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Cousin abuse


This is a story about my cousin getting me drunk and taking advantage of me. First, let me tell you about me, I am 18 years old and this is my very first sex story. I am about 5 foot 10 inches, blonde and slender. I dont have that six pack that i crave so much but i try my hardest to always look my best. I am bisexual and this is one of the experiences that helped me realize that i am bisexual.

My cousin however, is a 6 foot short blonde hair hottie. He has rippling muscles and a six pack that you could grind rocks on (probably from all of the tough sports he plays). My cousin and i have always been very close, like best friends. We hang out all the time and party with each other all the time, mainly because were just about the same age, hes just a little younger.

Anyways, one Saturday night my cousin and i are hanging out at my house, we are sitting in the basement watching movies and eating snacks. After about 1 am, my parents go to sleep and my cousin says, "Finally". i just sit the and looked confused and say "what" he just gets off the couch and walks over to the bar and starts rustling around with the cabinet as i hear the bottles clanking around. As he walks over to the couch he hands me the drink and i just look at him. I ask him what it is and he just says, just drink it. I take a sip and can taste that its like 80% tequila and a little bit of coke. Now this is definitely not my first time drinking, but when i drink its usually just social drinking.

After about an 20 minutes i slam it down and put my cup on the table. I start feeling a little buzzed and he gets up and makes us more drinks. Three drinks later and im super wasted, were just sitting there laughing and talking about random stuff. Then he goes up to my room and comes back about 5 minutes later with my cigarettes. So we sneak out of the window to go take a smoke in the woods.

Stumbling through the path, we light up and stand there smoking and drunkenly swaying in place. After one cigarette my cousin lights another one up and so do i. About half way through the second one and he looks at me. I just said what are you looking at. He looks at me again, then looks down to his pants. Following his eyes i look down too and see the outline of his hard dick through his pants.

My cousin looks at me again, and i look away trying not to stair at his enormous cock. i put the cigarette in my mouth to take another puff and look away into the distance as i inhale. I feel my cousins hand take my arm and move it. He gently places my hand on his cock. Not knowing what to do, i just leave my hand there, not moving it. my cousin puts his hand over mine and starts making me rub his dick through his pants.

Starting to get hard myself, he removes his hand and i continue to rub his cock. He stops my hand and takes it off his cock and slides it into his pants. My heart starts pumping, i can feel the warmth of his skin touching my hand. I reach a little lower and grasp his dick into my hand. I look at him and he just throws his head back and moans deeply. I start pumping his dick in his pants enjoying the silkiness of his soft dick skin.

We finish our cigarettes and throw them on the ground. I take my hand out of his pants and we stumble back to my basement. We sit drunkenly on the couch next to each other, sip our drinks and watch a little TV. He looks and me and i look back at him. we both look back at the TV and then it starts again.

He grabs my hand and places it on his crotch. Playing a little hard to get, i dont move my hand and just let it lie there. He stands up and removes his pants revealing his beautiful tight ass. I cant look away, all i can look at is the beautiful ass infront of me. He turns around and walks closer and closer to me.

He stops with just a few inches between his dick and my mouth. He slowly beings to move closer and closer until the head of his dick is touching my lips. He shoves his hips forward, forcing his gigantic cock into my mouth. I just sit there with my mouth partially open. He starts fucking my face, going faster and faster. I begin using my tongue to get a good taste of his cock.

Then suddenly he stops. He backs away and removes all of his clothes and lays on the floor. He tells me to do the same. So i slowly take of my shirt and then pull down my pants exposing my cock to him. i lay next to him and he immediately grabs hold of my dick. he quickly spins himself around and engulfs my dick into his mouth. I close my eyes and moan, this is like nothing ive ever felt before. He was so amazing.

Then i open my eyes and see his perfect cock sitting right infront of me, so i decide to take action. I take his huge cock into my mouth and slide my tongue up and down his thick shaft, tasting every inch. I take it out of my mouth and start licking and sucking on his enormous balls. There so big i can barely fit one into my mouth. Licking and sucking on every part of his dick and balls, enjoying every taste.

I was enjoying sucking on his cock so much i almost forgot about him sucking on my. As we lay there 69ing, i can feel his cock tighten and his head swell. I knew what was to come, for a second he takes my dick out of his mouth and warns me he was about to cum. He puts my dick back into his mouth and continues sucking hard, knowing what was to come i got ready. I suck harder and harder, moving faster and faster up and down his amazing dick.

Just then he begins to twitch and before i knew it he was shooting shot after shot of hot white creamy cum into my mouth. I take his dick out of my mouth and swallow every drop. I put his cock back into my mouth to clean it off. Then i feel by body getting ready to cum, my dick tingles and i know what is about to happen. I tell him im about to cum. He moves his head up and down even faster and harder and just then i shot 5 or six loads of creamy cum into his mouth, keeping my dick in his mouth, he cleans it off and sucks all the cum out.

We both fall on our backs breathing heavily. We look at each other and smile. We put our underwear back on and pass out on the couch. Ever since then everytime we get together and drink he aways puts my hand in his pant and well you know what happens next.