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Birthday 3-some


I asked my wife Connie about her sexual fantasies while she was making love with me. She said she didn’t have any. Is that true? Don’t married women have fantasies about sex? Who they would like to have sex with if they could? I told her I had always had a fantasy of having a threesome with her and another woman. Just the idea of watching me have sex with another woman was out of the question. Connie wouldn’t even consider thinking about it. I brought it up several times. It doesn’t mean that you’re turning into lesbian after the session. It is just a new sexual experience. I knew Connie would have ah wonderful adventure if she would only do this. I never brought it up again, but I still have the fantasies.

Connie & I always did gift exchanges at birthdays & holidays. I noticed Connie was picking my brain to get information of what I wanted. My birthday was coming around soon. She always searched for the just the right gift for me. I like power tools and the table saw I seen at the home improvements store.

One day after work I had gotten home first. I checked my e-mail and phone messages. I turned on the TV on the sports channel to catch up on the golf tournament. Connie came in the TV room and said she had something for me, but you have to put on a blindfold. “I Don’t Think So Tim” I remember her brother done that to me and he stuck a big pile of dog shit in my hand and closed my fingers over it.

Connie said, Please? “Well ok but if……… She interrupted me Ok! She put this blind-fold over my eyes and asked that I not peek. The door closed. Moments later it opened. Now I didn’t peek, but the strange of perfume was a dead give-way. it wasn’t my brother-in-law. He smells like a littler of kittens all the time. Now Connie instructed me to hold out my hands out “Palms Up”      I did & and a hand grabbed my wrist & moved my hand down to about waist high. Connie said “Do not to take off the blindfold just yet, but this is your birthday present from me to you darling. The perfume was intoxicating.

I was thinking it was Connie’s sister. I haven’t spoken to her in a few months. “Marty” ( Marshall ) is her real name. “ Marty is that you sis” Nope the voice said. Her voice sounded familiar though. Her voice has a gravely sound to it. I couldn’t place it. Her voice sounded so familiar. I started to hear the rustling sounds of clothes. This stranger stepped close to me. “Hell I don’t who this is, Stop playing these fucking games”

Connie’s voice came from across the room from me, as this lady told me to stand up and follow her. I know my own house. She was leading me down the hallway to the stairs. “Now, Tom there is a step up, I don’t want you to fall and bust that dick”

“My Dick? What the hell does my dick have to do with this? What the hell is going on here”  I asked.

“Your pretty wife asked me to give you your birthday present & I’m happy to do it, So C’mon come with me” she said”

The stairs were 10 steps up to a landing then left 4 more, I know cause I built stair-case. She led me to our spare bedroom. She said “This is my bed room while I’m visiting. She stood in front of me and un-buckled my belt and un-buttoned my slacks and un-done my zipper. Soon I felt my pants being removed. The voice said “ Now step out of the pant legs” I hollered  “What the hell is going on, I wanna know!” I heard the door open.

This lady grabbed my hand and picked one up and lowered the other. She said “here Tom to whom do these belong? I felt a pair of titties with big nipples and a baby smooth pussy. I tried to remove the blindfold. Connie re-tied it as she said, “No Tom, you promised not to remove it, just roll with the flow Tom” I didn’t know what to do. I started playing with the titties. Her nipples were getting large. I reached out for this pussy that I had felt earlier. I found It wetter than before. I slipped a couple of fingers in all the way to the second knuckle in this stranger’s smooth cunt.

“Connie what are you dong to me” I asked. SSHhhhhh, Baby! Connie’s not here right now. This lady backed me up against the bed and told me to set down. I reached down to the mattress. She spoke again, “I won’t let you fall SCHGA”. Schga? I had heard that before. I still couldn’t make out who this was. I asked, “are you black” She said now how the fuck can you tell if I am or not” She said “Well yeah I am darker skinned than your pretty wife. She was climbing on the bed. I felt her going down on my face. I felt hands on my hard dick.

This lady was bouncing on my face, I naturally started to tongue fuck her as she was hell bent on it getting her nuts off. I knew how Connie does it. It was Connie jacking me off and sliding her tongue up & down my cock. I started thrashing my head a little to loosen the bindings on that blindfold that had bound my eyes. I was able to see a little. This lady was indeed a black woman. She worked with Connie for a few years. I still can’t place her name. Connie asked me if I was enjoying my present.

