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Crush force fucks me! Truth's Passion

This is the fifth part of the story. If you haven’t read the previous posts, please do so, just click my name August Rutherford, and there just click the part where you stopped reading or whatever.


There was a loud knock on the door. We were disturbed.

“You guys ok in there?”

It was Mr. Lionne, I can tell by his monotone voice.

“We’re good dad!” Alex yelled.
“I prepared dinner, just come down if you guys are hungry”

Mr. Lionne left.

“You hungry Aug?”
“Just a bit” I said while rubbing my eyes.
“Well lets go hit the shower together, we both smell like cum and sweat”
“You’re telling me..”

We both went in his bathroom and took a shower. It was kinda weird at first, having a shower with another guy. While inside the shower, we both scrubbed each others back and also touched each other. It was hot and tempting, but we had to control our physical contact. After taking a shower together, we both got dressed and went down. Mr. Lionne was talking with someone on the phone, while his plate was on the dining table full with rice and steak.

“Alex, can I go back upstairs? I’m just gonna get my phone. I have to tell my brother that I’m gonna be home late.”
“Sure, I`ll go get your dinner ready.”

I went back up to his room. It was dark with navy blue. I turned on the lights and noticed how messy his room was. I went towards the desk and grabbed my iPhone beside his laptop. I saw the ring again. I stared at it for a moment, and admired how smoothly carved it was. I wondered how much did he pay for the two rings, maybe thousands. I shook off my head. I called my brother because I was too lazy to text.

“Red? Yeah, I’m gonna be home late”
“Where the hell are you?!” Red angrily asked.
“I’m at a friends house, you can check my GPS location then just look up the address”
“What the fuck, I’m not picking you up, you better just stay there, I’ll just tell mom”
“But I’m too shy to –”
“Just stay, ok?”

He hanged up. I was too shy to ask Alex if I could spend the night, especially with his dad around. I went downstairs, hoping that his dad is watching some TV, but he wasn’t, instead, he finished his dinner already, and he was just sitting there in front of the piano, writing stuff on the music sheet. I went to the dining room and sat on the chair with my plate filled with rice and steak.

“So?” Alex asked.
“My brother doesn’t want to pick me up, I guess I’ll just have to walk.”
“Will you spend the night here?”
“I said if we could sleep together.”
“Ahh… Hm?”
“Fuck this”

He leaned over and kissed me.

“What was that for?” I asked.
“Lets have our honeymoon here”

I tilted my head like a confused dog.

“I’ll take that as a yes” he said.

I just smiled. We ate our dinner together while talking about stuff, about life, and about some other stuff. We finished eating and washed the dishes.

“I’ll just go to the toilet” Alex said.
I nodded.

He left me just standing there in front of the kitchen sink, until I heard a beautiful piano piece being played. I went to the living room, and found Mr. Lionne playing the black piano. He was playing his cover “It Might Be You” by Stephen Bishop. It was beautiful. It reminded me of my father; he used to play old songs as well. He was just humming the lyrics, I didn’t wanna ruin his moment, so I just stood there watching, listening to him play, remembering my father. I heard Alex flush the toilet, and came out of the bathroom. Mr. Lionne stopped playing, then grabbed the pencil and wrote notes on the music sheet. I went to Alex’s direction.

“What now?”
“We’re picking up Russ and Brad by 11”
“Who and Brad?”
“Oh… Where?”
“Someone’s house… I dunno”
“Do they party every week?”

There was a moment of silence in the living room. I know Alex wanted to say something to his father, but he just can’t spit it out. I looked at him with a curious face, then I pretended to go upstairs to get something. I sat on the stairs and peeked and listened.

“Umm, dad, can I tell you something?”
“Go ahead.”
“Ahh.. How do I put this…”
“Alex, son, if this is about the two of you, I already know. I heard the two of you, well.. you know. Your mother and I wanted both of you and Russ to be happy, and we’d risk anything just to keep the two of you safe. Now that you and your brother are old enough, I want both of you to make decisions wisely.”
“But, are you ok with me being.. gay?”
“Alex, I don’t care what you are, the thing is, you’re my son, and I can’t change you or who you are. I`ll always love you as my son, and I can’t lose you like I lost your mother.”

Alex smiled with weary eyes. He went towards his dad and they hugged.

“Thanks dad, I love you too” Alex whispered.

They let go of each other. Alex rubbed his eyes and went towards my direction. I quickly went to his room and lied on the bed, and pretended to play Doodle Jump.

“So how’d it go?”
“Sorry Aug, I just can’t tell him that we’re engaged”
“I thought the word ‘engage’ isn’t in your big book of words”

He chuckled

“No Aug, but he already knows that, you know… we’re dating”

Alex went on top of me and kissed me on the lips.

“What is it?” I asked

He bit his lower lip.

“Alex, you know we have to control our physical contact” I laughed.
“C’mon, just one more”
“Tell you what, beat me on Doodle Jump and I`ll let you fuck me as long as you want”
“Doodle Jump? Are you kidding me? That’s easy”
“Remember, if you get past 80,000 points, you win”
“What the fuck?! I can only do up to 40 thousand, and you can reach up to 80,000 points?!”
“Time you learned the power of boredom”

I opened the doodle jump application and gave the iPhone to Alex, then I grabbed his Nokia N97 which is kinda odd, because I haven’t had a Nokia phone before. As he tried to beat me on Doodle Jump, I played Metal Gear Solid Mobile, Tetris, Dance Fabulous, Mega Monsters and many more! Oh hell I love his phone, it has lots of apps and games, but I reckon the touch in iPhone is much more responsive. Anyway, as we played games, time passed by too quickly, it was already 10PM, by this time I have played at least 8 games, enjoyed each of them.

“HA! I beat you now!!” Alex shouted.
“Let me see” I said.

I grabbed my iPhone and looked at it, it was 91,284 points.


Alex quickly jumped on top of me, kissing my cheeks, my neck, and my lips. He was thrusting his hips, rubbing our bulges together. He was horny as hell. I stopped him for a moment.

“Alex, why don’t we do this after picking up Russ and Brad?” I said to avoid sex
“You’re right, we need more time. You know, why don’t we pick them up now?”
“Hey it’s your call, I don’t really mind”
“Ok, we’re picking up them now”

We got out of his bed and headed downstairs. Mr. Lionne was still composing his notes.

“Hey dad, we’re going to pick them up now”

We went outside the house, and went into his red shiny car. I got in and sat on the passenger’s seat, and he got on as well. The engine made quiet noise as Alex started the car. He backed it up, and drove. As we were on the road, I was beating his high score in Doodle Jump.

“Hey Aug, you never really talked about your life back in New Zealand. What was it like?”
“Trust me, you don’t wanna know”
“Well, that’s why I ask, cuz I wanna know”

I stopped playing and kept away my iPhone.

“Ok, since we’re going to be together for a while, might as well tell you the whole story”
“Not really the whole story, just tell me what its like”
“Well, I was quite a loner myself. Didn’t had that much friends, even though I tried to be active at school, still nothin’”
“That’s gotta be sad. Anyway, I heard that you were born in California?”
“Yes, I was.”
“If so, then how did you end up in New Zealand?”