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First time with high school friend

So I've never been with a guy before but have always fantasized the idea of what it would be like. In high school there was this guy who would always look at me with that fuck me look a guy would give a cute girl. His name was Angel. We knew each other but never really talked or associated while in school.

About a year after high school I decided to go to Umass and try out college life away from home. One day I'm in one of my classes and I see Angle sitting two rows from me. Im kinda shocked thinking i would never see someone from my old school, but well I guess it happens. After class im in my apartment and the thought of Angle kept bothering me like he was always in my thoughts...

A couple hours later I get on Facebook and strangely enough I have a friend request from him. So I accept and start looking through his page and notice that hes actually pretty good looking. He had pictures from the beach and he has one of those bodies that any girl would love to jump on...

So the following class day I see him in class and decided to sit next to him. When he saw me I could tell from the smile in his face that he was pretty excited to see that I was making the effort to talk to him. So after some talking we decided to hang out at Starbucks after class and we actually had alot in common. After that day we started hanging out alot specially since we didnt really know anyone from the are.

After about a couple weeks go by and weve become good friends, were at his dorm and I'm waiting for him to shower so that we can go to the movies.. I notice a journal on his bed, and me being the nosy person that I am I start reading... His journal entries were pretty mundane for the exception of one entry that I noticed my name in..

he states " Today was normal like usual and Alex was as cute as always, sometimes I wonder what he would do if I just jumped him ripped off his clothes, and fucked him the way I've been fantasizing for years now..."

So as I'm reading this I'm extremely turned on... The rest of the night I cant think of anything but that. I can't wait to get home by the end of the night cause my cock at this point just cant take it anymore..

So the next morning was Saturday and Angel was comming over to hang out. So when he shows up I just woke up and still thinking of what I read I figured I needed a cold shower. So I tell him to wait for me to take a quick shower.. As I'm showering I'm thinking of what he wrote and the thought just made me snap. So midway through the shower I stop, turn off the shower and dry up real quick. I come out wearing my towel and walked right up to him. he looks at me with this weirded look on his face and I smile and drop my towel. He looks down and stairs at my throbbing almost 8 inch cock.

He starts smiling and says, umm whats going on? All I said was do you like what you see? He looked up and down my body and said, yes with that fuck me smile he always gave me in highschool.

Next thing I know my cock is being sucked by him like if it were the last thing he was going to ever do.. After a couple awesome minutes of him sucking me down, I pull his head up to me and started kissing him. We made out for about 10 minutes, then he quickly started ripping off his cloths. I started working my way down and saw what was a huge cock. His cock was thick and atleast 2 inches longer than mine. I started sucking him and never thought the taste of a cock was going to be soo good..

After that day we started sucking eachother almost every other day, and eventually got to anal. I'm not going to lie, his cock is huge and the shear idea of that monster entering my ass was nerve racking, but after some google searching tips he got me taking it in pretty easily.