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First Time was at Mardi Gras


My wife and I have been married over 25 years and she had recently warmed up to the thought of having sex with another man.  She has never had sex with anyone but me and often fantasized in bed about what it would be like to be with someone else. Of course, I always encouraged it but it never went further. Then, last year we went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and an acquaintance of ours was there too.  He had stopped at the house several times and even did some light maintenance around the house for us, often flirting heavily with her. Nothing ever happened so when we found out he was there for Mardi Gras, it was time to put up or shut up. When he called, my wife was very excited.  She went to the bathroom, trimmed her pubes, cleaned up well and talked him into taking her out for dinner without me. I went elsewhere with other friends and we ended up meeting each other on Bbourbon Street later that evening. Well, she obviously had a lot to drink and kept right on drinking.  She ended up being very drunk and it took both of us to walk her back to the hotel.

Once we got there, I told them I wanted to head to the bar for a night cap and they could join me but she said she had to go lay down, so they both went to the room. After about fifteen minutes, he sent me a text and asked if I was coming up because he did not think she should be left alone. I told him no, to stay there a while, then he texted back that she had gone to the bathroom and walked out naked. I said I do not believe that and then he sent me a picture of her, laying on the bed naked with legs spread. Well, I got a raging hard on just looking and thinkning about that, especially since this was the first time another man ever saw her naked. I texted him back to stop worrying about me and just take care of business. When he texted back, "are you sure",I said of course, have at it. Another 45 minutes went by then another text came across, it was him showing a close up of her pussy, full of cum.

He said she had sucked him a long time but then wanted him to ride her so he filled her up. Since she had not orgamsed yet, he said she was calling for me to get up there and lick her to orgasm. I told him I would get there soon to relieve him but reminded him she has one more hole to fill. Soon, he sent another text with a picture, it was him right in her ass. I thought I would cum right on the spot.  About half an hour later, he met me at the bar and asked if I was really ok with all this. I told him she has been fantasizing about him for a long time and she wanted this more than anything. With that, he left, I went up to eat her and also get myself a good old screw. The next day, she woke with a big headache but remembered every bit of it. She told me he was all she imagined, even bigger than me, and would like to have another random encounter with him at another time. Who knows, perhaps next Mardi Gras?