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There was no doubt it was planned and cleverly executed. My last sight of Jeff, Patrick and M’tungo was as I was dragged out of sight by Goliath. He wasn’t hurting me but he held my wrist firmly in his huge hand and just pulled me along with him. The other males of the Gorilla family formed a cordon in front of Jeff our cameraman, Patrick the director and M’tungo our guide. The other gorilla, Beta, who had precipitated the move by stealing out only rifle, had long since disappeared.

It was entirely my fault. Jeff, Patrick and I had been at the same University, Jeff studying Photography and Patrick Cinematic Arts and both had high hopes of a career in the film industry. My degree was in Life Science and I was particularly interested in Apes and Gorillas. My ambition was to study these wonderful animals in their natural habitat. Jeff and Patrick really weren’t part of my scene and I guess I considered them both to be nerds. I don’t mean to be cruel but at university I was considered very good looking, very popular and outgoing and they were just nerds! To be honest I cannot remember how the three of us got together to begin talking, I of my goal and they of their wish to film wildlife documentaries. I actually found that I really liked them as people and we became very good friends. Anyway the result of our friendship was that after some months of discussion we decided on completion of our degrees we would travel to Africa and make some films – we were that naive!

Finance was not a problem. My parents had been very rich and had both died when I was ten. I was packed off to live with my only relatives, my aunt and uncle. Unfortunately while I was at home from University my uncle had quite uninvitedly come on to me and erroneously my aunt was convinced I had encouraged him. I left and have had no contact with them since! That left me as an unattached, intelligent, blond, very good looking, slim and rich twenty one year old, with no family ties. I could easily afford to finance the trip so I pushed the others to go. The other two chipped in so at least our equipment was impressive.

Naively I think we thought we would just walk in and make a film – we didn’t even get through the border. We applied for visas, we bribed, we waited and we waited and we waited some more. After ten months of being ignored and ripped-off, being young and foolhardy we decided to take matters into our own hands. We secretly hired M’tungo, a local, who for quite a lot of money would take us over the border illegally to the area where he knew mountain Gorillas lived. At least we had the sense to hold half of M’tungo’s money back and he actually proved very reliable. Jeff bought a Toyota 4×4 locally, which I paid for, as it was easier for a man to do these things in Africa. Actually I kept a very low profile during our whole stay.

We had a great play of going home, but secretly slipped across the border in out 4×4. We travelled for days and at last reached our destination. The area was very remote and we had not seen any sign of humans many days. We set up camp and almost immediately found a Gorilla family living very close by. They didn’t seem to be bothered by us and so we quickly fell into studying them and getting preliminary shots. Very quickly I realised that this family was not normal, their family structure was all wrong. Gorilla communities are normally dominated by an Alpha male, always a silverback, who mates with the females and breeds and the other males either do not mate or are only allowed females too young to breed or infertile older females. This community was completely wrong! It had an Alpha male who was astoundingly huge easily twice as big as any other male I had ever heard of, but he didn’t seem to have a mate. The other males had mates and had young, which was most unusual. We christened the Alpha male Goliath and his second in command became Beta and so on. Goliath seemed to be very much a part of the family and all of the others deferred to him. Whilst Goliath was still very much a gorilla he was obviously very unusual, his proportions were very odd, his legs being longer and less bowed and his arms were proportionally shorter than they should be. His facial features were not entirely gorilla like either with his muzzle less protruding and his skull being more upright than the more normal flattened brow shape. And his hands were not as elongated as a gorilla’s should be and the thumb was closer to the digits, making the hand much closer to the format of a human’s. How he had survived infancy is anyone’s guess as most deformed or different animals are usually killed deliberately at birth or shortly thereafter in almost all wild species.

When we realised we had stumbled upon such an unusual community we were very excited and got down to filming. This meant I was front of camera doing a ‘David Attenborough’ and so over a number of days the gorillas got used to me being near them. They seemed quite unafraid and as our, and their, confidence grew they ended up studying me as much as I study them. In one scene where I stumbled over the script Goliath actually stroked my shoulder very gently as if to reassure me.

