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She needed to get out. After ten years, she had enough. Mind control was one thing, but not being allowed, as a nun, as a human being, or as a woman to be allowed to be compassionate to others was too much.

Late into the morning, she awoke. Quietly, she turned over. Pulling it out from beneath her pillow, she plugged in the small earphones, and fired it up. She signed in, pulled up the site, and logged in while pulling the earphones often to check for any noise outside her room. Maybe I shouldn’t wear these she told herself. She pulled them out, but left it plugged in. No noise, nothing whatsoever was best. The only light came from the moon outside and her notebook computer.

Nuns were allowed that luxury. For educational purposes they were granted it. This, in her opinion, was educational. What was the secular portion of society talking about, doing in every day terms? I should at least understand she was thinking. I need to relate to my students. But in reality that wasn’t true. She was looking for more, looking for knowledge, and she was looking for that out.

She no longer desired the life of solitude, of that commitment to one entity, and to the servitude she was serving. This was not happiness. This was not god’s way. Read the bible. No it was not. I have to get out, get away, be free, and be who I was once. She chatted. She smiled. She wanted to laugh. She couldn’t. She continued to chat. It was fun, it was interesting, and these were nice people or they seemed to be.

A chat box opened. Huh she wondered? He said hi. She said hi back. He asked how she was doing. She said fine. She knew the yellow faces and added that smiley face. She asked him how he was. He told her fine and sent a smiley face with it. They were easing into an open conversation. He asked her things, general questions. She was naïve and she answered them. She asked him general questions, asked him where he was from. He told her. Where is that she wondered and asked him. He told her. She told him she wasn’t familiar with it. Turned out it was close by. 10 miles away actually. She told him.

He said cool. He said it was surprising they were that close to one another. She felt more comfortable. He asked her, eventually, if she had a picture of herself. She said sorry. She didn’t have any. She sent a sad face with it. He smiled, sent one anyways, and she smiled upon receiving it. This was good, this was fun. Maybe he’s a nice person. Maybe, she didn’t know. She didn’t know much about the internet. Not like this she didn’t.

He asked all the right questions, she answered them as best she could. Didn’t want to let on she is a nun. He asked her what she looked like. There was a long pause. That was hard to answer. A nun doesn’t do that. She doesn’t tell someone she doesn’t know what she looks like. That’s wrong. He sort of began to understand that and described himself, physically. Oh this is all wrong. I have to get off line. I don’t… I don’t feel right about any of this. She told him she had to go. She said maybe she’d be on at another time. He said goodbye, have a nice day, and he added another two smiley faces. She liked that. She added three.

Wishing she kind of knew him, he was on her mind off and on all day. She smiled too often. That made some superiors curious. Why is she so happy suddenly? None of their business. It was personal. She wasn’t about to talk. She wasn’t about to tell anyone. It was not their business and anyways… I need out. I need to get out, I think.

Two nights later she signed in again. She looked for him, but didn’t see him until later. They chatted freely. He was a nice man, a really nice man. He wanted to meet her. She said no that she couldn’t. He asked why. She told him why. Her reason was a lie. He bought it for now. He bought it and she felt good.

Three nights later she ran into him online. She was elated. She felt awful she lied to him. She told him maybe just maybe we can have lunch. He wondered. Is she married and he asked. Yes I am married, but not like you think. She didn’t say that. She could have said that. She told him she was in the process of a divorce. That was a good response. She was annulling her “marriage” with her order. She would be a civilian sometime soon. She didn’t tell him the details.

This went on and on for weeks. All the niceties with one another, looking forward to getting to know one another, chatting especially with one another, and feeling special, feeling good afterward. That’s what was so good. How she felt after chatting with him. That kept her going.

Finally after months of thought, contemplation she decided it was enough. They were surprised and tried convincing her not to leave the order. She was dead set on becoming a regular person, no longer a nun. Her convictions changed. Her outlook, her personality changed, and she was now a free woman. No more vestments, no more habit, and orders to take from anyone… at least not as a nun.

