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Birth Of A Stripper


My mother didn’t waste any time grieving after my father was killed in an accident when I was in the 8th grade.

That bitch took the insurance money that my father had left behind, and moved to Florida with a younger lover, leaving me behind with family to finish school while she fucked around.

I haven’t spoken to that cunt in 5 years.

If I ever see her again, I’ll slap the fuck out of her, so help me….

Because of her, I was forced to live like a gypsy, running from pillar to post, from aunt, to grandmother, and finally, thanks to my whore mother, I eventually fell into the hands of my foster parents who turned out to be fucking perverts.

I had a serious boyfriend in high school, my sophomore year. We were in love, and when I got pregnant my pervert foster father forced me to give the baby up for adoption.

I haven’t had a serious boyfriend since.

I dated a couple of “ bad boys” who were just out for some pussy, and it all worked out because I got the crack I wanted,

but that’s about it.

Some day I hope to re-unite with my child, but for now, I have accepted that I am not the best thing for him.

Fast Forward !

I was 19 and single!

I lived with my room mate Candy who was 25 at the time.

She and I look ed so much alike we coulda’ be sisters, but we’re weren’t .

She had long, silky, dark hair, dark eyes, & porcelain skin.

Her body was very angular, with perky tits, a tiny waist and an ass that didn’t jiggle when I slapped it.

We’d get all coked up and shave each other’s pussies, leaving only a “ landing strip”, and then we’d get so hot from shaving each other, we’d have to fuck the coke out of each other with a strap on.

We weren’t really lesbians, so we still clung to the hope that we’d someday find Mr. Right, but for the time being ,we’d have to get our dick and our money the hard way, eating each other’s pussies while taking it up the ass, fucking the same ol’ nasty, rough-fucking bastards, and wallowing in gallons of cum night after night at the bachelor parties.

I think we both agreed, we’d have rather been at the club where we had met Sandy and Mark, an attractive 30 ish couple.

I won’t soon forget the first time I met Sandy.

I was on stage shaking my pussy in front of this man’s face when she caught my eye.

A short, plump, busty blonde woman with a painted on cherub-like face , holding a martini glass with one hand and sliding a tooth picked olive around her lips with another.

She really looked out of place, as her look was “soft” rather than “severe.“

She was definitely not “ city .“

One look and I could tell , she was not from around here.

She motioned for me to come over, so later I did.

With a soft, southern drawl, she said “ turn around here and let me see your ass darlin’!“

I was shocked because it’s a rare thing to hear a southern accent around here !

I said “ so where you from?”

She giggled and said “ honey, we’re from Tennessee, cain’t you tell ? ”

Then she said “ I want a lap dance baby“, and so I squatted over her lap and started grinding with my ass in her face.

She said “ ooh, honey, I bet you sure do get a purty penny for that pretty little ass!”

I said “ did you just say PURTY?????”

She started giggling again and then she said, “ darlin’ , tell me something. What’s the biggest dick you ever fucked?”

I laughed again and I said “ 12 inches !”

She said “ well, how was it ? “

I said “ well, I thought I was gonna die, it was one of them skinny pencil dicks, but I took it all the way. Didn’t shit for a week.”

She started giggling again and said “ well, quit laughin’ honey cause I got some news for you!”

Then she introduced me to her husband Mark, saying “ this here is my husband Mark, he’s got a 14 inch dick that’s big around as my wrist, and he wants you to shake your pretty little ass for him too ” so I started shaking it for him.

Then she said , “now pull them little pink ass cheeks apart and let him have a look at yer’ little ass hole” so I did.

Then she said “ ok, now get up here and show him that little pussy you got there darlin’” so I did.

As I was grinding my pussy around for him, she says “ now honey, let me tell ya’ somethin

I can’t hardly find nobody to fuck this man cause his dick is so fukin’ big. The first time he fucked me, I thought my eyes were gonna pop outta my head, but if you think you can take him on, you just be at the hotel down the road, we’ll be there all weekend long and probably next week end too if you got the guts to come back for more”

If you can fuck him till he cums, I think you’ll find the pay to be more than satisfactory !

Then she slammed her martini glass down on the table and it shattered into pieces, as she threw down a 500 dollar bill.

She said “ so can we count on you bein’ at our little party down the road tonite?” I said “yes, I’ll be there.”

She said “ well, honey, you better better slip a finger in your pussy and ass before you walk into our little party.