What precipitated the change I’m not sure, but I do remember Jeff telling me he had gone a little way into the bush to relieve himself and he realised one of the male gorillas was watching him. He had noticed that the gorillas became quite excited later that day and when he did the same the day before my abduction he noted that most of the males were watching him including Goliath. The only significant thing about that was that I had been told by my classmates that Jeff was very well endowed, although of that I had had no personal knowledge. What the gorillas had thought I don’t know, but now having had the experience of living in their family for four years I am not surprised by what happened next. Gorilla’s sex organs are very small, even a fully grown silverback will only have a fully erect penis approximately one inch long and the size of Jeff’s penis must have been quite a shock!

The day of my abduction started exactly as the previous days had done. By eleven we were filming and I was just in front of Goliath. Quite suddenly I realised Goliath was sitting right along side me, so close his was body touching mine. A little scared I carried on with the commentary and as I spoke I watched almost stupidly as the second male who we had christened Beta, walk around behind the others and suddenly grab the rifle which was propped against the 4×4 and ran into the bush. Before I could complete my sentence Goliath grasped my wrist and started to drag me into the trees and as he did so the other males moved in front of us. I started to scream and ineffectually struggle and both Jeff and Patrick moved forward to help but were immediately threatened by the gorilla cordon and consequently they could only watch helplessly as I was dragged out of sight. Years later I learnt that they had searched for days for me, but with no rifle M’tungo thought it was very dangerous, which made their search very ineffective. Their next thought was to get help but as ‘illegal’s’ they would have been thrown in jail, probably as rebels, and they may well have been killed. M’tungo was adamant that they must not go to the town for help. After a week of fruitless searching they gave up, fully expecting me to be dead, and slipped back across the border and hence some days later travelled home. They had no idea of my next of kin and as no one contacted them, very guiltily they decided to keep quiet about the whole affair.

Out of sight of the camp the gorillas set a cracking pace, much quicker than I thought Gorillas ever moved. Goliath still held my wrist but seemed to be careful not to hurt me. We climbed higher and higher presumably to another of their established territories. Eventually night fell and they all collected together and slept. Goliath slept with his arm around me pulling me against his huge muscular body. Although I was exhausted I couldn’t sleep and spent a dreadful night almost shivering with fright. The second day dawned and we pushed on further into the remote mountains until at last we reached a set of cliffs with a cave and in front of it a small clearing. The gorillas obviously knew this place well and soon adopted their usual routines. When we arrived Goliath confronted me and started pulling at my bush jacket. He made it very clear he wished me to take it off which naturally I refused to do so and so he hit me! It was the only time he ever offered any violence towards me and I soon realised I had no choice. I picked my self up from where I had fallen and he again indicated I should remove my jacket. I took it off and it was followed by my shirt, shorts and panties in turn. I now stood there completely naked, except for my boots surrounded by inquisitive gorillas many of whom reached out to touch and explore my body. I feebly tried to fight them off but there were too many of them and one male actually pushed his fingers into my pussy. I grabbed his hand and pushed it away and I watched as he smelt and then tasted his fingers. Goliath made no attempt to touch me and after a while he seemed to growl at the others and they immediately dispersed. As they did so, one of the gorillas picked up my clothes and took them to the back of the cave where they remained for the next four years. As I stood there naked Goliath very gently pulled me to him and as held me, gently stroking my hair as I shivered with fear and humiliation.

Following that first frightening introduction the gorillas seemed just accept me as a family member and didn’t seem to pay me any particular attention. After that one incident of violence and the night that followed, I never felt in the slightest way threatened by any of the gorillas and over the years I came to love all of them dearly. Shortly after our arrival, and my humiliation, night fell and the gorillas congregated into their usual group and Goliath very gently led me into the cave. He lay down on some foliage and he pulled me against him with my back against his chest with his arms around me pulling me into him. I was exhausted having not slept for two days and with the heat from his body and arms and after listening to his even breathing I fell into an exhausted asleep. Sometime in the night I dreamt I was making love to my last boyfriend, it was so realistic although he seemed bigger than before. When he initially thrust into me it hurt, but even so as he came, I also came. I think the dream was so realistic that it disturbed me and I awoke to find my pussy dripping wet and my inner thighs covered in my juices. As I cleared my head I realised it couldn’t just my juices, it was too much, and reaching down I felt with my hand to find my pussy full of sperm. I was still being held in Goliath’s arms so it must have been him. I was totally shocked, it couldn’t be! Gorilla’s penises are tiny and what I had felt had not been tiny! I started to struggle to get out of his arms but he just gently and very firmly held me and as I struggled I felt his cock (it wasn’t a penis this was a cock!) pushing against my pussy lips. As he held me he just pushed and his cock pushed right into me. I struggled, kicked, screamed, punched and cried, but he was remorseless, he raped me! His cock felt huge and it was quite painful initially and it filled me as no man ever had, I felt every spurt deep inside my stomach as he came. I lay there struggling and crying, impaled on his cock, and he just held me there. Eventually exhaustion over took me and I fell asleep, I think he was still inside me as I lost consciousness.