She said hi. He said hi back. This time it seemed more personal. She told him she’d love to meet him for lunch. That excited him. He wasn’t anything special. Just a guy, a computer guy. That’s all he was. Liked being online, liked meeting new people. He wasn’t much for having a social life so meeting a woman online was pretty cool in his opinion. He had some idea what she looked like. So he shouldn’t have much trouble finding her at the crowded restaurant.

She waited, purse in hand, and wearing a coat on the cold December early afternoon he wouldn’t assess much of her beauty without it off. But it didn’t matter. This was a woman, something he wasn’t accustomed to being with. Yes, he’s dated, but nothing ever substantial. Maybe one or two dates, but that was it and nothing else. He walked in and looked around. No… no… maybe he thought.

He walked up, slowly. He stopped, tried putting on a good smile. She looked up. She knew instantly it was him. They introduced themselves, shook hands. Both were nervous. It was evident, but neither knew it. Neither was self assured enough to notice. They were seated at a booth and took opposite sides. Neither knew what to say. Looking away from one another they tried to find their way back to the other’s face. Nervous smiles ensued.

They both laughed, nervously. They said they were nervous too. That broke the ice. Each laughed. He told her she was a lot prettier then he ever expected. She laughed again, nervously, but thanked him. She looked away. She said she thought he was handsome. That excited him. She was still wearing the ring. The ring from when she was a nun. She never told him. He asked about it. He was leery. He did not want to be seeing someone who was married. She apologized. Their eyes met and she finally explained.

“A nun… no way, no kidding?” he exclaimed. “My sister is one too.” He smiled, they could relate. He looked into her eyes. He loved her eyes. He looked at her body, what he could see of it. It was lovely, what he could see of it. He wanted to say so, but was it inappropriate? He didn’t know. It turned him on. A former nun? Wow cool, a former nun… kind of uhh kinky, maybe… maybe not.

Clean it up, he thought. Don’t go there. He laughed. She asked what was funny. He couldn’t say. It made her feel self conscious. She didn’t like how she felt. He told her, mildly of course. She blushed. She liked it, but she felt embarrassed too. She smiled timidly. They ate lunch, talked a while, and he asked her what her plans were for the remainder of the day. She told him nothing. He asked if she’d like to walk. She smiled and accepted. They walked, talked, and he thought about how kinky it would be to make love with a former nun while they chatted. He never brought it up. But he thought about it. He thought about the possibility a lot.

It excited him. What excites her he wondered? He had to know. He just had to. But they just met. He couldn’t ask her. Not on a first date he couldn’t. No uh uhh, no way he could do that. They said their goodbyes, but he wanted to see her again… practically insisted. She thought it was nice, thought it was cute. She said to come by her place, a small apartment above the drugstore. It came furnished. It was perfect for her.

Next day, he came a half hour early. A little excited, maybe. But she was ready. It was colder out, but still a great day to walk. She suggested it, but he had another idea. He knew a restaurant outside of town. It was owned by his cousins. They went and got the best booth in the place. Great food, she hadn’t had food like it since before becoming a nun. He asked her more about being a nun.

He wanted to know. He had to know. What do nuns do when they have those feelings? How do they deal with them when they happen? No, can’t ask… don’t know her well enough. I can’t ask her he thought. Left it at that for the time being. But it never left his mind. He wanted, had to know… just had to know. She excited him, aroused his curiosity. She aroused more then that. They walked afterward. It was “balmier” that day, in the mid forties. Christmas was closing in. He asked her if she was going home for Christmas. She said no. She had one sister. She lived across the country so she wouldn’t be gong to see her. He asked her what she’d be doing. She said she didn’t know.

He stopped, told her he was without family too, but usually came here… to the restaurant and shared a meal with his extended family, his cousins. It was okay. But he could think of better things to do. She asked what. He couldn’t tell her.

That struck her as odd so she asked again. He told her. She stopped and looked at him. That was an odd thing to do. Chat online all day on Christmas? She told him no. She told him they would spend it together. No invitation, no hesitation… just a simple statement that they would spend it together. Him, her, and alone.

