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High School Love Affair


High School for me was a good time. I liked it a lot. Although I almost left before my last year, I ended up having a great time. That was close to 12 years back. Yep, you read it right, just over twelve years ago. Now living two doors down from me, both of us are at the others all the time. I work at the new looking, but a bit older, automotive plant. It can be a good job. I like most of my responsibilities, although several of them are now done for me, I have to keep an eye on what they do. I know, you don’t care, so let me move on.


I was off on Friday. I knew he’d be awake. I knew he had to go to work. I knew I could go over there. I knew I could get it before he left for the office. I got it and he left as well as me. His wife, she wasn’t downstairs, yet. I had gone home. I’d gone to do the job I set out to do. Wifey, who I love with heart and soul, just left, and the kids just boarded their bus. What a day. Me, the bathroom, the tools, and…and what… What you ask me? Her, that’s who and she walked over and get this in a lightweight satiny flowered robe. Also, she carried two large cups and a thermos of coffee. Didn’t she know Shrilly who’s my wife was at work that day? She had to. The muffler on her car needed replacing as of two days ago. I hadn’t gotten to it, yet. I was going to later on that afternoon when she came home.


“Oh hi” I said.


My eyes scanned down her figure. “Wow” is that a word I wanted to use? She was all done up. And I mean all done up. From top to bottom, Carol, my friends wife, and my former girlfriend from high school had come over was looking for Shrilly, and me too if possible.


“How are you?” I told her.


She smiled, her nice looking robe appropriately closed so that I couldn’t see anything still offered a view into her body, but from a different “perspective.” Carol’s always had great legs and at 29, she still does. I had to write this so I’d always remember it. I told her I would too. She laughed. I didn’t. She and I knew one another…way too well. Like I said, she and I dated for a long time over twelve years back. It was a good relationship, a fun one too but like anything in high school time’s change and so did we, but not that much.


“Shrilly gone?” she asked.


“Yep” I said to my old friend.


“Oh” she said.


“Yep” I told her. God you look…sexy? Is that the word, I looked at my watch, which I always wore, except in the shower. So much for the bathroom I told myself looking at my old, old girlfriend and one of my best friend’s wives.


“Coffee?” she asked.


“Sure, why not” I told her as I took it from her hand.


“Cigarette?” she asked.


“I don’t smoke” I told her.


“Bullshit” she told me “Where are they?” she said.


She headed for my kitchen, the cups of coffee cooling off quickly at this point, looking for where I’d put them. She couldn’t know. She didn’t know. Then out to the garage I watched her go. But I wasn’t following her. I was watching that terrific shapely ass, which all of us loved, but me I got to feel once in a while. I smiled because I recalled how I got a hold of her ass all those times. It was a nice ass and still is too.


“Ahhhhhhh” she said, “there in the garage, right?”


Fuck, I thought. Why hadn’t I hidden them in my car? And then, out of no where, she knew exactly where I hid them. Not in the too box, not in my tool shed, but in a bottom section of a can I had bought at some garage sale. Can you believe that? A compartment which slid open at the bottom of a can? She pulled one out along with the lighter and handed them to me too. We sat and her robe began to come undone. What did she do?


Carol undid it and opened it up. Oh my lord! Her body was…is tremendous. It’s perfect. Her shape was exalting. Perfectly sized round boobs. Not large yet in no way too small. They were, and I felt my body becoming warmer by the second as I looked at them, flawless. Yes, it had to be the word of the day. As she smoked it, she inhaled the tar and nicotine without any coughing. She blew it out but without any coughing either. Her tits swelled. So did I…everywhere too. As she smoked it, she redid her robe, letting me see her body, her curves, her tits, and almost all of her figure…almost all of it.


“Better, right?” she asked me.


“Ugh umm, sure…I suppose” I said.


“Oh come on Frankie. I know you better. You want this. You’ve always wanted this. Even after we broke it off you wanted my body. Now, get this” she went on to say. “I am giving you at least once opportunity to…to have me.” She took another drag of the cigarette. Inhaling it, she breathed in deeply. Her tits swelled like a virgin’s breasts would. I wanted to see them too. But unfortunately they were no longer visible. The robe, now retied and closed, covered all of her. “Sex, inside…me, you, and a bed…. May I show you some new stuff?” she said.


And was I dumb or what? “As in some new body parts?” I asked.


