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Cabin Fever and the Cure


Hank Strauk sat quietly nursing his beer at the end of the bar in the Blue Bell Bar and grill. Several men and two women occupied places at the tables in the room; otherwise, save for the bartender, the room was empty. The two women Hank recognized as regulars at the bar and probably just ‘hooked up’ with the two men who were seated with them.

One more beer and Hank would go to the grill and order his dinner. Two beers after work; then dinner, and back to the bar for some stronger libations before going home to bed. The routine hadn’t varied in the three weeks since he’d arrived in this city,

Hank had once been gregarious and the life of every party but his last tour in Iraq had changed all that. He had gone to war to fight. . .and fight they did! He saw his fellow soldiers killed by terrorists who looked like any civilian. He had been ordered not to shoot civilians! The fighting had been fierce and when it was over, he had been charged with shooting innocent civilians. . . a charge never proven but one that ended his army career.

As he returned home, he found his wife changed. . .no longer a kindred spirit and helpmate. She had a life with their kids and there was no longer any room in that life for Hank. He sent family support money each month but no longer saw his wife or kids.

Hank had grown morose and kept to himself after that! His job paid exceptionally well and he had a six figure income along with generous perks as he performed it well. Fact was that he was close to a millionaire due to some wise investments. He was not a happy man.

So it was on the night of August 6th when Hank had finished his dinner and was starting his second G. & T. In the bar. From his usual spot at the end of the bar he was surprised to see a beautiful, tall, dark haired woman walk in. Such women, of obvious class, seldom entered the Blue Bell Bar and Grill. His interest was piqued!

He observed the woman step in to the room, survey the half-dozen patrons carefully and walk to a table near the back corner where she seated herself as the bartender moved from behind the bar to take her order.

With covert looks he managed to ascertain that she was tall, with a creamy complexion, perhaps thirty years old. She was drinking a G.&T. Then, something else attracted his attention and the woman was forgotten.

It was as he arose to leave the bar that the woman motioned for him to join her and mostly out of curiosity, he moved towards her table. Their eyes met as he approached and something in the woman’s eyes told him she was trouble. On the other hand, she was attractive and Hank was a man!

As he reached the table, the woman arose and said, “Hi! I’m Anne. Come and have a drink with me. . .Gin and Tonic, isn’t it?” Hank sat with her as he noted that she’d been observing him as he’d been watching her. This might prove to be more interesting!

“Well Anne, What brings you to the Blue Bell Bar tonight?” Hank asked.

“I guess you could say that I’m looking for some company,” Anne responded.

“Not much in the way of company in here.”

“Why! You’re here and drinking G. & T. with me. Are you married?”

“Was once but it didn’t work out. How about you?”

“Was once but it didn’t work out!”

A Hank continued to talk to her, small talk mostly, he assured himself that see didn’t
belong in the Blue Bell. She was much too refined and intelligent to be comfortable around the clientele of the Blue Bell; yet, she was sitting there, obviously uncomfortable and tense. Finally, he put his thoughts into words, “You obviously don’t belong her. This is not your type of place; yet, you are here and obviously uncomfortable. Why?”

The woman known to him as Anne responded slowly, “I want you with me tonight. I want to take you home with me.”

Hearing this Hank was not only puzzled but now he felt the gnawing ache of concern in his stomach. He replied, “Look Anne, you’re a beautiful and intelligent woman and you could have most any man you wanted from men of your own ilk! Why are you here propositioning me? Believe me when I say that I’d follow you anywhere if there was a promise of having you but, why me?”

“Come home with me and you shall have me. I promise you!” Anne replied and her demeanor had changed to fearful and trembling. Her eyes spoke of fear. “Please,” she said quietly.

Half an hour later, Hank accompanied Anne into her small apartment as he sensed Anne’s mounting fear and concern. He hesitated before taking off his sweater as though he might turn and go only to have Anne grasp him and kiss him on the lips. “Don’t go,”she said as she turned to go make coffee and dessert!