Alone… her and I, alone he thought. Wow, wow, and triple wow. Oh god, oh shit he was thinking. Is this my lucky day? Could it be? Would it be? No, no way he thought shaking his head. She asked why he was shaking his head. She was smiling. Why was he shaking his head? He couldn’t tell her. He couldn’t tell her the truth. He couldn’t tell her what he was thinking. To have sex with a nun who recently left an order? Now that would be exciting wouldn’t it… wouldn’t it?

She asked if he was agreeable. He stuttered but said yes. It was plain to see that he was anxious, nervous and she wanted to know why. He would not let out his feelings. They continued to walk, but it was nippy and she had other things to do. Damn, spend the day with me. Please let’s spend it together he said to himself.

At home, alone she thought about him. She thought too much. That was bad, real bad. Something wasn’t right. Something she didn’t quite understand was coursing through her she wasn’t understanding. It felt good, but it also felt wrong, very wrong. Surging, tingling feelings rang through her body. Not disastrous, but certainly not good sensations. So what were… oh my god… oh lord… lord please guide me, please help me. No, don’t let these feelings control me. She dropped to her knees and prayed. That didn’t help. He was on her mind. He made her feel too good, too excited. A feeling of euphoria exploded within her. More and more those feelings expanded, mushroomed intensely. Oh lord what is happening to me? Why would this happen?

She went into mediation, prayer mode forcing the thoughts, pushing the feelings away. Slowly they disappeared. Gradually the excitability, the ecstasy she was experiencing dissipated. Good oh good, they’re gone completely gone. The day passed. So had the feelings she had for him. No further incidences like those. Good, thank god she told herself.

That night she was online. Happily surfing and checking out different areas she saw him. He was chatting. She didn’t interrupt him. He was in a site talking to someone. It looked as if they were friends. She watched him. She read what he said.

“She’s different, but she’s hot. I don’t know why but she is.” What does hot mean she wondered? “Maybe because she’s a former nun makes me think that way, but regardless I like her. I like her a lot. I mean despite what she was she’s sexy. She’s nice and” and it went on and on. She loved what he had to say about her and she signed out.

Content with his assessment, she lay her head down, pulled up the covers, and in one week he’d be over for Christmas dinner. Lying in the dark she thought about him. She thought about what she saw him write. “She’s different, but she’s hot…” She smiled. “…she was sexy…” and suddenly it all came back.

Suddenly all those feelings, all those sensations from earlier came back to her. Her body shriveled up. She tensed up unable to understand it all, unable to comprehend what was coursing through her legs, thighs, vagina, and her stomach. It wasn’t only coursing through her, but it was burning, tingling, and tumbling violently. She called out to no one in particular. Visions of him were on her mind. He was the only one there. His eyes, his smile, and his words she read from earlier online.

She felt that urge, that powerful urge to reach down, and reach inside. Touch it, feel it she told herself. Just do something. I don’t know… I’m not sure… I just wish me… I understood it. Oh god maybe I… no I can’t call him. That would be wrong. No oh no, no, no she was thinking. Even her nipples tingled. They surged with desire too. She wanted to be held, touched, and… and… and even kissed, kissed by a man. She wanted to be held firmly by someone, by him most likely. She fidgeted in bed. She touched her legs, touched her stomach and she felt her breasts, her hardened nipples too.

She sat up. It was abrupt, but she sat up and stared across the way. She ushered herself to the phone. She dialed his number. She looked at the clock. It was late. It read 9:30. She hung up before she heard it ring. It rang on his end. He called the number, she picked up. All she said was hello. She felt bad she called. She shouldn’t have called. She knew that. Female problems, emotions, and not men’s concerns. Why did I call? Why did I call? She knew why. She still felt the throbbing, the exciting turmoil within. She told him one thing and only one thing. She needed to see him and now. She hung up, but regretted telling him. It was her problem, only her problem. She could get through this. Has before, but he was already on his way.

Wow she wants me… what does she want? She sounded worried, excited, and kind of jumpy too. So what’s up he wondered? He overshot his target. He turned around, excitedly. He was playing it all out in his head. What does she need? Does she want me? No, be real that’s not it. Oh wow what if it is? Oh god… oh shit he thought. That would be so freaking cool.