Hold it there for a while, and remember how it feels , cause it won’t never be the same when Mark gets done with ya. We pay 5,000 dollars a night, but it‘s gonna be a rough night, so if you can‘t do the work, don‘t even show”

A southern madam and her pimp husband. I thought “ this should be interesting !”

I got out of the club that night around 11:00 and walked to their party down the road.

I walked in and I saw that they had 3 rooms joined together. There were people everywhere fucking each other, snorting coke, shooting each other up, the whole nine yards. One great big drunken orgy.

2 men came to me and one of them said,

“This is your last chance to leave. If you stay, you will be tied up, gagged and subjected to pain.

You won’t be raped, you won’t be forced to stay, drugs won’t be forced upon you, but if you don’t take them when they are offered, you may wish you had. If you ask to leave before we’re all are done with you, we will release you upon your first request, however, you will leave with no money.”

I thought “ it can’t be worse than the bachelor parties” and said “I’m game”

So they grabbed me, stripped me down naked, tied me up and rolled me on the bathroom floor on my left side onto a big towel.

I felt one of them part ed my ass cheeks as the other one slid an enema into my ass hole.

I was used to the searing pain of an enema, but I was tied up, I couldn’t move.

After just a few minutes, I begged then to set me on the toilet, but they refused.

They said, “you’ll shit when we tell you you can shit so just pucker your ass shut and shut the fuck up” and put a gag on me.

After a few minutes, I started wiggling around, so they set me on the toilet and my bowels emptied.

They dropped me into the bathtub to wash me and the water was very hot, but not hot enough to scald me.

Then they handed me over to 2 women, and as they let go of me, one of the men said,

“ ok, you little whore, you ready for the fuck of your life ?

I didn’t speak.

They laid me on top of a table and blind folded me.

I felt a probe in my ass hole and one in my pussy.

I was ordered to squeeze until they said release. I was told that if I stopped squeezing, I’d get an electrical shock.

One of them stared down at me with cold, dark eyes, slapped my pussy, and while she was squeezing my clit, she said

“ Ready to go home now? This is your chance to leave. We will release you now if you wanna go, but you won’t get paid.”

I nodded “no.”

I started squeezing my pussy and ass and I held it for several minutes, but when I let go, they started laughing and one of them said, give her a good one, but don’t kill her, and they shocked me, sending searing pains into my ass hole and pussy and my hips started girating around as I was blinded with pain.

One of them stared down at me with her cold, dark eyes again and said “ ready to go home?”

I nodded “no.”

They removed the probes and I thought “it can’t get any worse.”

They pulled me up and sat me down in a chair and said

“ Victoria, darling, we are not trying to hurt you. We are trying to prepare you for the fuck of your life. Mark has fucked both of us and we are hard-core S&M mistresses. Giving and receiving pain is part of our every day life.

We came very close to begging him to stop. SO…are you SURE you wanna go on ?”

I nodded “yes” because I needed that 5,000 dollars.

They said, “ this would be a good time to let us drug you, you won’t feel as much pain if you let us drug you”

I nodded NO

They said “ you’re crazy, you really need to let us drug you”

I nodded NO

Then they laid me on a bed , untied my hands and pulled me to the edge.

I felt an anal lube shooter.

One of them sat on my face and ordered me to lick her pussy. She started grinding into my face and I thought she was gonna pull my hair out.

The other one was working a double dong into me and started fucking the hell out me with it, and I was still burning from the enema, but I reached down and started rubbing my pussy until I came .

Then the woman sitting on my face pissed all over my titties.

I looked to the side and there was Mark and Sandy.

Sandy said “ you havin’ fun yet ?”

I said “ oh, yeah!”

She said, ok , “Mark, get on the bed.”

Mark got on the bed as his wife told him.

Then Sandy ordered me to suck Mark’s 14 inch dick that was big around as my wrist.

I started sucking his dick and then Sandy grabbed a small dildo and started fucking my ass with it.

Finally, she shoved a butt plug in my ass and then started pulling on it and then releasing it.

Mark’s dick got hard and started throbbing, so she ordered the men into the room.

She ordered Mark to lie still.

The men grabbed me, lubed my pussy, gagged me, got on each side of me ,held me under my arms, pulled my legs apart wide, set me above the head of Mark’s cock and Mark slowly squirmed the head of his cock inside my pussy.

