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Ray was surprised when he got Wanda’s email. It read;

‘Hey there Ray, just wanted to catch up. What you doing these days? I’m back in town, living in the old Department Store Development, the one on central and west. Wanna get together? If so, call me.

Wanda X.’

He hadn’t heard from Wanda in three years, since they broke up and she left town. Ray sat there staring at the screen of his laptop, trying to figure out the reason Wanda’s sudden reappearance in his life. He shrugged his shoulders and thought about Wanda’s slim athletic body and her cute pouting lips and he figured, ‘What the hell’ and sent her an email reply saying he would call that afternoon. Later that day, Ray called Wanda on his cell phone.

‘Hiya Wanda, long time no see,’ Ray said.

‘Oh Ray, it’s so good to hear your voice,’ Wanda’s purring voice answered.

‘You okay?’ Ray asked.

‘Yeah, come around this evening. It’ll be good to see you.’ Wanda said.

‘Sure,’ Ray said, ‘what time?’

‘About 7.30, if that’s alright with you?’

‘No problem. See you at 7.30,’ Ray said and snapped the case of his cell phone shut. Wanda sounded strangely pleasant for someone who'd been out of touch for so long. What did she want? What was on her mind? He thought. He put all that to one side and changed his clothes and caught a taxi to the Department Store Development over on central and west. It was short journey and Ray's mind whirled with possibilities about Wanda. Maybe she's joined the Scientologists and wants to induct me, he thought and smiled to himself. He paid the cabbie and went up the elevator to the third floor of the Department Store Development. ‘So good to see you, Ray,’ Wanda said in the semi-darkness of her doorway. ‘Come in, come in.’ Her long blond hair still had the same scent it always had.

‘You haven’t changed Wanda, just as pretty as ever,’ Ray said as he came in.

‘I have in one way, look at me,’ Wanda said, turning and showing Ray a big pregnant belly. ‘I’m knocked up, Ray. I’m seven months gone.’ Ray stared at her. Wanda was barefoot and wore a little red top that left her shoulders bare and joined with a couple of clips over her bra-less breasts. Her huge belly was exposed and supported by a flimsy pair of baggy red pants that sat uneasily under it.

‘Who...what...got you...this way?’ Ray said in a confused jumble of words.

'Kevin,' Wanda answered.

'Who the fuck's Kevin?' Ray asked.

'Someone I met, a mistake.'

'How d'ya mean, a mistake,' Ray said. 'You are knocked up.'

‘I’m not with Kevin anymore.’ Wanda explained. ‘I left him. He was a swine in the end. So, I decided to bring up my daughter on my own. I have a little family money, and so we’ll be okay.’

Wanda smiled after saying it.

Ray watched her. That wide even smile she had. ‘God, she’s so beautiful,’ Ray thought. ‘Even knocked up, she’s beautiful.’ All the old desires and memories came flooding back. Ray became aroused. ‘Good for you,’ he said. ‘You always went your own way. I like that about you, Wanda.’ She held her big belly in both hands and smiled at Ray. ‘Wanna see how I look, naked?’ she said, out of the blue. It shocked him a little with its blunt suddenness. He quickly recovered his wits and said, ‘Sure I would like to see you naked, Wanda. You know I always loved your gorgeous body.’ Wanda smiled and led Ray by the hand into her reception room and sat him down on a sofa. Ray watched as she unfastened the clasps holding the little red top up. She let it down so that it hung under her bare breasts. They were small and hard with swollen brown nipples surrounded by huge brown areolas, much bigger and more swollen than Ray remembered them being. Wanda cupped her breasts and soothed them in an exciting, sensual, manner. Ray felt his dick harden in his jeans. Wanda noticed his excitement and she leaned over him, her nipples inches from his mouth.

She said, ‘Do you still find me sexy, Ray?’

Ray coughed and said, ‘Yeah, I do.’

'Even pregnant?' Wanda asked. 'Another man's kid swimming in my belly.'

'Yeah, you are incredibly sexy knocked up,' Ray said. 'Doesn't bother me, the other man's kid thing.'

'I find you sexy, Ray, I always have,' Wanda said. 'You made me your nympho, remember?'

'Oh God yeah,' Ray said fondly, 'how could I forget that.'

'You were my first anal sex fuck, you know that?'

'Was I? I'm flattered to have been.'

'First guy who creamed my face, too.'

'Really? Wow! We sure had some times, eh?'

'Amazing times, Ray. I've never had more excitement.'

'You had better get naked then, hadn't you?'

Wanda grinned and turned sideways and showed him her slim fit body, out of proportion now with the massive bump at the front. She looked so damned beautiful though, Ray thought. In fact, he observed pregnancy had softened her looks and her body and made it somehow even more feminine. He was dying to touch her. Wanda smiled like a lap dancer might to a customer in a teasing inviting way and leaned forward, easing the baggy red pants down until they were around her ankles. A little red thong held her pussy in place between her slim thighs. ‘Wow!’ Ray exclaimed as Wanda removed the baggy pants and the little red top and stood there in the doorway, her slim hands on the frame. She moved closer, the little red thong all there was between her and total nudity. She looked down at Ray, a glazed expression in her brown eyes, and yanked the thong hard until it pulled up tight between her pussy lips like a cord, a thin red cord. 'Remember, that rope trick you used to play with my pussy, Ray?' she asked. Ray stared up at her and nodded, her bulging melon belly and milk-engorged breasts were seemingly pointing at him, hanging over him like a Sword of Damocles, urging him to do something sexual.

