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Do Not Disturb


She finished tying the cord tightly around my wrists and pulled them toward my ankles while Sara peered causally outside the hotel window. Both women were stunning. Each wore long leather boots, thin stockings, and the smallest black thongs you can imagine. My eyes remained glued on my girlfriends ass while her friend aggressively restrained my hands to my ankles.

"You okay, babe?" I asked laying there completely naked.

"Shut up, slave!" Her friend grabbed my cock and balls, pulling them out from between my legs.

"Ah!" I gasp. "Sorry, mistress."

She started wrapping the cord around my junk and I wheezed at her ignorance of how sensitive a cock is. She had definitely done this before. My girlfriend and I always try to increase the excitement of our sex life. We can be pretty kinky, and we have experimented with bondage before, but she was actually the one who proposed a three-way with a curious friend of hers. I always knew she was bisexual and was definitely not opposed to the idea. So we met up for drinks, chatted it up, she seemed nice, was definitely hot, and the next thing I know we're hitting up a hotel. It was mostly the two of us talking, while I got to know her. My girlfriend just milked her drink and listened, kinda distant, but she already knew her. Her friend found me cute saying she liked the tall, skinny pale gingers. I was the only guy, so I was outnumbered and dubbed the first to go and she'd be the next in line for some bondage play.

She had wrapped the cord several times around my balls and then my shaft, then pulled it up and wrapped it a few times around my arms and chest. Every few minutes she'd tug and make the restraints tighter.

"Damn!" I cough. "You're a pro at this. I don't think I'll be able to do as good as a job as yours."

She stood and pushed me onto my side with her foot then walked over and pulled out a lime green ball gag from the duffel bag we brought that waited on the bed.

"Open," she said firmly.

..."OK," I replied. "How far are we going with this? Is there a time limited before it's my turn? Don't I get a safe word..."

"We'll go as far as we want," she said and tied the ball tightly into my mouth.

My teeth quickly bit into the hard rubbery ball, my tongue was shoved back, and my lips couldn't even touch as the ball was pulled across the edge of my lips. Sara turned and watched, almost mournfully.

"MMmph!" I had to gasp as she finished strapping it into place.

"There," she said giving my ass a hard slap. "There's no way his hairy Irish ass is getting out of that."

She stood, walked back to the bed and zipped up the bag. My heart began to rush. The only thing I could jerk around was my head. When I pulled on my restraints, they only squeezed around my body tighter. Sara walked over to the bed and sat while her friend pulled on the shirt she had excitedly pulled off no more than 15 minutes ago.

"We need to talk," Sara finally spoke. "For the longest time, I was worried you were going to quickly loose interest and move on, so I always tried to up the kink to match your sex drive, but I can't take it anymore. I know you cheated on me, and I tried to move past it, but I realized I deserve better."

And with that, she got dressed while her friend fixed her makeup in the bathroom. Despite my desperate yet muffled pleas and struggles, she finished putting her clothes back on as if I wasn't even there. She even folded my clothes and laid them neatly on the bed.

"Don't worry," her friend said as they head out. "This kinda stuff happens all the time, but if you really want your privacy, I'll leave the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door."