“Are you that…that stupid my love?” she asked.


“Nope just horny or maybe a little blind… I don’t know” I came back.


“Horny works” she added, “me too so let’s put these out and go get a room. Let’s get it on.”


She put hers out. I did too and opened the door back into the house. The cigarette felt great although I smelled of smoke. She did too. And as I led her into a downstairs bedroom, I eased my hands over her shoulders, and slipped the robe off her body. It fell to the floor. Carol didn’t do a thing to bend over to pick it up. She turned and those two sexy bobble head tits of hers floated in my brain forever. And I mean forever too. She and I looked into one another’s faces. For a long time we stared at one another. Long gazes gradually and slowly put us in a fixated pattern of rising hormonal states.


“Want me now?” she said.


“Always” I told her.


“Always?” she said back to me. “Really…honestly?” she said.


“Honestly” I assured her.


And at that exact moment I stepped into what I figured, in high school, would have been my love and future bride after college, and I kissed her breasts, kissed her nipples, and made them as hard as stones and I held them gently as I did. Easing her back toward the bed, I slowly began laying her down on it, and she let me. It was beautiful. All of it was as my lips and hands and my body in general navigated everywhere along hers. I kissed her lips and hair and cheeks. I kissed her neck and I kissed her tits again and again. I kissed below them, around them, and I kissed her nipples I don’t know how many times. But I also followed along her winding pathways from the side of her tits on down along the sides of her body while my hands flowed across her tummy and above it as I kissed on down through her expanding hips. I kissed and stroked and loved a body I hadn’t ever had in my entire life. And why, I didn’t know. Maybe because she wasn’t ever ready back then. It had to be it…had to be. But at the moment, what we’d been doing was awesome and great and fun as hell.


I heard her sigh and moan, quietly. I felt her hands on my back, and elsewhere too. I loved how she touched me as I stroked and kissed her body. It was as if this was meant to be and for a long, long time now. She laid there. We made overdue love to one another. It felt awesome to be against an old friend’s body. Hers especially and it was soft, ecstatic and I felt as if she wanted and needed my attention and love. She got it and more. I gave it and more too.


And before either of us knew it, her hand was on my soft giving penis. It curled around it as if tenderizing me. She stroked me very slowly as our bodies pressed against one another. I felt her…love? I felt her desires. She held me closer and closer as she squeezed me tenderly. Oh, did I need this more then ever at that moment.


I was hard and my body ached for hers. I was hard and felt myself aching for her pussy more then it had ever had. I whispered to her if I could put myself inside her. She said yes back to me, quietly. She slipped me inside her. But before she did she lurch or let it roll across the front of her cunt. I felt the tip of me “bouncing” or throwing “jolts” up inside my whole body. I grunted and I groaned in romantic sounding behavior. She and I loved the moments we spent that early morning.


I wasn’t about to ruin my first time with this woman I suppose I’ve always loved. I pushed into her as she caressed her clitoris. I kissed her on her lips. She kissed me back. I fucked her. She fucked me back as my hands extended their reach back through her hair. I began to love her hair too. Why I say that I don’t know, but I do. I care for the woman’s shoulders as much as her hair and I made love to her shoulders while fucking her all the same. Then, of course, her boobs had to come into play somewhere along the line and just as she orgasmed, I had pulled out. I slipped myself up over her body. I eased myself into her tits. My erection throbbed, crazily. She wanted another orgasm. She cried out for one. She cried out for more orgasms, if you can believe that. But I came, after titty fucking her, and cum splattered everywhere throughout her chest and tits and thankfully her face.


She couldn’t believe what happened. She couldn’t believe she and I just finished making love. She knew what she came for. I realized it too. But she came for it and I gave it to her. Still she wished for another orgasm. Seeing as I was spent for another two plus hours I had to do something. So something I did. I went down on her. I went down hard. I ate it out. I slipped my tongue and fingers all over her pussy.


I had the time of my life as she orgasmed sooner then I figured and when it was done, we were done. She turned sideways and smiled into my eyes.


“Finally, I got what I’ve always wanted” she told me.


“Me too” I replied, “meeee tooooooo” and I felt her lips then touched her cheeks and I reached down and felt both her tits afterward. “I love your body you know.” She said she knew as she kissed my lips. “Come back later?” I asked.


“Or you can stop by before two” she said.


I’d stop over well before that… So much for our bathroom I told myself.