He parked, ran inside, and upstairs. He knocked and she answered within seconds. The look on her face. What is that look. She was blinking wildly. She didn’t even say hi, let him come inside on his own, and he closed the door. He asked what was wrong. She didn’t say. He asked again a different way. Still she didn’t say.

Silence filled the void but he could hear her breathing. She was breathing hungrily. Something was up, something was going on. He waited, eagerly. God she’s sexy isn’t she? Yes, yes she is. Why I have no idea, but she is. I want her. I’d love to lie down with her, make love to her. We don’t have to… to… to fuck or anything, just lie naked together. That’s it… let’s lie down under some covers in her bed and… and.

She interrupted him. Turning swiftly, she looked at him like a woman on a mission. She asked him. He was stunned, but turned on by the question. What makes her a sexy woman? Fuck, everything makes you a sexy woman he told himself. She asked again. She was burning up inside. She had to know. She had to understand her feelings coursing rampantly through her, the sensations she was having. He tried explaining. It didn’t help. There was wild unadulterated fear written all over her. She had to rid herself of the coursing emotions within her and now was that chance, that opportunity to do so.

She glared at him. She truly was on a mission. What was circulating through her head? What was it? He told her what he felt, why he felt she was a sexy woman. She didn’t see it. He had to approach it differently. He had to. How would he approach it? He knew how he wanted to, but was she willing to accept his approach?

He asked her. He asked her if she was willing to look at it differently. Thinking outside the box so to speak. She had no idea what he meant. She was confused. He wanted to show her, show her personally. He looked her straight in the eyes. He felt committed to showing her one on one. He knew what he wanted. He’s known that for months. She’s always been pretty. She’s always had those qualities he admired in women. A tall yet fuller figured woman with long thick hair. A woman with relatively large breasts, wide hips, and relatively thick long thighs. She was almost perfect and her smile and eyes confirmed all that for him too.’

He stood in front of her smiling, looking her dead in the eyes. God, she became prettier by the second. God, she was sexier by the minute. God, she was more worth as he inhaled each waking breath. She asked him what was so funny. Nothing was funny. He was enjoying being in her presence, appreciating her beauty. She blushed. She twitched, shuddered in his presence. She couldn’t last much longer she thought. She practically cried out to know what was going on, how to stop it all.

He became semi-serious. He took her hand. He led her away, towards her room, and he sat her down saying nothing. He looked at her and as he did he unbuttoned his shirt. She started to say something, but he hushed her. He made sure she said nothing at all. He removed it and she gazed at his slim chest in awe of it. She moaned horribly. It was overwhelming to her. Her body tightened up, her eyes closed, and then opened.

He knew exactly what the problem is. He asked her if she felt an attraction to him. She didn’t want to admit it, but it slipped out. She only nodded, but with a look of fear on her face. He asked her if she felt like she wanted him. At first she didn’t say yes. Soon enough she gave in to her emotions. She nodded and simply moaned as though expressing more emotions caged within her. He told her it would be alright but didn’t remove anything else at the time. He looked at her and took her hands in his. He lifted them up and he kissed the backsides of both of them. She smiled, but instantly cringed.

He asked her how much she likes him. She told him a lot. He was special. He asked her of he could do something she wouldn’t expect and she said yes. And she didn’t expect it. He reached forward, undid the top button of her heavy off white blouse.

It was equally arousing to him and he twitched excitedly, his eyes blinking, and his upper body jiggling oddly. She quizzically looked at him. He didn’t say a word. She then reached up and undid the next one and the next one and each one after that. She left it tucked in her skirt. He gazed upon them their beauty steaming, rising up from within her ivory blouse. She saw him mouth the words. He had said oh god as his eyes closed. She had no idea her body aroused him. She had no idea his penis began to tingle. She had no idea his penis was forming an erection in front of her, but she would. It would be her first time as a 31 year old woman ever seeing a man’s erection much less a penis in her life.

He told her looking into her eyes she turned him on. She wasn’t sure and asked exactly what that was supposed to feel like. He explained. She moaned loudly. She told him she had these devilish feelings all over especially inside her vagina as she pointed between her legs. He looked down, looked up, and he desperately wanted to pat it. He looked at the area again and looked at her afterward.