Yes I am Babe! Connie stopped jerking me off. Connie started to climb on the bed. She straddled me and sat on my throbbing dick. Gawd! That was so nice. I thought. This strange lady was sitting on my face and my wife sitting on my cock. I heard them kissing as they were riding me hell bent for glory. The ladies didn’t notice the blindfold had nearly come off.

 “Candy is that you? Yeah Schga, Happy Birthday Sweetie” “Y Where the fuck have you been” I asked. She said nothing. She just tightened her grip on my head and shoulders with her legs and rolled over on her side taking Connie and I with her.

Connie saw an opportunity to turn around so she could suck on Candy’s breasts while I was sucking on her pussy. Candy moved to the 69, Candy was sucking my cock, I was eating Candy’s smooth wet pussy and Candy’s was sucking on Connie clit between sucking me off. Oh wow this was heaven. A threesome with Connie and Candy was just what I wanted and needed for my birthday.

I was feeling the pressure in my balls, I about to cum deep down Candy’s throat. Candy sensed I was nearing an explosion. Like dominoes!  I started fucking her month hard and deep. Connie is going to cum pretty soon by the way she was acting. Candy started off with a I’m CUMMIN” Eat my clit Connie Eat My CUNT HARD, Fuck MY CUNT WITH YOUR TONGUE! I was starting to cum in Candy’s month. I filled Candy with an explosion my dear ol’ daddy would be proud of. Connie had never squirted before. Damn did she ever! She cummed all over Candy the bed, and me. This was so wonderful. It was like snakes in search of a mate in this giant slimy sweat covered fuck ball.

We fucked and sucked each other the better part of the night. Connie awoke first. She whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday Tom!  Dear, shall we get a shower” she asked. We got into the shower and started talking about the night. She asked me if I was happy about my present. Oh Yes Connie I am.  Candy said she was visiting for a while, she is? How long?” I flew her in yesterday so we could plan out everything. She also said, “After I picked her up we got a little out of hand when we were rehearsing yesterday morning. I didn’t know it then but Candy is one hot horny black bitch, Tom! “We made love twice before you got home, dressed and went shopping. I sure hope you’re not mad. I felt like I cheated on you Tom” ” Connie, don’t give it another thought. I’m not mad, believe me! I am not mad! I loved it and you the most”

 Just then the shower door opened and Candy stepped in. “Well Good Morning Schga, I gotta tell ya Tom, you and Connie are the hottest, sexiest white people I know!”  I said, “White” I didn’t see color last night, fact is I didn’t see very much of anything last night. We all laughed. Candy kind of lowered her head & she said,  “Why can’t all white folks be like you two?  “Look Candy There is only one race. We are all in the human race together. I don’t see anything else. Sure you are Black. So” I don’t see anything else.”  She got under the shower water with Connie & I. Candy kissed me full on the month and hugged Connie and smashing those black titties against Connie & I. The water was running over us.

Her hands were busy stroking my cock and fingering Connie’s pussy. I knelt down to suck on her titties and Connie dropped to her knees sucking on Candy’s cunt. Connie looked up at me and said, “Happy Birthdays Tom. I kinda like eating pussy! It’s not bad tasting as I thought it would be” That made my cock go to full parade attention. Candy turned around and bent over at the waist. She said, “Sug I never got that cock of yours in my black hole last night. Ram that white meat all the way home, she spread her cheeks apart showing me her love cannel. Shove that dick in my pussy” I always do what I was told. I placed my cock on her pussy lips and she started to back up almost knocking me off my feet. She took my dick in all the way to my balls. She was going around with her hips getting my cock to touch every part of her insides.

I stuck my thumb in her ass. She let out a squeal, No, No not there, just fuck my pussy Sug. While I was stuffing my cock in her cunt.  I had an idea. As hot as she is I’ll wait until she’s about to cum and then I ‘ll slip to her ass before she knows what had happened.  I fucked her black hot honey spot with hard and deep thrusts. “Oh Sugar she said I’m about to fuckin’ cummm.” Just then I pulled my dick out and put my fingers went in her cunt. I eased back a little and with one mighty thrust I entered her ass and went to her depths. She yelled out, “Oh Tommy, Fuck My Ass, Give Me All You Have Of That Dick! Just Give It To ME HARD OH YEAH  FUCK MY ASS” Candy was bent over and Connie jerked my hand away from her pussy, She said “I want Candy to cum in my month” The hot water was slowly running out. We got out and dried off each other and made out way to the bed.  Candy will be here for about 10 days Connie said. I called my boss and told him I was taking a few days off for a vacation. I am hopping I have many more birthday’s like this one. Wink WINK! If you know what I’m talking about.