Then, with food and drink to calm them, Anne seemed to relax. She worked at making Hank comfortable and catering to him. As they talked and grew familiar, Hank found that he really liked this woman known as Anne. For the first time in years he began to take an interest in something. His hormones were evident as he felt a tinge of lust.

It was when Anne arose to refresh their coffee cups and bent over to retrieve the cups that two shots rang out and the sound of the bullets passing through the window and into the wall sounded. Had she remained standing, she’d have been killed!

Instinctively, both Anne and Hank had dived for the floor to escape more shots. Then, after a time, Hank stood and placed the sofa on end across the window to stop any further bullets. He turned and angrily face her as he said, “Now, What the hell was that all about?”

Anne spoke firmly as she said, “It’s better you don’t know. Please get out of here as fast as you can and don’t look back.”

“What and leave you here for who ever’s out there to kill. No. You’re coming with me!”
He had just picked a hell of a time to be chivalrous! Then Hank said, “You can tell me what’s going on as we travel.” Having made the split second decision, he felt his own recrimination. . .this matter, whatever it was, was really none of his business. Too late! He was committed.

So it was that five minutes later, the two were in Hank’s truck traveling north on the interstate. Anne began explaining the situation to him.

Anne had been married to a lawyer for the mob! At first it was great as he brought home huge paychecks and they’d lived well. Her husband had gradually taken up the mob’s ways and lost all sense of morals or ethics as he also had taken a couple of mistresses which Anne wouldn’t tolerate. She’d left him and hurt his pride as he swore vengeance on her. He’d placed an offer of $100,000 for her death.

She had gone to the Federal Authorities for protection in exchange for what she knew about her husband’s business. Those authorities had gladly taken her information before sending away to fend for herself. They had frozen all her accounts save two small credit cards and she was left with only a few dollars.

It was then that she’d hit on the idea of going to the Blue Bell and offering herself to induce Hank to stay with her as a sort of unwitting bodyguard. It had worked and she felt safe until the shots into the apartment. The rest, he knew.

An hour later, Hank steered the truck off the freeway, into a commercial center where he bought groceries and supplies before continuing on to a local road and several miles later he turned again into a small lane leading into a box canyon. A mile further brought him to a small log cabin of recent vintage. There, he parked the truck and produced a key to open the locks on the cabin door.

The cabin had been built before he’d deployed to Iraq, during better times, as he and his army buddies erected this kit-built cabin on it’s concrete foundation and floor. He had intended it to be a family cabin but his wife hadn’t much cared for it so it had been seldom used.

It was near morning when the two were comfortable in the cabin and a fire had taken the chill off the mountain air. They slept, fully clothed on top of the master bed. When Hank awoke, he found Anne gone from the bed and smelled the odor of food cooking.

Then, as Anne continued her work, Hank pulled the rug back and went to the floor cabinet where he unlocked the dual locking system and opened the hermetically sealed container. From there he produced two high powered rifles and ammunition. This time the target might well be men and not deer!

As the cabin was slowly made more livable, Hank and Anne began to think of themselves and their personal needs. Anne washed her panties and bra. There was only one toothbrush which they decided to share. Near the end of that day, Hank began to feel like his old self again as the mountain air and the company seemed to elevate his spirits. . .

During the late afternoon, Hank made a tour around the cabin, checking for any possible item that might add to his defense if the matter arose. He noted that a car could be heard approaching from miles away. There was no ground cover under the heavy forest canopy for at least a hundred yards in all directions. The mood would be full during the coming nights.

Shortly before supper, as he went into the cabin from outside, Hank saw Anne installing sheets on the master bed. He said something about there being sheets for the other bed in the closet and Anne flashed him a shy smile as she said, “I don’t think we’ll need two beds.”

“You know, you don’t have to do this now that I know the story.”

“Well, what if I sorta’ want to do it anyway?”

