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Could this be true


Me and my friend Chris are in high school and we showed animals at our county fair. And we camp across from the fair grounds in our RV s and we decided to take showers. We don't have water at the RVs so go to the fairgrounds to take showers. I felt comfortable being naked from playing football and taking showers with all the guys.

But chris felt akward so her wore shorts so I did to make him feel comfortable. But I just see his body his abs just so perfectly. Then the next time we grab our soap and things. I say let's just not take our shorts cause our cloths will be wet. So he agreed I got a boner from just the images of his cock. We get there not looking at one another and no ones in ther. I get a glimps of his beautiful limp cock I wanted it soo bad. I was in the shower still and I peek to see him masturbating but I was hoping to me. We then get dressed and go to our tents in front of all of the RVs . It's me Chris and my brother and his friends who r totally wasted drunk.

So me and Chris talk and I want his cock and so I talked about how badly I needed to masturbate. He then gestured to go for it and so I did under the covers. I tell him to do it too because it would be akward so he does . The next words he says made my night. Chris says show me ur dick and I do he then takes out his we cum and then fall asleep I cuddle with him all night. That early morning we do it again before feeding our animals.

We then talk for months and we decide to spend the night at my house and he does. I left my floor dirty so he had to sleep in my bed. We lay there and we both get hard ons and masterbate and I suggest that we give each other hand jobs and we did and his cum in my hand was great and wonderfull.

He comes over again we go in my barn and I wack him off and had his nuts in my hands they could barely hold them. We do it every week that's as far as we have gotten