She asked him about his feelings what happens when he’s aroused. He told her. He told her specifically what happens and how he feels. He took hold of her hand, but she resisted. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know. He wanted her to know. To him it was imperative she knew. He didn’t explain and gently took hold of her wrist again trying to force it down on his lap.

She was afraid. She didn’t know how it would feel. She wanted to know, she wanted to feel it, but she was afraid of what she would experience if she did touch it. He told her he wanted her to experience all the joy, all the beauty which comes from an experience like that. She asked him how experienced he was. He told her the truth- a little, but not much.

That was good. She didn’t mind hearing that. He wasn’t just another guy on another quest to be with another girl, but in reality he was. It didn’t matter. He liked her. He liked this woman a lot and she needed him. She wanted him to help her. And this would resolve their issues at hand.

She allowed him to take her hand and she let it touch his crotch. And she felt the rocketing bulge within his slacks and to him it was electrifying. For her it was amazing what she felt after touching a man’s erection for the very first time in her life.

She moaned and quietly wailed once her hand pressed on it. It excited her to no end. She looked up and he was looking inside her blouse. He was staring at them. The rising bosoms from within the resting bra brought overwhelming pleasure to him. He wanted nothing more at that moment to undress her, touch her, and kiss them at that moment. He wanted nothing more then to kiss them, dress them with his lips and tongue, and then to slide her bra off so that he could see their wholesome beauty in the flesh.

She asked what was wrong. He said nothing. She felt weird, naked as if something was bothering him. This was not something she was used to. He told her she was more beautiful then he ever imagined. He told her that her body was magnificent. She knew she was big woman, but no one had ever told her she was beautiful, no one. She wanted to receive it as a compliment. That was hard. It was time to prove it, show that to her.

He stood up. He looked at her as he unbuckled his belt. She looked at him, she watched him undo his belt. He undid the snap on his slacks. Her eyes changed. She grew more excited. He unzipped the zipper then. Her eyes changed some more. He pushed them down as he watched her eyes, her expressions. Then when she saw the bulging erection in his underwear she quietly cried out, wailing excitedly then he ever expected her to.

But he wanted those breasts. He wanted to touch them, feel anything and everything within inches surrounding the immediate area, and he wanted to feel them and her upper body such as her rolling tummy as soon as humanly possible.

But he noticed something. He saw her eyes. They were fixated on him, on his underwear. They were fixated on his bulge inside. He knew. He knew exactly what she desired. She looked up, nervously, and looked back at it anxiously and he stepped closer. She reached forward with some hesitance and he stepped even closer so that they were only several inches apart. She looked up, quickly and as she did he smiled as if to say its okay, go ahead, and do as you desire.

And she understood his gaze and reached across. Carefully, gently she touched it. He could see her whole body tightening, straining to relax. She couldn’t. It was almost too much. Her legs, they closed quickly. He saw her neck and shoulders, and then her whole body tense up as she reacted to feeling the hardened cock. It had been overwhelming. Even he was excited by her tender touching of it. It was like he forced it forward so it could be felt again and again.

He liked it. He wanted her to take control of it. But he didn’t expect anything, anything of the kind at that point. She laid the flat of her hand against it. Again she cautiously caressed it taking in deep relaxing breaths and letting out soothing shots of air trying hard to remain calm. It was not working. She was failing, failing to remain in control of it all.

She knew she wanted more. At that point she was bold and removed her top for him. Her eyes remained affixed on him. She wanted him to know she was offering herself to him. He looked down upon her and smiled. She felt comfortable seeing his smile. Neither had spoken a word. All communication was through the others’ eyes or expressions.

He dropped to his knees and leaned forward. He kissed her lips. Letting them grace her lips she didn’t return anything. She felt them. It heightened her desires. After kissing her he reached forward. He felt both of them, both of her covered mounds. So hearty, so wholesome, and he told himself these were the softest portions of womanhood he had ever come in contact with. And as he held them he looked into her eyes. He assured her that they were gorgeous and fantastic. She smiled as he held them.

