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I was 28, recently divorced, home alone on a Friday evening, when the phone rang.  It was my 24 year old, younger sister. She wanted to know if I was doing anything special that evening. I said no, she informed me her husband had gone on a week long hunting trip in Wyoming and she was pissed about it. She wanted to go out dancing to a local bar, and asked if I would take her out for the evening. I agreed, showered, dressed and went to pick her up.
She was wearing tight slacks, a white close fitting blouse, that displayed her fine figure, and looked great. She was 5'6, about 120 lbs, long dark brown hair, and flashing green eyes, very nice body and small firm pointed breasts. We went to the a local bar featuring a live country/western dance band.

We had a few drinks and danced a lot, leaving the bar at closing time. I drove her home, and she suggested it might be a wise idea if I come in and have some coffee before driving home, as we both had a slight buzz on. I agreed and went in.
She put coffee on and went in to change. when she came back out she had a negligee and night gown on, she looked pretty sexy. She brought the coffee, and sat down on the opposite end of the sofa.  We talked for a couple of minutes and she started to rub her neck. She said she was a little stiff from all the dancing.  I asked if she wanted me to massage it for her, she said ok, and slid over next to me, where I began to massage her neck muscles.

We were sitting close to each other as I worked on her, and her hand dropped unto my thigh. She was saying how good that felt and softly moaning.  I was looking down the top of her open robe and could see the top of her tits, while her hand was softly moving on my thigh. Not having had any sex for awhile I got a big hard-on. Not wanting her to see it, I suggested she lay down on the sofa and I would give her a massage.  She laid face down on the sofa and I began to give her a massage.

As I worked my way down her back, toward her ass I noticed she was pushing her cunt into cushion each time I got near her ass cheeks,  so I moved down to her feet and started back up. She said it felt so good and parted her legs slightly so I could work on her inner calves. I moved up to her thighs and her legs parted more, the night gown was working its way up and I was on bare skin. Each time I moved to her inner thighs, her legs parted more to give me access and she was pushing her cunt into the cushion more often.

Her legs were open quite a ways and I could see the dark area of her cunt through her white panties. I could also see some cunt hair sticking out around the edges of her panties. I was hotter then hell so I "accidentally" brushed between her crotch, and she gave a violent thrust into the cushion. I said sorry, but she did not reply, so I did it again with the same reaction. I asked if she wanted me to stop, she did not reply, so I figured what the hell, and started rubbing her pussy through her panties, and now she was pumping against my hand.

I  pulled my cock out and began stroking it, I pushed her panties aside and started to finger her while stroking. She suddenly  rolled over, pulled off her panties and let me have full access to her cunt. I decided it was now or never, so I  asked if she wanted me to stop. Her head was moving side to side so I figured it was ok, I spread her legs open wide, mounted her and slid my cock in. She was moaning and pumping against me, after about  a dozen strokes I said I was cumming she grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper and I emptied a huge load of seed into her cunt.

Afterward I lay for a minute still buried in her pussy, before letting my cock slide out. It was ok and she had needed it. I asked if she wanted it again and she nodded so we went to the bedroom, got fully naked and fucked, a couple more times that night. We fucked every day while he was gone and off and on after he returned.

She called me about a month later and informed me we had a problem, I figured, oh no, he found out but she said no she had missed her period and thought she might be knocked up. I said by me? and she said yes it had to be you.  I said don't you use birth control? She said no, she had been trying to get pregnant but her husband had low sperm count and had not been successful. Abortion was out of the question, back then as it was not readily available. So she had  a son whom turned out normal and is a career man in the Navy. We continued to fuck for a couple more years then she decided she wanted another baby, so this time she had a girl, whom is living with a guy.

Shortly after the second baby was born, her husband had a career opportunity in Scottdale and so they moved. I have not seen her since, although we talk on the phone once in a while.