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“Back to school, honey. Just think, a week away. A campus that has four-star accomodations, more like a hotel than a school, really.”
He was selling this too much. Obviously, there was more here than met the eye.

“What exactly am I going to study?”

"Weelll, it’s not so much what you’re going to study, as what you’re going to be taught. This is a disciplined curriculum, so to speak.”

“You’re stalling.”

“Ok. Here’s the truth. This school is a school of discipline. You’ll be taught the proper ways to be spanked, the right way to address your Master, all the good stuff.”

“But I like the way you spank me now, Master.”

“That’s a very good response, but it won’t work. I’m going with you, but only as an observer, not a participant. That way I get to see your response to different methods, different spanking devices, and which ones turn you on the most. The more I learn, the better you’ll feel.”
“But Master, won’t it bother you to see other people spanking my ass, my tits and my pussy? Watch while a sexy schoolmistress turns my cheeks red, or a headmaster forces me over his knee and spanks my ass until I promise to suck his cock?

“Slave, I would love to watch that. Think how much I’ll have to punish you when we get home.”

“Your wish is my command, Master.”

Later, having set up their stay, they drove to the school, and checked in. After a brief stroll around the grounds, they met the HeadMaster at their scheduled appointment.
Older, but still handsome, almost like Harrison Ford’s older brother, the HeadMaster welcomed them and talked briefly of the history of the school.

“Well, enough history. Let’s get to the business at hand. Leslie, are you fully prepared to begin your lessons?”

“Yes, HeadMaster.”

“Very good. Would you please stand and come over here, please?”

Walking toward a wooden contraption, he turned and waited while Leslie stood and walked hesitantly toward this device. It looked like a chair without a back. About waist high, just a padded top with four legs. The straps on the legs didn’t look like standard issue, however.

“Would you please lean over this and place your wrists and ankles near the straps. Very good.” He bent over and quickly attached the straps to your wrists. Moving behind you, he strapped each ankle to the other legs, rendering you completely helpless, bent over with your skirt-covered ass raised up behind you. Both your husband and the HeadMaster were impressed with the view. Your nylon covered legs rose from your strapped ankles up to the edge of your skirt, which just barely covered your ass. If they could see your face, they’d see your eyes closed in anticipation, and a flush covering your cheeks, as you waited for the punishment to begin.

“To begin, your demeanor has been very good. You’ve been polite and respectful. But, a couple of things need some work. Let’s begin.”
He stepped behind you to a closed closet. Opening both doors revealed a whole wall full of spanking devices, whips and assorted instruments of torture and bondage. Making a quick selection, he again moved behind you, picking the best position. Lifting the bottom of your skirt, he nonchalantly flipped it up, revealing your bare ass above the edge of your nylons. The small whip in his hand rose and came down, striking your bottom. Ignoring your gasp, he raised it again, striking both cheeks in turn, over and over. God, he didn’t even give you any warning.

“Do you enjoy having your bottom spanked, Leslie?”

“Oh, yes, HeadMaster.”

“Is your pussy heating up yet? Or do I need a different instrument?”

“My pussy is definitely heating up, sir. But any instrument you choose is fine.”

“Do you enjoy having your husband watch me punish you?”

“Yes, sir. It turns me on very much. Please feel free to punish me any way you desire.”

“You’re going to make a fine student, Leslie. As a matter of fact, we need a highly responsive subject to help with some of the professor’s lectures. It would mean being punished in front of an entire class, and their husbands.”

“Oh, please, pick me, sir. I would love that.”

During this conversation, he had tried three different instruments on her. Her ass was now a bright crimson. Her breathing was becoming harder, as each instrument struck a little harder. Stopping for a moment, he reached for a small bottle of lotion. Rubbing it between his hands he then began massaging your bottom, spreading your cheeks apart slowly.

“As a reward for completing your first lesson, with high marks, I will allow you a choice. You may have my cock in your mouth or your pussy. Which would you prefer?”

“I would really prefer both, sir. Please allow me to suck your cock before you fuck me hard. And while you’re fucking me, could you please continue punishing my ass?”

“Oh, slave. I think you’re going to make an exemplary student.”

The HeadMaster continued rubbing lotion on your cheeks, taking some of the sting away, but definitely generating more heat. As he rubbed, he spread your ass cheeks apart, revealing both openings, causing you to moan aloud.

“Ahh. I believe Leslie enjoys being spread open. Is this true, my dear? Are your juices beginning to flow as I spread your bottom wide?”

“Oooh, God yes.”

“Are you now ready to begin sucking my cock?”

“Whatever you want, sir.”