Then he kissed her flesh. He kissed all the flesh surrounding them. He kissed around her bra. He kissed above and below it too. It was exciting and wonderful and as he kissed she became more and more beautiful to him. He kissed her cleavage. And he heard her moan. She unintentionally pulled his head. She pulled it against her breasts.

Just as quickly as she pulled his head against her she let go of it. She forced it away from her hearty chest. She was ashamed. But he loved how it felt and leaned forward, pressing his lips against the nurturing bosoms. They felt hot, moist, and felt as thought they were perspiring. He looked. They were perspiring. He smiled. He loved how they felt.

Didn’t matter that she was sweaty. She was sexy, totally sexy now. He looked up, into her face, and she wore an angelic look. He whispered, the clock rung, and she reiterated the same words back to him. “Merry Christmas.”

He removed the bra. Removed her underwear and he removed his underwear too. Naked, breathing hormones, and desired filled they air. She felt it. Surging, screaming, and thrusting into her soft chubby flesh. She wanted more. She didn’t know what that was but she wanted more.

He kissed them again. He reached down. She felt it. He reached in. She yelped. Her body tensed up as his fingers trolled in between them feeling the soft thin petals of her mature bush. Thick, soft, and feathery his fingers trolled in between them as they searched for anything, something. It soothed her. It excited her. She quietly squealed again, her body rising off the mattress. Glorifying, she arched her back and pushed her vagina against him, against his erection. It was instinctive, natural. It seemed inherent to do it. Again, she lifted up her body, rising and lifting herself. Pressing against it, crying out, calling out louder, and louder.

He sensed her eternal desires. He more then sensed them. He had never known a woman like her. It was her first time but not his. He knew how it all worked. All she knew was what she felt, what she was yearning for. It called out to him. She called out to him and he responded as any man would respond to a woman in need of what she craved.

Her hands reached around. Her fingers dug in. One on one side, the other taking hold on the other. Between each cheek they took hold of him, pulling his ass cheeks against her, and his cock separating the folds. Inserting it it pushed onward, inside… thrusting forcefully, excitedly into the deep hot walls of her pussy.

She squealed, like a pig… like a pig being fucked for the very first time in its life. And she was having sex for the very first time at her young age. His long pulsating manhood pressed on, surging with great need. They pushed and pumped one another. Instinctive it was. Inherent it was. It was natural. He pushed, she pushed. He pumped, she pumped. She called out, he called out. She moaned, he groaned. It was louder and more intense then anything he ever experienced, but she was heaving with great desire. Her breasts were swollen and took on a life of their own.

His body swooped down. His cock lunged inward. Quickly, harmoniously a man and a woman shouted, moaned, and groaned with incredible pleasure as the climatic pressure built up inside them both. Blood surged, fluids coursed together, and orgasmic results were coming to an end as each felt their bodies being sucked into a climatic ending. An explosion of volcanic proportions was on the horizon.

Closer then either realized, squeals filled the air, and both sets of hands and fingers grabbed hold of anything as she prepared herself to detonate in ecstasy, euphorically. Her fingers tightened their hold. Pulling at sheets, flesh, and wayward pillows she called out his name telling him she loved him. She called out his name thanking him, blessing him, and again telling him she loved him. And with her emotional words, he simply lunged at her harder and faster and more forcefully.

Laughter, squealing, and ecstasy again filled the air. Cum blew from with in her. Splattering his legs, her legs, and within her she tried again and again for another and another and she squealed for what seemed forever.

She held him, clutched his body, and she marred it in love. Orgasm was good to her. Sex was the most wonderful thing and he looked into her eyes and before she collapsed he told her once again “Merry Christmas.”

She fell to his body, kissed his cheek, and kissed his lips. She said Merry Christmas in return. Her words were quiet. She held him tenderly. Her weight and flesh felt so wonderful as if she was a heavy blanket and the two lay in silence as snow stared flowing from the winter skies.

He lay fingering her breasts and her nipples remained hard and he leaned in. He kissed them and told her how beautiful she was and she smiled. He reached down and felt her bush and he fingered her pussy again. She cooed and uttered those same sweet sounds from earlier.