‘Touch me,’ Wanda said softly.

Ray reached out and traced his fingertip up the thin stretch line that ran up the middle of Wanda’s swollen belly. He lingered on the extruded navel, enjoying its rubbery nub. Then he went higher onto her left breast, noting its milky hardness and the length and stiffness of her erect nipple. He pulled the hard brown teat and Wanda bit her bottom lip and sighed in a sexy way. Ray smiled and said,‘I always loved the way you did that; bit your bottom lip. It always reminded me of a seductive schoolgirl begging for it.’ Wanda stepped back and Ray lowered his hand. She pulled down the little red thong and flung it down on the floor. She was naked now. Ray looked her up and down. Her cunt, as usual, was trimmed and practically hairless. ‘My God,’ Ray thought, ‘she’s thirty going on fifteen. What a Goddess she is.’ Wanda had that child/woman thing going on and she stood there before him, naked, hands on the underside of her belly...so ripe, so wanton, so desirable.

‘I need to be seduced, Ray, that’s why I wrote to you,’ she confessed. ‘I need it the way you used to give it to me. Can you do that?’

Ray smiled. ‘Feel this,’ he said and placed her hand on the crotch of his jeans.

Wanda laughed. ‘Mm...you are just as horny as ever, Ray: Use me hard, don’t be nice. You know what to do.’ Ray nodded and unzipped the bag he’d brought with him. ‘I thought this might come in handy,’ he explained, laying down a variety of sex toys and implements on Wanda’s coffee table. ‘Oh God, I’ve missed the scene so much,’ Wanda said, handling all the toys. ‘Time you were reintroduced then,’ Ray said. He stood and removed his jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt. ‘On the sofa, on your back, quickly,’ Ray barked. Wanda did as instructed and Ray had her hold her ankles with her wrists next to them. He shackled her with a leather device that cuffed wrist and ankle together so that she couldn’t move from the ‘crab on its back’ position. When he was satisfied Ray walked around Wanda and tapped her cunt lightly with the tip of a riding crop. The little ‘tap-tap-tap’ sound of leather on skin became wetter the more he did it. ‘Mm...that’s so fuckin’ horny Ray, please, do it some more. My pussy’s on fire. It has been for months.’ Ray aimed the crop between Wanda's hairless love lips, landing many strokes right on and above Wanda’s clitoris. She shrieked at every stroke, a manic look of satisfaction in her cute eyes now. ‘Mm…' she said. 'I’d forgotten just how sadistic you can be, Ray. What a turn on you are. Hurt me, hurt me and excite me.’ Wanda’s cunt was left reddened and throbbing from the beating. Ray examined it, holding the love lips apart and he spat between them, with encouragement from Wanda. He got on his knees and sucked it off, licking between the many folds of soft pink skin until he hit the nectar beyond. Ray reamed on Wanda’s cunt, teasing the clit with his fingers as he sucked and gorged on it like a dog. She screamed and struggled in her bonds as Ray got her to a peak of excitement. It was so intense that she thought she’d pass out. He sensed her oncoming climax and stopped performing cunnilingus on her.

‘I’m on fire Ray. I need to be ravished. Can you ravish me, please?’

Ray smiled and said, ‘Yes, I will ravish you, after this...’

She felt his fingers enter her tight puckered ass. One, then two, then three fingers, smoothing cold lube in and out, in and out. ‘Oh, you nasty beast Ray, you know anal drives me crazy, don’t you?’ Ray nodded and introduced a fat butt plug to her. He held it to Wanda’s nose and told her to suck it. Her thick lips pouted around it and Ray pushed it in and out for a couple of seconds as she sucked on it. He smiled and took it out. It was smeared with spit. He looked at it, sucked it himself, and then forced its snout into Wanda’s helpless asshole. She trembled as it entered her and shrieked when it went past the sphincter, then moaned with delight when it slid all the way in with just the base showing from her stretched anal opening.

‘Now we can fuck,’ Ray said.

He unshackled her and she gripped his bare ass as he tumbled between her legs, as naked as she was now. ‘Bareback me, I trust you.’ Wanda said, pulling Ray into her. His cock felt immediately at home in Wanda’s tight slit. He carefully avoided putting his weight on her pregnant belly by propping himself up on his hands. The sofa shook and bounced as the fuck commenced in a welter of sloshing and kissing sounds as the two former lovers rekindled their sexual connection. Wanda stroked her clit after they changed positions, with her in the doggy position on her hands and knees on the floor, Ray banging away inside her like a maniac. In moments, Wanda erupted into a loud and explosive orgasm, her fingers circling her clit below. Ray tugged on the butt plug and slowly drew it from Wanda’s asshole as she climaxed.‘Oh fuck yeah, yeah, Mm, Ssh, Mm, yeah,’ she groaned, her hands bunched into two tight fists around the edge of the rug under her. Wanda collapsed forward and Ray shot his load inside her as she sucked on the butt plug that he’d shoved straight from her ass into her mouth. The porno image of her big sexy lips around the glistening black rubber sex toy did it for Ray and he came with a loud shout of, ‘Fuck yes,’ and a lot of references to God in there too.

The pair crashed out on the floor and slept for a while, after their energetic sex. When they came to, Ray noticed his cock was struck to Wanda’s pussy lips by the seminal fluid that had oozed out and joined their genitals together.

He wondered if it was portentous sign.