“You’d make me the happiest man in this universe.” Hank said as he made a broad grin. It was at that moment that he felt an urge - an urge so strong that it simply overwhelmed all other reason or thought. At that moment Anne stood before him, tall and beautiful and he had to touch her, to possess her, to feel her flesh close. He grabbed her and embraced her and kissed her and fondled her butt and let out an animal-like groan. . .

Of course, Anne, feeling trapped in his embrace, tried to resist only to be overcome by Hank’s superior strength. Strangely, though she was being possessed by Hank, she didn’t feel like he was raping her; rather, different somehow! Then, she realized that it had been her intention to seduce him just minutes before and with the realization she quit her struggle and returned the kisses as she embraced him and caressed his bare arms.

Then, when Hank felt her resistance fade, he began to release his grip on her. Instead, he concentrated on his love making; something he hadn’t done in a very long time. Suddenly he was glad that he’d foolishly involved himself with this woman even if it got him killed. He felt more alive than he could ever remember. . .even before Iraq!

When their eyes met, Hank saw real lust for the first time. She was lusting after him!

Shortly, their surge of lust and passion had abated sufficiently to allow them to complete making the bed and commencing their dinner even as they touched and bumped and caressed and made love with their eyes.

It was a good feeling, being close to Anne, and Hank was enjoying it to the fullest when he heard the noise. . . a car was approaching. He reached for his rifle and listened as the car approached; then, passed the entrance to the cabin and disappeared.

The intrusion of the passing car into Anne and Hanks foreplay had a calming effect. . .some of the lust was gone! Instead, they ate dinner as close friends, talking intimately from time to time.

Then, as they were cleaning up dinner, Anne became serious. “They’ll find us, you know. Then, they’ll probably kill us. I want you to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done but, in the morning, I want you to go and forget me.”

“Forget it Babe! I haven’t had this much fun since Iraq. Besides, there’s some benefits!” he said as his adoring eyes told her what those benefits were!

“Look! You’re a nice guy and I like what you’re feeling but you’re putting your life in danger.”

“Come to bed with me.”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

“You first in the bathroom?”

“I thought we might shower together. . . you know! Sort of get acquainted.”

A minute later, they walked, hand in hand, to the small bathroom and, without words, began undressing each other. At first it was a simple task; then, as more and more flesh was exposed to view, it became more exotic. Hank’s eyes were constantly adoring Anne’s perfect body - her well toned muscles and perfectly shaped bone structure. A bit heavier that a runway model, she had all the other tributes. Her breasts were small and perfectly formed - possibly a C-cup! Her normally creamy flesh was beginning to glow red with excitement!

Anne, on the other hand, was admiring Hank’s lean and lanky body. It was firm and muscular and rather hairy - the sign of a real masculine man to her! Mostly, she was concerned with Hanks appraisal of her. Here she was, past thirty and lacking that youthful blush, baring herself before him. This was not the first time she’d ever undressed in front of a man but this time she wanted, more than ever before, to please him!

It was when they moved at the same time to remove Hank’s boxers and Anne’s panties that an awkward situation developed and they lost their balance. They fell to the cold bathroom floor in a tangle of bodies. Laughing as they began to untangle themselves, their eyes met. A powerful message passed between them. The message was unquestionable! It was time!

“Do it to me now,” Anne spoke as she lay back on the bathroom and bedroom floor and drew Hank out of their tangle and over her, between her splayed knees.

“Are you ready,” Hank asked as he felt Anne’s fingers guiding his rigid cock into her vestibule. A look into her eyes told Hank all he needed to know.

With a few minor adjustments, Hank’s cock slipped easily into her love tunnel to commence it’s way deep inside her. Anne was prepared with generous lubrication . . . Her heart and mind were prepared as well as she welcomed Hank into her.

With his member came the realization that this was not a one night stand but a commitment of her heart and mind as well. A few hours ago this was of no matter as she was simply fucking to repay a debt. Now, things had changed and she wanted to bring his heart and mind o her as well. She wanted all of him as he apparently wanted her. It wasn’t part of her plan!

