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First Time Anal for Him and Her


We both felt unhappy this week so to put the smile back on our faces we decided to have a night of rolling around in bed. We started off by getting naked and watching a porn whilst we teased each other til we couldn't take anymore, I lay on top kissing her lips, neck then travelled down to her soaking tight little pussy, I kissed up and down her legs round her stomach watching "M" wriggle with impatience, this turned me on even more. I bent down and started to lap up those sweet juices as I teased "M" clit with my pierced tongue, I was told to turn around so that "M" could suck my cock at the same time as me eating out her pussy. As we got into a good stride making each other squirm, "M" had her mouth full forcing my whole cock into the back of her throat which was driving me wild so I ran my tongue round her ass hole to make it wet so that I can shove a finger deep in her ass without any warning. As I was fingering both holes and licking her clit at the same time I felt a pressure on my own ass, she slid a finger right up my ass and gave me a feeling that I had never had before.

I felt unable to control myself as she was sliding her finger in and out of my virgin ass hole, I felt her slip a second finger in. Boy was she finger fucking my ass good and hard. Within a few minutes I came all over her sexy face and firm tits, after loosing my load over "M" she turned around and started to bite at my nipples, so I took the end of my still throbbing cock and sat it just inside her pulsing pussy, teasing her as she wanted the whole 8 inches deep inside her. I made "M" beg for the rest of my cock, I thrust deep into her pulsating pussy, but only a couple of strokes just enough to wet my cock so without warning I pulled it out and pushed it hard against her ass, without any warning I pushed deep inside her tight fingered ass,which sent "M" over the top and she came instantly moaning with pleasure screaming at me to fuck her ass harder. I then slipped my fingers into her pussy and listened to her scream all over again, afterwards we collapsed in a heap and fell asleep. When we woke we went straight for round two, our asses will never be the same again.