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Blowboy, How it all Began


It all started innocently enough one day while me and two friends, Tom and Harry were playing outside in Harry's yard. I don't remember how the subject came up but we were walking around talking about blow jobs that day and stories we heard about so and so blew so and so. I had been thinking about that subject during this time and wanted to experience it. I don't think I had thought about getting one from another male a this point but it could be. I had heard of girls who were giving them and wanted some of that action. I was aroused from the talk and had a hard on the whole time. We all were and so after while Tom says to me that if I wanted to blow him he'd blow me and I'm like no way! Tom was decently built and lean with muscular thighs. He played little league and had a bicycle paper route which kept his legs pretty defined.

So as we are walking around he keeps working on me hard and I'm starting to think about it you know, getting a blow job. I kept eying the crotch of his jeans from time to time and wondered what it would be like to do it but in the back of my mind was this fear. What if I do this and it gets around. But the temptation of getting blown in return is winning the battle over fear. Rumor was going around about a couple other boys in school who were caught or told on and it wasn't good for them. They were being called queer. I said to Tom what about Harry because I don't want no one to know about this you know? So Harry says, I won't tell no one and Tom says "I won't tell either, besides I swear I'll do it to you too. So I'm thinking about doing it and after agonizing about for some time I say OK, you go first and Tom says no you go first, I swear I'll do it. The temptation is really getting to me by now and he knows just what to say to talk me into it. I asked so where we gonna do it? In Harry's basement Tom says. So off we go down into Harry's basement. You go first I plead once more but Tom is adamant I do it first.

We get down there and we agree that Harry stay in one part and Tom and I go to another part so he can't actually witness it. I mean its going to be humiliating enough to kneel in front of him and take his penis in my mouth and suck on it let alone let someone watch me do it. I'm nervous as hell because I don't want to be labeled as a queer. The butterflies are kicking in. Tom and I go into another room and shut the door. There we were all alone. We walk to a spot and Tom turns toward me. Get on your knees, he tells me with a commanding tone. Without hesitation I kneel submissively in front of him and sit back on my heels. From my knees I watch as he unzips his fly, hooks his thumb in the waist band of his briefs pulling them down. Tom then pulls his erect cock out of his pants and holds it down so its pointing right at my mouth. I'm looking at the head just an inch from my mouth. I look at the shaft as it goes back and joins onto his pubic area. Am I really going to do this I thought. Then I look up at Tom, he is looking down at me. I feel humiliated and submissive but at the same time I feel like I want to do this. Suck it he says in the same commanding voice. Its so hard to take it in my mouth I just sit there. C'mon he says I'll do you next. I'm thinking, what if this gets out. So I'm looking at it so close to my mouth that finally I close my eyes and take him into my mouth and start sucking.

I can't describe all the feelings going through me, humiliation, embarrassment, erotica but I was aroused myself. My cock was as hard as its ever been. I look up at him while I'm sucking him and he's watching me. Oohh that feels so good he says. I look into his fly and I see his white briefs so close to my nose. I taste the flesh of his penis, the saltines of him and his scent fills my nostrils. I like it. Ohh that feels good he says over again. I look straight into his jeans at his pubic area as I continue sucking him for several minutes and back up at him to see him watching me suck on his cock. How long you gonna do this? I come off him and say, as long as you want. I don't know why I said it but I did. Keep doin it then he commanded as he gestured toward his erect penis. So I take him in my mouth again and continue blowing him. Oohh that feels so good he says again my eyes looking at him. I don't know how long I continued blowing him but its like I didn't want to stop, something made me keep sucking when he said again, how long you gonna do this? I came off him again and said, as long as you want. Keep doin it then" he commanded again as he gestured toward his cock.

For the first time I notice my saliva glistening on his shaft. The erotica of knowing he was in my mouth starting to hit me. I had no idea how it was going to taste but I was actually starting to like him in my mouth. So I just continued blowing him until we agreed that it was his turn and we switched positions. Tom got down on his knees and pretended like he was going to blow me but then he tricked me and chickened out. I was so mad. I felt betrayed. Humiliated. My worst fears were realized as unknown to me and Tom, Harry snuck in and was peeking through a crack in the door and watched the whole thing. He told some kids at school the next day. Word soon got around and I did my best to refute the rumors but the damage was done. Tom said he did too but I don't know. I can't say the event didn't affect our relationship but Tom and Harry and I remained friends afterward. But this was just the beginning of many encounters between me and Tom.