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Basement of Shame


The sharp, violent sound of the whip against her pussy echoed through the room, immediately followed by her muffled screams and heavy panting. She writhed in pain for a few moments before quiet was restored in the dim concrete basement. The only other noticeable noise was the quiet chime of the chains holding her hands up toward the ceiling. She knew there was no escape so she gave up on wasting energy trying to free herself. Instead, she focused on bracing herself for the pain.

Another sharp crack, this time to her lower back. Her hips jerked forward, but she didn't have much room to move. Her feet were tied spread eagle and her hands stretched above her head resulting in very little mobility. She shut her eyes tightly as if to wish the pain away, but to no avail. Her captor was in complete control walking slow circles around her plotting his next move. She looked at him doe-eyed pleading her case to let her go, but they both knew they'd be in that sweltering basement for some time.

Saliva from the mouthgag tickled her midsection as it trickled downward from her chin. Her captor placed his hands on her hips and gently massaged her delicate skin moving down to her thighs and back up across her abdomen to her back. She quietly moaned as if to welcome the change in sensation from pain to pleasant. He worked his hand down and began massaging her pussy. The quiet back and forth motion of his fingers was accompanied by the back and forth of her torso. Beads of sweat ran down her body as her breathing became increasingly heavy. Forgetting that she was bound and at the mercy of a complete stranger, her body language all but screamed for more. She received just that as her captor slipped his fingers inside her. She gurgled from the saliva backed up in her mouth, a sign she consented to the sexual advances from this son of a bitch. She still seemed to be enjoying the sensation all too much to remember she was tied up in a basement. Only someone twisted would enjoy such a thing. How can she be turned on by this?

Wait... how am I turned on by this?

I let out a dry growl, or whatever I could muster from the limited space between my lips and the gag. My wife looked at me surprised and wide-eyed forgetting I was there bound to a creaky wooden chair several feet away. Her pants of enjoyment quickly turned to embarrassment as she tried to twist out of the captor's hold. He glanced over at me, his fingers still inside my wife, mocking me as I sat there completely immobile and helpless. My pathetic attempt to intimidate him only invigorated him more as he grasped my wife's hips firmly aiming for anal penetration. He slapped his dick on her ass as if to tease her. When he became fully erect he gripped her ass cheeks and spread them wide. He began pumping slowly with my wife letting out a yelp after each one. Her eyes began to roll back as he increased the force. I couldn't believe she seemed to be enjoying it. I couldn't believe that I seemed to be enjoying it either. I felt disgusted that I would find pleasure in seeing my wife taken advantage of, but there was a certain forbidden quality that made it a guilty pleasure.

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes as if to apologize for enjoying someone else inside of her. Directly behind her, the monster was staring right at me with a smile mocking me as he had his way with my wife. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear as she responded with a muffled "No" through her mouth gag. He looked back at me with a dry, sinister laugh. I knew what he told her wasn't going to be good news for me. Just as the thought crossed my head, he ended punishing my wife from behind and now stood directly in front of her. She diverted her gaze towards the ground and turned her head away from him. He grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to lick her from the neck up across her face. She squeezed her eyes shut and made a muffled moan in another vain effort to escape the humiliation. He then turned to me, still grasping my wife's hair, and said "You're the next whore on my list."

He left my wife dangling there like a used piece of meat as he came over towards my corner of the sweltering basement. I could already see him planning how he was going to use me with each step he made towards me. I was already dripping in sweat and completely immobilized, but he had to emasculate me further by addressing the precum that had stained the chair I was bound to.

"Wow," he said looking down and shaking his head, "you're about as big of a freak as me. You like watching your wife get fucked like that?"

The embarrassment washed over me making the airless, muggy basement seem that much hotter. I looked over at my wife as if to apologize, but she turned her head pretending she didn't hear it. He undid my gag. "Look you don't have to do th--," was all I could blurt out before he replaced it with an O-gag. He greeted my now permanently open mouth with the tip of his dick, still erect and pulsing. He forced me to tongue the tip. I immediately began to drool as I reluctantly stuck my tongue as far out as it would go and massaged the tip of his cock with my tongue. He didn't let me take a break as he kept pushing my head forward, my tongue became heavy and I began taking deep breaths of the stale, humid basement air.

I stopped tonguing and when he pushed my head forward to continue, I whipped my head back signifying that I had done enough. My act of defiance was greeted with him grabbing my head and forcing his cock deep into the back of my throat with large, violent thrusts. I couldn't do anything but accept the punishment and humiliation as his heavy thrusts, which barely let me breathe, had me yearning for that stale basement air. All I could do was gasp and make pathetic gurgling noises as the saliva gathered in the back of my throat.

He took his cock out of my mouth, glistening in the dim lighting and dripping with my saliva. He walked behind me and dragged the chair to where my wife was still strung up. He undid my wife's hands and tied them behind her back. He was met with little resistance from her, because she knew she wasn't going anywhere. He then undid my O-gag and stood in front of me, cock still erect and glistening. He began stroking it. His mighty hand dwarfed his giant cock as he slid it back and forth. I knew he was going to finish himself off all over me. I didn't bother fighting the inevitable.

Just then he spewed his massive load all over my face. The jet of cum blasted me by surprise and before I knew it my face was masked in the thick, sticky mess. He grabbed my wife's hair and forced her to lick his load off my face. She had no choice but to give in to his sick demands. I felt her tongue caress my face. For a minute, it felt good but I had to snap back into reality and remind myself we were still at the mercy of this sadistic freak enjoying every minute of our humiliation.

He stood back for a minute or two and looked at my wife and I with a grin on his face as an artist admiring his work. He left us in that room humiliated. The only thing we could hear was our breathing. The only thing we could feel was the tickle of sweat beads as they ran down our backs. The only thing we could think...

Well that was the worst part.

Between the humiliation and the heat, the one thing that made us the most uncomfortable were our thoughts. Because deep down, even though it went against every moral fiber of our being, my wife and I both knew it was one of the most erotic nights of our lives.