Immediately the HeadMaster picked up a strap and brought in down hard across Leslie’s bottom. “You will always answer my questions directly, not vaguely. Once again, (slap) are you ready (slap) to begin sucking (slap) my cock?”

“I’m sorry, HeadMaster. Yes, I would love to begin sucking your cock. May my husband watch, please, sir?”

“Even better, your husband may continue punishing your bottom while you suck me. If you wish, sir, please feel free to pick an instrument and commence whenever you like.”

Your husband went to the open closet to choose his weapon as the HeadMaster moved around to stand in front of you. Your eyes watched intently as he began sliding his zipper down and slid his hand inside to pull out his cock. As it swayed in front of your face, he began to slowly stroke it, the head just an inch from your mouth. Now closer, your tongue could almost touch it. He stood motionless, watching as his cock slowly grew in size, actually moving toward your open mouth.

Suddenly, a whip struck your ass hard, moving you forward just enough for the head of the cock to slide into your mouth. You sucked greedily, moaning as the HeadMaster began inching his cock into your warm, wet mouth. Your husband stroked your bottom steadily with the whip, watching another man filling your mouth with cock, watching your pussy begin to actually drip.

He tried different whips and straps, alternating with rubbing more lotion on your bottom. One small whip began striking your pussy, causing your lips to open up, releasing more juice. The HeadMaster placed his hand behind your head and slowly pushed more of his cock in your mouth, moaning softly as you took every inch of him, until his balls were pressed against your chin. “I believe that she sucks cock better than any other pupil I’ve ever had.” Your husband increased his whipping, saying “Wait until she sucks your balls. You won’t be able to hold back from coming all over her. Maybe we can get her to suck both sets of balls, one right after the other.”

“Tremendous idea, sir. Would you enjoy sucking our balls, Leslie? Perhaps you could make us come at the same time.”

“Ooooh, yes, HeadMaster. Please allow me the pleasure of servicing both of you at the same time. Having you come at the same time all over me would be an honour.”

“Well spoken. We shall grant your request.” Unstrapping you, they allowed you to stand for a short time before bending you over the same device on your back this time. With your arms and legs once more secured to the straps, your head was now bent over the back of the padded cushion, while your legs were spread wide. Both men stood back for a few moments, inspecting your helpless body, paying close attention to your now soaked pussy. Except for the small whip, it hadn’t been touched yet, and was dying for attention. The lips were actually opening and closing slightly on their own, releasing a small amount of pussy juice each time. Your clit was starting to become swollen, aching for some contact with a tongue, or fingers, or cock, or all of the above at the same time.

“Do you think we should give her pussy some release, or make her wait?”

“Oh, definitely, make her wait. By the time we actually make contact with those sweet lips, she’ll positively explode. Does she squirt now?”

“Oh yes. I’ve watched her squirt two feet across the bed, filling my mouth with her juice.”

“Wait until you see this, then. After we’re done torturing her, she’ll pass out from coming and squirting so hard.”
Moving to the front, they both dropped their pants, stroking their cocks while lifting their balls with their other hands, positioning them directly above your open mouth.

“Leslie, start with one set, then alternate. We want to feel your tongue caress our balls while they fill your mouth. If you’re as good as I think you are, we’ll then reward you by allowing you to suck all four balls at the same time.”

You felt both sets of come-heavy balls brushing against your lips, your tongue seeking to draw them in. HeadMaster was first in, groaning as you sucked first one, then both balls deep inside your mouth, swirling the balls around inside their bag, feeling the base of his rigid cock rub against your face. With a pop, he pulled them out, allowing your husband his turn. After the same treatment, they switched places again, until you lost count of the times you sucked their balls.

Finally, one set was left inside, while the other set was pushed rudely against your face. “Both sets, Leslie. Suck them all at the same time.” His breathing was so laboured, you could barely understand him. You didn’t care. You were so hot now, your pussy juice was actually dripping on the floor. You opened your mouth wider as the other two balls were slowly pushed in, first one, then with a supreme effort on your part, the other slid inside.

The two cocks were pressed hard against each other, directly above your face. Instead of stroking their cocks, they were forced to rub against each other, due to their balls being locked in place in your mouth. You moaned loudly, causing them to moan in turn. Again you moaned, extending it this time, actually humming, causing them to rub against each other harder. They both reached down to your blouse, ripping it wide open, exposing your heaving breasts and swollen nipples.

As their cocks crossed each other and you continued to suck, they began to shoot their loads, aiming as much as possible at your tits. In a matter of seconds, your nipples were covered in hot come, as each of them spasmed again and again, sending jets of hot come across your body.

“Thus endeth the first lesson.”