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Fucked hard and put away wet


My mom died in a car wreck when I was 3, my dad took and died with her in spirit. He began drinking and gradually became an alcoholic. I never missed her; it's hard to miss something that you've never had.

 I was approaching 11 when dad brought home a woman that was far from a mother image. She had dark spots under her eyes that made her nose look like a pack mule. She did however have nice tits & big nipples. Her tits were around 34's 36's but her nipples were always pointing out straight. Her nipples made you think of car headlights on high beam. Her & dad got married. Mary was her name.

 She entertained all kinds of men after dad went to work. I didn't know what they were doing in dad's bedroom. I heard screaming, moaning & sounds like a cow pulling her foot outta the mud.

 My father's drinking caught up with him. His health paid him back. His weight dropped, his teeth were gone and his liver was shot. It soon after my 14th birthday dad died of liver failure. There I was mother-less, father-less and a woman I really didn't care for that was my stepmother.

 Mary didn't seem to be at a loss with out him. She kept entertaining her men friends after dad's death.

 I had just passed my 18th birthday. One night I was in my basement bedroom asleep when I heard the front door close tightly. I knew most of her male friends by their voices, but heard a strange male voice. It was deep and gravely.

 He was a big tall black man with gray hair. "Hi Mary. Roman said you wanted to try nigga dick, well I'm here. I'm Roman,” He said.

 "Well, com-on in Roman. Mary led him down the hall to dad's bedroom. Quietly I went up stairs, Mary's & this guy's clothes were scattered everywhere down the hall. Mary closed the door but it didn't latch.

 I waited ah few minutes & stood outside the door. A small dim light shun from the dresser as my step mom lay down on the bed with her arms out as welcome this strange black man onto dad's bed.

 Roman lay between Mary's legs, and then I heard her voice, "Oh My Roman, that is a big one huh?" I watched and he rose up and stuck his black dick in her nasty hair covered cunt. They began pumping against one another; my slut step mom started moaning much louder than she ever did with her other guys.

 He pounded her pussy for a long time. Mary screamed several times. "It hurts, take out some of it! It hurts" He yelled, you white slut.

 You want this black dick, I know you want it. You take it like A white bitch you are. He withdrew a bit as Mary sighed in relief. Roman slammed his cock in her hard. Mary screamed in pain & pleasure. She began thrusting back to meet her black lover. Roman kept up with his pounding for at leased twenty minutes. Roman stopped dicking her.

 "Hey boy" he said. "You want some of this? " Mary moved so she was on top of him, straddling him with her back to me.

 Mary said" Randy, RANDY! I want you to fuck your momma" She lowered herself down and my dick penetrated her bad ammonia smelling pussy. Her wet cunt just swallowed me up. She pounded my young dick like ah jackhammer.

 Roman came in and rolled her legs above his shoulders. He looked at her puckered up bunghole.

 He aimed his cock and pushed a little. I heard it go, Plop! He was in her nasty asshole. Roman began slowly pushing his massive dick in her bung. Mary was still screwing me. I could feel his cock through the flesh between her cunt and her ass hole.

 He groaned & yelled out that he is going to bust his nut and loose his goop. I told Mary & Roman that I was going to cum.

 My dick swelled even harder. I started Cumming. Volley after volley of young cum came from my balls. I dumped my boy cum in her over grown weed patch with a huge gash running right down the middle of it. After I had emptied my balls, I crawled out from under her. The ammonia smell was just too much.

 I had not had sex as yet. I wanted my first time to be in the back seat of my first car but my stepmother took my puberty and my adolescence. Anyways, Roman began hammering her ass harder and faster. I watched his big black dick disappearing deep up her bunghole. I swear it should have come out of her mouth as much as he had in her.

 Roman was showing no signs of stopping as he continued his pounding. She started moaning, screaming and telling him to go deeper. My step-mom, Mary reached my dick and began stroking it. “Randy, stick it in my mouth” she said. “I want you to fuck my neck”

 I looked over at Roman, as he nodded his head telling me to go for it. I was actually got a woody again. I straddled above her tits, pinching them as Mary took my 6” dick and sucked it between her teeth. She rolled her lips over my cock on my way down her neck. She rubbed her teeth on my dick on my way out. I was Cumming again in minutes.

 Roman smiled at me and told me to make her gag. “How do I do that?” I asked him. “Here sonny boy, I’ll show you. He slid out of her ass and changed places with me. Mary didn’t hesitate one bit. She swallowed as much of him as she could. “Roman, Fuck my face” She kept screaming. “Randy do my pussy” The smell of her rotten thighs had long since gone. My cock was a little stiff but not hard. However I did manage to get past the tropical rain forest of hair & into her slimy snatch.

 My cock began to harden a third time. Roman was hammering her jaws with such force he was burrying her head deep in her pillow. He & I were fighting to get in cadence together as we fucked my stepmother, but we finely got there.

 Mary was yelling loudly, “Fuck me Guy’s, FUCK ME HARDER. MAKE ME CUM. MAKE ME PEE” (Pee) what the hell did she mean by that I asked myself. Did she want to piss? My dick was full of blood and hard. Roman & I kept up taking Mary’s body, when he grunted ah few times.

 “Mary, you white slut bitch you’re making me cum” Just then he was like Ol’ Faithful. Roman filled her throat with his hot cum. She was gasping for air. “Sonny Boy, you watch this” He jammed his black cock down her throat and continued to cum.

 Mary gagged over his massive log that was in her neck. “ I need air you SOB! I can’t breathe. She pushed him off as a large gob of cum landed in her eyes, across her face and into her hair.

 This triggered my cock to cum as well. “Fuck her Boy!” he said. Give it to her. She began hollering, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Faster Randy. FUCK MY PUSSY” I increased speed and depth, Mary’s body was jerking and stroking off what was left of Roman’s seed. Again she hollered, “I’M CUMMING AGAIN” Just then she screamed as she ejaculated her own cum. This shit splashed around my dick and flooded Roman and me.

 ‘Ah there ya go Boy” he said. “You made her Pee! Son”

 Mary looked terrible. She looked like a bitch strung out on hard drugs. Her eyes were glazed over and sunk back in her head. Her face was covered with cum. her nasty pussy was saturated in Roman’s cum, his and mine. She was indeed fucked hard and put away wet………