I awoke just before dawn still held in his arms, I think he nuzzling my hair and then my ear woke me up, I froze! As I lay there his right hand started caressing, yes caressing, my breast and teasing my nipple which to my horror became erect and his left hand pushed into my groin and started stroking my clit. I tried to struggle, but he just firmly held me and so I tried to think of anything but the fact this huge gorilla was touching me intimately. However, his hands were too good and though I hated my body for doing it, I realised my pussy was tingling, my stomach fluttering and suddenly out of the blue I started to come – I couldn’t help myself and as he caressed my body I had a huge orgasm. As I slowly calmed down he reached down and began very gently rubbing his cock against my pussy lips and at the same time his other hand caressed and teased my breast and nipple. My orgasm built again and although I was crying with shame my body pushed down so that his cock entered me again. He pressed into me and I found myself pushing back as hard as I could. My orgasm became huge and as I shook and shuddered he came deep inside me, filling and filling me, spurting and spurting into my womb. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep with him still inside me, his sperm leaking out onto my inner thighs.

I awoke some time later still in his arms and as I stirred he started caressing my hair almost with a kiss and his hands started caressing my body. I didn’t care any more and as his cock grew I pushed myself onto it, taking him deep inside me and he made love to me! He didn’t have sex, he didn’t rape me, he actually made love to me! He deliberately caressed me to make me come and come and as I did, I pushed myself on to him so that he was as deep as possible and he filled me yet again. This huge gorilla had given me a bigger orgasm than I had ever had in my life. No man had ever been as gently or loving or so arousing, he had deliberately and intentionally had aroused me. After a little while he slipped out and I turned over and hugged his body to mine and cried into his chest and as I did so he held and stroked me. Slowly the scientist in me came to the surface and I started to think about his size – it couldn’t be so. Gorillas as a species had definitely been last in the queue and a penis of about one inch was normal for even a fully grown silverback male, but Goliath had felt huge. I couldn’t help myself and my hands travelled down his body and felt him. As I grasped him, his now soft cock hardened and grew and grew, quite quickly it was apparent it must be at least nine inches – impossible was my first thought. My second thought had nothing to do with science as Goliath’s reaction to my touch was to pull me onto him again and he thrust into me making me shudder and shake as I came and came again, as did he deep in my womb.

Later that day I managed to pull my thoughts together and it dawned on me that Goliath’s size was the answer to the conundrum with regard to the structure of the family. Goliath was the Alpha male but he could never have copulated with a female as he would have been far too large and hence his tolerance of the other males. It also dawned on me that seeing Jeff’s large penis had triggered them to consider me as a mate for Goliath. The intellectual conclusion they must have made seems incredible then, but I now know they had planned it. They had obviously worked out I was the female and physically capable of mating with Jeff and therefore capable of mating with Goliath. And they had carried off their plan perfectly and I was now Goliath’s mate and indeed now a willing one. Goliath must have a major genetic defect, not only was he much larger that any Gorilla should be, but his sex organs were hugely out of proportion. Poor Goliath must have spent many frustrated years before he found me. No wonder he had come five times in just one night he must have been saving it up for years.

