it all. “Uh yeah, ohhh yeah…yeah…oh god yeahhh” the young one had cried out. “FUCK ME…YES OH YES FUCK MY…MY PUSSY…NOW…PLEASE” she begged of him. He asked if she was sure and she nodded without looking. He looked into her eyes. Yes, she was ready for all this. His cock a magnificent erection was thick and longer then most white males and he pulled her around in front of him as he dipped it along the front of her, aiming for her swelling features. Her hands had grabbed hold of both sides of the bed, grabbing sheets and flesh and whatever as he pushed and dipped slowly up into her cunt. “OH UH OHHHH UH… OH OOOOOHH YEAHHHH” she cried out more and more often as she pushed harder and harder into his body. “FUCK ME, FUCK IT…OH…YES… FUCK IT OH YES HARDER, HARDER” she pleaded.


But he wouldn’t. He eased in and out, quickly, but not hard like she wanted it done. The older woman felt her boobs as he fucked the young one. She liked how the older one touched her tits. Caressing as he fucked her was like nothing she ever had done in her life, but it was good. No, this was…it was tremendous.


And before she knew it, she had cum. Not once, but twice. She had cum all over his cock. She wanted facial and asked, politely for it. And he pulled it out, for her. He jacked off. He sprayed and he sprayed himself all over the young lady. And her face looked that of a woman having received the first facial in her lifetime. She lay there, spent. She lay exhausted. She laid there wanting love, love which he wasn’t going to provide her. He was only there as a sex machine and a man who had a house to show, if the university wanted to use it for that purpose, but if the girls wanted other usage, he was there for that too. Yes, he was a good looking hunk of a man with many purposes. And she stood up. She got out of bed. She looked at her host. He looked at her.


“Come again, will you?” he said inviting her back. “I’d love for you to visit. Any day and any time,” he told her. “Honestly and seriously” he added. He sat up and took her hands in his. She let him. “I mean it. I enjoyed that. I hope you did.”


She nodded her head and thanked him. He stood up and kissed her cheek. Then she turned and left the room. She was gone, out the door. Her friend waiting for her to fuck the host and she didn’t even know what happened.