It was simple biology that prevailed as the two lovers were caught up in the pleasures of simple coitus. They were good together. They belonged together!

When Hank exploded his load into her depths it had been totally anticipated and unexpected as he had no time to give warning. Anne, feeling the effects of his orgasm, received his load at the very moment that she was about to peak herself.

A minute later, they lay together, still joined by Hank’s now flaccid cock and a bond stronger than any physical restraints. In their lover’s embrace, they felt the peace and serenity that comes with the afterglow.

“Was it good for you?” Anne asked.

“Is the pope a catholic? . . .of course it was the best!”

Then, they lay in silence, each basking in the attention of the other.

It was near morning when Hank awakened Anne. He’d heard noises. Two cars had approached and stopped a half mile down the road. A third was approaching their lane. “Get dressed,” he said and stood, himself fully dressed and with rifle in hand. “Go out the back door and run uphill, not towards the road.” Hank ordered and Anne was gone. Then, Hank moved outdoors to the woodshed.

When the car puled up in front of the cabin, voices conveyed orders and communications to the apparent leader in the big limousine. Then came word, “CABIN’S EMPTY. THEY MUST HAVE HEARD US COMING.” Followed by some profanity from within the limousine. Then, the order came from the limousine, “They can’t have gone far. Find them.”from his vantage point in the woodshed, Hank was able to determine that all but the chauffeur and the boss remained in the area. . .inside the big bulletproof machine. He devised a plan.

As the chauffeur slept in his drivers seat, the boss sat quietly in the rear. Hank left his hiding and approached the car from behind where he reached the door and slipped inside to face the boss. He’d said simply, “Don‘t make a sound or I’ll kill you” Then, he turned to the sleeping driver and delivered a head blow that assured the driver would never move again.

They waited.

An hour passed and eventually the thuds in the employ of her husband returned her bruised and cut to face the boss in the limousine. “Put her in here,” a voice said from within.” She was passed into the limo and the door shut and locked. She turned to face her husband ans seeing Hank she exploded. “Bastards!,” she said as Hank said simply, “Is this your husband?” and she replied that it was.

Then, Hank instructed the husband, “Tell your goons to go home. That they’re no longer needed tonight. Then insist that they do it because your life depends on it.”
The order was given and soon, only Anne, her husband and Hank remained in the forest - and goon number one who suspicion that something might be amiss, had remained covertly to observe.

It was the goon’s mistake as Hanks army training served him well. . . As he moved towards the limousine in an attempt to rescue his boss he felt the bullet pierce both legs. The goon fell.

Then, with he distraction, Anne’s husband bolted from his car in an attempt to win his freedom. Three steps into his flight, a bullet struck him directly in the groin and he fell.

It took most of the day to get the authorities fully informed on what had happened. The sheriff’s office, ecstatic at having nabbed the biggest crook ever, handled the details. . .even filling in their own details when the story seemed incomplete. The members of the press, who handled the story seemed content with their talks with the Sheriff, and Hank and Anne were left in obscurity.

Back up in their cabin, Hank and Anne relaxed from their ordeal and decided to spend a day or three just relaxing and exploring their new relationship. They laid in supplies for an extended stay hoping to replenish the supplies they’d exhausted during their stay, Then, it was October and they made plans for the winter’s four months of winter isolation.

With spring, the couple emerged from their hibernation rather bored with animosity between them - animosity born of too much togetherness, i.e., cabin fever! Had there been a desire to do so they might have worked to heal the breech between them but there simply wasn’t.

Hank saw a bright future in his profession in the city where he could renew old friendships and live comfortably. He’d wanted to resume his life as it once had been many years ago - before Iraq and his family breakdown!. Anne had a different plan as she wanted to move far away to start over where old acquaintances and connections to her past were far away. It’d been a few months of mutual love and healing in the cabin together. Then, it was over.