Within days my inhibitions, abhorrence and reservations had gone and Goliath and I mated about four or five times a day, both he and I were insatiable. I had already forgiven him for raping me, as he could hardly ask me out for drink or to a restaurant and I accepted he had to make his move somehow. After the first two brutal times he was so considerate he made me come every time and he filled me without fail. Over the first few days I had the opportunity to examine Goliath intimately. His cock was not dissimilar to a human’s although thicker at the base than would be normal for a man. It was completely black of course and very smooth and the whole cock seemed very sensitive. I had been right in my previous guess, when erect he was about nine or ten inches long and about six to seven inches in circumference, thickening even more at the base to maybe eight inches. His testicles were large and by the amount he came they obviously very effective. I was endlessly fascinated by his sexual prowess and in no time I revelled in the feeling of him thrusting that huge cock into me and the effect that it had on me. Every time we mated I came, I say mated, because that’s initially exactly what we did.

The few days after my introduction to gorilla sex, Goliath and I were with the rest of the family eating when Goliath reached out and started caressing me. We were surrounded by the others, who immediately started to take notice, but as Goliath rubbed my pussy and kissed and licked my nipples, my body took over and despite my embarrassment of having an eager and enthusiastic audience I reached for his huge cock. As they watched Goliath turned me round and rubbed his huge cock against my pussy lips from the rear and then very slowly pushed into me, both of us savouring every inch. As he pushed forward, I pushed back and in no time he was fully embedded. I could feel the tip pushing into my stomach and the thick base stretched my pussy lips to the limit as my slim body tried to swallow every bit of him. His hands had reached round under me and he held both of my breasts, flicking, teasing and playing with my erect nipples. I started to come very audibly, the others completely forgotten, and as I calmed down Goliath slowed to a stop just holding him self, deep inside me. After a moments rest he started again and took me to another orgasm, he repeated this at least five times before he shuddered and groaned and filled my womb with his sperm. I was amazed as I knew gorillas usually only last a few minutes and yet here was Goliath who had mated with me for at least forty minutes. After that introduction to mating publicly I never thought about the embarrassment of being observed and just got on with my enjoyment.

About eighteen months after I was abducted, I the scientist, was examining him intimately for the umpteenth time when I just couldn’t help myself and I pushed my mouth over the end of his lovely huge smooth black cock, tasting him for the first time. He was ecstatic and I deep throated him, well as much as I could. As I sucked I massaged his cock with both hands he very quickly began to shake and he came filling my mouth and throat. His sperm tasted wonderful but by then I was in love and not very objective and I drank it down greedily and then licked him clean. After he came he remained hard and laying me back he mounted me, really he just took me, his huge body over mine and my legs up on his sides and back and he just thrust his huge cock fully into me in one go and gave me the biggest orgasm I have ever had and yet even deep in the throws of ecstasy I felt every spurt of his sperm as it splashed into my womb. The psychological and the conscious physical element of our coupling was making love as we both tried to give the other pleasure and I was very aware that Goliath always tried to make sure I came and I tried to make sure he did. On the unconscious physical level we mated as he tried to place his seed as close as possible to my egg and my pussy without conscious effort gripped and gripped him attempting to milk every last drop of sperm from his cock. I knew it was physically impossible for him, as a member of another species, to impregnate me, but I think it was on this occasion that the impossible happened!

