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Forced Entry - Part Two


Suddenly, Abi was thrown to the floor.

“You’re quite the cocksucker, huh?” Joe sneered. He knelt down next to her and ran his fingers over her masked cunt.

“You’re soaking! I can feel it through your thong. You’re such the dirty bitch.”

He moved the material aside and pinched her clit. She screamed out, writhing on the floor. He shoved his finger into her, noticing how tight she was and how very fucking wet.

“You’re not a virgin!” Joe suddenly screeched, pulling his finger out and slapping her. “I wanted to take your virginity! You dirty whore! Who have you slept with? How many fucking times?”  He was really angry now, and pulled her to sit up, only to punch her back down again. He grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks together.

“How many fucking times?”

Abi screamed as she was knocked to the floor again, and tried to get away, but was pulled back by the lead. Joe smacked her in her stomach and began punching her cunt. He then reached up to the mantelpiece and grabbed a vase. It was an inch or so thicker than his cock, and made of thick glass. He spat on it, and rubbed some of his precum onto it. He then spread her legs apart and ripped off her thong. He rubbed the vase over her clitoris, harshly, and then thrust it deep into her.

She screamed. She wriggled and writhed in the sharp pain. Oh fuck, it was so big inside of her. She felt like she was being ruptured at the seams. Joe leant over her and held her down as he continued to fuck her with this object, roughly and forcefully, jeering at her cries. “Fucking slag!”

“Please, please, stop it! Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Abi yelled, then started shouting for help, hoping that someone would walk past the detached house and hear her. She cursed that she had shut the windows earlier.

But Joe carried on.

What seemed like a lifetime of pain, he finally stopped, collapsing on top of her. He felt like he was about to burst.

He pulled her up and threw her onto the sofa, backwards. He pinned he up against the back of the sofa, and slapped her tight ass with the vase, smashing it against her. A few shards of glass stuck into her skin.

With a hand clasped tight around her throat, he thrust his bulging cock into her tight ass.

“Ever had anal?” he whispered into her ear.

“No!” Abi choked out.

“Good. Saved something for me, how good of you,” he sneered, still furious.

He thrust inside her, hard and deep. Abi felt faint from all this pain. She knew was bleeding, she could feel her own blood stinging her. Her eyes began to cloud over and her mind began to block it all out in a haze of blackness...

Joe was fucking her violently, not caring if he was ripping her open. His thrusts were long and hard, fast and heavy. He was so fucking close. Fuck, he had wanted this for so long. To cum inside him would make him orgasm all over again.

“Ohh... fuuuuuuuck!” he screamed, as his thick cum sped into her ass. His body shuddered, balls of sweat trickled down his skin. It was the best feeling in the world. He wasn’t even aware that Abi had passed out.

When his body had stopped quivering with ecstasy, Joe pulled Abi around and released his grip on her neck. He undid the handcuffs and the chain on her neck. He lay her down on the sofa and went to find a bathroom where he could clean up.

He came back with two damp cloths, and gently mopped up all the cuts on her body. He placed one on her forehead as he caringly wiped away his cum, her blood and soothed her sore cunt with the soft cloth.

When he was finished, he made a strong cup of tea, as if that would make everything alright.

Eventually, Abi began to come to, and realised that he was sitting at her side, looking at her lovingly. He was holding out a cup of tea, offering it to her like an engagement ring.

At first Abi was confused as to why she was in so much pain. And then it all came flooding back. She was unsure of what to do, how to react, especially as he had released her from her chains and cleaned her up.

“Okay then, any suggestions what I should do next?” Joe asked, smiling.

“Just fuck off and leave me alone,” Abi whimpered, looking down at the floor, feeling worthless, humiliated and in huge amounts of pain.

“Had enough already?! Hah, I’ve only just started. And to give you an idea of what will happen later... well, let’s just say I have a friend who’d like a piece of you too.”

Abi looked up at Joe, and in that moment, all hope – however small and fragile – left her.

**Part two of a series**