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Baci in the church toilet


It was on sunday morning and John made his way to church, he was in his twenties, black well hung and average body. He got there and the pastor preaching and he was bored. So he decided to go to the loo. He got there not knowing that solly was in. John opened the door to only find that solly was tying his shoes and his ass was slightly showing.

Since well both men we're secretly bi so Solly let John in and he closed the door and made way to the pot, John untied his pants and they fell down he urinated as he tried to pick up his pants, his ass touched Solly covered cock, he turned around and apologised but Solly leaned over and kissed him both men now we're developing bulges they took each other's T shirts off and John took Solly's pants down.

John went down and to reveal solly's 8 inch black cock, he stared working on it for the head then he moved up and down slowly warning up Solly's cock.

Solly pulled him up and he went down and started to work john's 11 inch black cut cock he pumped him until he moaned saying his about to cum, solly turned around and guided John in his ass slowly John entered until he was fully in, he started pounding faster and faster while spanking solly's ass.