Two weeks later I missed my period which I deemed not unusual given my change of diet and circumstance and there had been a couple of times before when I’d missed. However some weeks later the morning sickness was unmistakeable – I was pregnant! The scientist came to the fore again and I speculated that it had to be the fact that for eighteen months my body had been bombarded by Goliath’s sperm which must have weakened my defences and as he had an unknown genetic defect, one of his sperm must have fertilised my egg. I was definitely pregnant with Goliath’s baby! I lost it at three months, I miscarried! I was heart broken. I know it was impossible, but I could help myself. Goliath was the same; clearly he grieved as I grieved. It took a few weeks before our relationship fully resumed but we loved each other and we were soon making love all day every day. A year later I missed my period again and the morning sickness began again. I wasn’t so surprised this time and hoped against hope. Goliath was the model expectant father, he protected me when protection wasn’t need, he fussed when fussing wasn’t needed. I carried our baby full term; maybe the antibodies that I had retained from my last pregnancy allowed me to carry him. Our baby, a boy more gorilla than human, but definitely with characteristics of both, was born without difficulty and immediately suckled my breast. The family was ecstatic and Goliath seemed to grow even bigger, but their elation died with our little child the very next day. Goliath and I were inconsolable. I buried him so that the carrion would not decimate his little body. The next few weeks were difficult but we pulled together. Our love life resumed and we both initiated sex as often as we could.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of my new life was that I was never bored. The family life was fascinating and the interaction between the personalities was intriguing. Goliath ruled his kingdom with intelligence, humility and compassion. I will never forget him arbitrating between squabbling family members or the compassion he displayed when comforting two gorillas whose infant had died. Or the time he led and organised the search for a lost infant. The scientist in me was thrilled by the discoveries I was making, however, I was very careful not to introduce techniques which would have given this family and advantage, like fire for instance – I felt despite my relationship with Goliath that I was here to observe not to change. I noted they were very accomplished at using tools and readily understood the basic of levers. I was endlessly fascinated! Only once was our ideal life disturbed when a strange male tried to take over and Goliath made his incursion very short indeed. I loved the life and I loved my huge mate. I often just held his body to mine, revelling in his scent, feeling his hairs caress my skin and feeling those huge rippling muscles under the skin. His body was mine and mine his and I delighted in the feeling of our ownership of each other! His fingers, tongue and cock took me to places I cannot describe every single day and I find it hard to describe how it felt to have that huge cock fully embedded inside me and that huge kind wonderful gorilla caressing me to orgasm. He knew all the places on my body that aroused me and I think he has kissed and licked every inch of my body, as I have his. I don’t think any man will be capable of ever truly satisfying me after Goliath.

Four years after I had been abducted our idealic world fell apart, some poachers arrived in our territory and shot two of the females, both of whom I was very fond and who had been very kind to me. As the family fled Goliath and the males put out a protective screen. Two of the males were shot and I think that was too much for Goliath and he charged the poachers, being hit time and time again. He seemed indestructible and upon reaching his quarry he killed them! There is no other description, he caught them as they ran and just killed them, smashing them to pieces! Turning he staggered back towards us and fell almost in slow motion in a heap. I ran to his side and threw myself onto his body. He was dying and he motioned for Beta to come forward and he told him what to do. I know it’s impossible but I watched him and Beta and I knew they communicated. He then reached out for me and died holding me in his arms. I think a lot of me died with him, I loved him very dearly.

I spent an awful night in tears, lying alone for the first time in four years. The very next day Beta took my hand and led me to my clothes at the back of the cave and made it clear I should dress. Out in the clearing the gorilla family congregated and each in turn hugged me, I couldn’t help it I cried and cried. It was a sad farewell and as Beta led me away I was distraught. We stopped for a moment where Goliath lay and I said goodbye throwing myself on that huge, but still, body. Over the next week Beta and two of the males led me through jungle, uplands and grasslands until we stood just outside a large town. The three of them hugged me and then turned and disappeared.

My bush jacket still contained my passport and my wallet so at least I would have some protection so with sad heart and a lot of trepidation I headed into town. Coming back from the dead was easier than I expected. On the edge of town was some sort of petroleum installation and as I approached a large Audi driven by a white man approached the gate. The guard waved it through greeting Mr Vega as he did so. The car pulled up right outside the main office door so I was confident Mr Vega was the boss. I waited a little while and then approached the gate outwardly confidently and said that Mr Vegas was expecting me. Luckily while waiting to see him I saw a map which showed our location and therefore my spur of the moment story had more credibility. He was wonderful and accepted my story that I had become detached from a private safari in the neighbouring country and becoming lost had accidently cross the border. He called our Embassy I was quickly taken out of the country. I had not been reported missing so I had no real explanations to make. I only found out about Jeff and Patrick’s efforts after I got home.

I did not reveal my true story and I am now in the process of writing a paper about my discoveries while living with the gorillas. It will be untruthful in one particular large aspect, no pun intended, as I don’t want people going to try to recover Goliath or to think that I had been his mate or indeed to find our child. I know a lot will be lost to science and Goliath and particularly our offspring may have provide clues as to how we as a species developed, but I don’t care Goliath and our son were mine and I am not going to have them as a freak or an exhibit. It will take me a long time to get over Goliath’s and my sons death and I hope Goliath and I meet and mate again, successfully this time, in another world.