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Dog Three Way


I was staying for a couple weeks 3 years ago at my sister’s Marilyn’s house in Napa. She raises Great Danes and her two favorites Leroy and Bruno have the run of the house. She had a doctors appointement and I stayed home.
I decided to have a nice bath and since no one was home I went from the bathroom naked. While walking to the bathroom I saw Bruno. he came up to me and licked the crack on my ass with his long hot tongue.
“Say none of that now. I just want to be friends.” I said to him as i entered the bathroom.
I had a nice bath dried off and started down the hallway to my bed room. Now I had 2 dogs in the hallway, and something in their eyes said i was in trouble. iwalked fast toward the bedroom and the dogs came at me fast. befoe i could close the doo to the room they were in the bedroom.
It was then that I noticed that Bruno had a red thing hanging between his legs. I turned to get my bathrobe, but Bruno leaped on me and knocked me to the floor.
He climbed over me and wrapped his front legs around my chest. His claws cut into my breasts and I could feel his hairy body on my back. That actually felt kind of hot and I was beginning to get a bit turned on. This went away quickly when i felt the hardness of his cock working its way into my ass crack. It hurt as it pounded the area around my asshole. Suddenly I was struck with the most awful pain and awesome pleasure I had ever felt. Bruno’s penis was in my ass. I shouldn’t be but I was enjoying it. I was completely aroused. I surremered myself to him. Then I saw Leroy standing in front of my face with the biggest dig I had ever seen except maybe on a horse.
Looking at it I could see it was very different from a human cock. the shape at its tip seemed to beg to be sucked and the color and its veininess turned me on so much that I took it in my mouth.
I saw that it had big bulb between it and the balls. I wanted tohave it inside my mouth. I realized too lake that Bruno had the same equipment and that thing wasforcing its way into my virgin ass. It would rip my ass apart, but with a quick hard push from Bruno and the most terrfic pain itwent inside me. I was locked to him and I felt a sudden wetness and thoght that he was pissing in me. I release Leroy’s cock a second and saw whie drops falling from my ass to the floor.
In went Leroys cock back down my throat now that i knew it was cum not pee coming out their cocks. itseemed that they both stoped fucking and both turned away from me. i was still locked to them and could still feel their dicks strayng my ass and throat with dogg sperm.
That was my first but not last threeway with dogs.