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My wife Erin and I have been married for 2 years and have always had a very active sex life. Although it has never gotten too crazy, she enjoys getting fucked on a regular basis. She is 26, 5'7", 120 lbs, with small boobs a great ass. I'm 32 and looks wise I'm far from anything special but I was blessed with a fairly large cock which I am quite proud of.

Erin sister's Meredith is a senior in college at a private school in Chicago. She had a difficult experience with a guy recently so we made the 3 hour drive up to visit her for a weekend. We met her at her apartment and her and her roommate, Kim, were already drinking at noon. I think we caught them a little off guard because they were both only dressed in a tiny t-shirts and thongs. Erin covered my eyes right away but it was too late. Meredith had the same body as Erin but Kim was smoking hot. Puerto Rican, 5'1", 100 lbs with perfect tits (I found out later they are D cups). They were completely disproportionate with her small frame.

The girls get dressed (quite slutily may I say) and we decide to go on bar crawl. I was obviously well past my college days because after about 10 bars I was ready to call it quits. It was about 9 o'clock and the next thing I know the girls want to go back to the hotel and go swimming. I obviously don't object because the idea of Kim in a bikini was making me hard.

Neither of the college girls had swim suits with them and there was a brief discussion about swimming in their bra and panties but Erin wasn't having it so we swung by their place to get appropriate swim wear. Back to the hotel we go and I'm fucking excited. We all go back to the room and get changed. Meredith and Kim were so fast I didn't even have time to put on my trunks on so they walk out while I'm completely naked. Both of their eyes drop to my semi-erect cock and just stared. Meanwhile I can't take my eyes off Kim's tits. Turns out she was wearing one of Meredith's bikinis because she couldn't find hers. Her D-cup titties were busting out of that tiny top. Erin was now drunk and all she could say to the girls was. "Aren't I lucky?" My cock continues to grow but I gather myself, put on my trunks , grab a couple bottles of wine, and head to the pool.

By this time its almost 11 and the pool is about to close. I'm drunk and horny so I bribe the security guard to lock up and give the pool area to just us (FYI - it almost always works). Kim's tits actually fall out a few times as we're swimming and after about 30 minutes we all head to the hot tub. Kim said her top is too uncomfortable so she asked the other two if she took hers off would they do the same. Meredith's was off in about 5 seconds but Erin wasn't as eager. However after a little prodding she followed suit. By this time I'm rock hard but trying to act cool. Out of the corner of my eye I see the security guard checking out the scenery and I can't blame him. Meanwhile I see the 3 girls whispering back and forth and then Erin mouthed, "9 inches and thick".

Apparently neither of these college girls had seen a cock that big before and they start asking all types of questions about if it hurts, anal, and then blow jobs. They could not believe Erin could take the whole thing in her mouth. So she told me to get up on the edge of the hot tub and she showed her sister and her roommate what I have known for a long time. She starts sucking me good and I'm staring at Kim. She starts to finger herself underwater and then Meredith starts to play with Kim's tits. I can't believe I didn't cum right there. I think Erin looked up at me but I had no idea. She then turned around and saw her sister licking another girls tits. The security guard has now summoned a few friends and they begin cheering us on and that is when Erin said it was time to go.

Kim obviously was not done so she suggested we finish off the wine and then they would call a cab. The college girls were still in awe of the cocksucking my wife had done and were asking her for advice. She said "practice makes perfect" and then suggested they give it a try on me as long as I didn't mind and she would give them tips. Wow!

Kim went first and she was good. Erin and her sister were both commenting like a couple of sportscasters but I could barely tell. I reached down and rubbed those luscious boobs as Kim got about half of cock in her mouth. Meredith then got behind me and pushed my ass to force my cock down Kim's throat. She gagged right away but didn't stop. Meredith was ready so she got behind me and licked my balls. I guess I was drinking just enough because this still didn't make me cum.

Kim then made way for Meredith who was better. She couldn't get much more in her mouth but her tongue was fucking great. And I could tell she loved sucking my cock. I still can't stop staring at Kim but then Erin starts to make out with her. She always knew this was my fantasy and as soon as she started to rub Kim's pussy I unloaded in Meredith's mouth. A little dribbled out but she swallowed most of it. This however did not stop Erin and Kim.

Kim is lying on the bed and Erin is lapping away at her twat. Erin told me she had "experimented" with girls in college but she looked like an old pro. Kim holds her hand out so I walk over and place my limp cock on her lips and she works him back to life. Erin then slides up, puts her pussy right in Kim's face and tells me to fuck Kim. That was all I needed so I mounted Kim while my wife's pussy is in her mouth. I gently eased my cock into her and leaned forward and alternated my mouth between her huge tits and my wife's ass.

At this point Meredith is left out, Kim is pretty much filled up, and Erin is off limits. So she starts to play with my ass. Meanwhile Kim is screaming for me to pound her so I pick up the pace. Erin is getting no attention because Kim is crying as I fuck her young pussy with my huge cock. The whole floor of the hotel must have heard loud screams. She then shoves Erin off of her, get all on fours and begs me to fuck her butt. I'm in state of euphoria so I don't think twice. I grab her hips and enter her asshole. I try to take it easy but she is begging for me to fuck her harder. I can't cum so I'm just pounding away at this girls tight butthole for about 15 minutes. Finally Erin stuck a finger up my ass and I jizzed up Kim's butthole.

We all passed out in the King bed right away. I woke up to Meredith and Kim in a 69 about a foot away from me so I decided it was a good time to fuck my wife. The girls graduated shortly after this and we have never done anything like this again but Meredith just moved in with a new girl....