Then the masters said “ this is your last chance to leave.”

I nodded “no”

Mark slid his dick in a little futher and I was really getting’ stretched, so I started breathing real hard.

Sandy laughed and said, “I tried to tell ya’ he’s a monster.”

Then he started poking me with that cock and my pussy was on fire, as I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

Then the 2 masters said, “ you ready?”

I nodded YES.

Then they kind of dropped me onto Mark’s cock.

The gravity of my body forced me down all at once as I felt his cock tearing at my insides .

I looked down and I was sitting on his hips. I tried not to cry, but the tears started rolling down my face and I was shaking.

I looked down at Mark’s eyes and I whimpered because I needed time to adjust. He grinned and said “no mercy bitch”

started just started thrusting me, jerking me up and down onto his dick

Sandy said “ look at her ass going up and down, look at the way he’s bouncing her off and onto his cock, I bet she wants to scream, but she can’t with that gag in her mouth”

He stopped for a minute and Sandy said “ give up now ? “

I nodded “NO”

So he rolled over on top of me, put my legs over his shoulders and started power fucking me as hard as he could.

He’d dip into my pussy and then he’d twist and wiggle , reaming my guts out, all the while laughing at me.

I thought “please cum, please cum, please , I hope he don’t try to fuck my ass”

But I thought wrong because just as I thought he was gonna cum,

He bent me over jerked the butt plug out of my ass and started fingering my ass

Then I could feel him rubbing his humongous cock against my ass hole

He finally got the head in I was crying out loud by then, as much as I could cry with a gag in my mouth

Sandy said “ you wanna go home ?”

I nodded NO

Then he began to slowly thrust me and finally I felt the base of his penis and the

a searing pain as he began fucking my ass hole

He said “ I can’t get it all the way in”

And everyone started laughing at the looks on my face

Sandy pulled my hair and said “ how is it honey? Ready to give up?”

I nodded NO

Then he thrusted me real hard and I felt his hips up against my ass as he twisted inside me

I looked around the room and everything was blurry

My body started shaking and writhing from the pain and I started to go limp,

but the others held me up while he just kept fucking my ass

Sandy ordered the masters to clip my nipples, so he stopped fucking me for a few seconds, but then he just started ramming me again

Finally I heard Sandy say, “ Mark, that’s enough, you’re gonna kill her”

He jerked his dick out of my ass fast and furious and I thought I was gonna die

There was saliva coming out of my mouth and my eyes were blurring

Then he changed condoms and went back to fucking my pussy again

He threw it right in front of my face and it was stained red

One of the masters whipped me while he kept fucking my pussy, all the while, Mark was saying

“ I split your ass hole, it looks like hamburger meat down here”

Then he pulled his dick out of my pussy and said “hey ya’ll come look at this, hey get a picture of this stuff”

They kept asking me if I wanted to go and I kept nodding NO

Everyone in the room was watching me, laughing about my shredded ass hole

He ordered one of the masters to put his dick in my mouth and ordered me to suck it while he reamed my ass.

Finally, he came with a final violent thrust, shoved my face into the bed, jerked his dick out of me , slapped my ass as hard as he could and said “ what was once pink is now blood red baby, so thanks for the fuck!”

I thought “ this is it, I can go home now”

Then Mark laughed and said “ ready to be gang-fucked?”

I put my head down and thought for a ninute and I nodded NO

Then he said, well, no money,

So I thought again and nodded YES

Then the men all lined up and fucked me one by one

There were dicks in my hands, dicks in my pussy , dicks in my ass and dicks in my mouth, pussies in my face, and

then Sandy ordered the two masters to double penetrate me

One got under me and slid in and out of my raw ass hole and the other one got on top and fucked my pussy

After everybody jacked off on me, I finally passed out

I was suddenly awakened by a horrible burning, scratching sensation on the mound of my pussy

I was tied to the bed and I was being tatooed ! I said,” no, no”

They said, if we have to stop, you don’t get paid and you will leave with a half ass tatoo

so I let them finish

I was pulled off the bed and when I looked down, pink liquid was running down my thighs

I looked in the mirror and the tatoo read “ Mark was Here” with an arrow pointing down to my pussy

I was placed into the shower and I put my clothes back on

Sandy paid me 5,000 dollars cash

Mark smiled and said “ come back tomorrow night, and we’ll pay you 5000 more dollars ? You game ?”

I didn’t speak.

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