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Home Alone... What to do?


Sitting at home with nothing to do ever since my roommate left to go see her boyfriend in Florida for 2 weeks, I've been just relaxing enjoying having the place to myself. I'm 21 5"2 120 lbs shoulder length brown hair Latina with 34b breasts. I flick through the channels but nothing seems to be on. I get up and go over to my DVDs I go through them action, comedy, horror none seem to get my interest but then I go over to my "other DVD collection" I pick out a movie called "cheer leading tryouts" I laugh at the name. But the cover has two nude girls kissing the cover is already making me hot. I go over to my DVD player and pop it in. I then go over to my dresser and pull out my blue vibrator its one of those that move up and down by its self.

I then get on my bed and press play. The girls on the TV start kissing and I start to heat up. Then one of then removes her underwear and the other girl gives her one long lick from clit to ass. I'm getting wetter and wetter, I reach for my dildo and turn it on. Then my cell goes off, I got a text message, I pause the movie. Its from my friend Alice she's also bored at her place and wants to come over. I text her back "duh girl you can come over anytime you want... bring food." And I send it. Well she lives like two doors from me, I live in a small apt complex. I tuned off the TV and throw my dildo under my bed then the door bell rings. "There she is" I get up and open the door. There stands Alice also Latina like me 5'2 about 117 lbs long black hair slender body she's wearing a white tank top and a pair of very short shorts her nice round ass cheeks coming out from the bottom.

I'm still horny from watching the movie and she's not making it better. "hey girl" she walks in and I smell her perfume it smells so good. She comes in and goes over to my bed and sits down I close the door and lock it as well as my bedroom door. So how you been doing Mia she asked "fine I have a week vacation and nowhere to go I say". "Well we should go somewhere" she says. We agree to go to the beach in the morning and stay there all week. we talk about work and friends and also movies,then she gets up and gets a movie she's brought with her and walks over to my DVD player. "Oh no I left the porn in the DVD player" the door slides open "OH MY!" she says I start blushing like crazy "I must of forgotten to take it out I say. She then pushes the tray back in and presses play.

She comes over and snuggles next to me and giggles. I can't believe it. "Lets make fun of the guys penis and the girls tits come on it'll be funny" she says. The movie is a lesbian flick, she's not going to see any dick. I then tell her that. "I want to watch it if your OK with it?" she asked. "OK that's cool" like I would say no.The movie keeps going the girls are now grinding their pussies together one of my fave moves. Minutes later Alice is breathing hard and she keeps rubbing her legs together, she's horny. Then I can't believe my eyes she puts a hand down her shorts. I'm getting more turned on by watching her then the movie. She then lets a soft moan escape her plump lips. Then the unthinkable happens she opens her eyes looks over at me I look away embarrassed.

She then leans over and starts to kiss me. I can't help but take my hand and go under her shirt and bra. I squeeze her tit and run my thumb over her erect nipples, she then slides her shorts off and kicks them to the floor. She's wearing a black thong, she takes my hand and puts it on her hip. " if you want, you can take them off or not its up to you." She tells me. "And if I take then off are you sure you'll be OK with it? I ask. Then she takes my hand and pulls them down. " yeah ill be OK with it". I look down and see her hairless pussy omg just how I love it. When I look up she already had her mouth on mine kissing me, her tongue moving around mine. At this point I'm so wet and my clit is throbbing wanting to be touched. Still kissing I take her shirt off as well as her black bra I kiss her neck and down her chest I take one of her nipples into my mouth and suck on it, she moans quietly in my ear.

I then run my hand all the way down to her pussy she's soaking wet. I part her lips I rub two finger up and down her clit. " don't stop" she says. I then get on top of her she then takes my shirt and bra off. I lay on top of her when our breast touch it sends shivers down my spine. She then un-buttons my pants and I kick them off to the floor. "Omg you have a really good body" Alice says " you have a nice pussy let me taste it" I tell her. I kiss her lips then kiss down her body I stop and suck on her hard nipples. Then I get to her pussy, The smell is sweet and so is the taste. I widen my tongue and give her a long hard lick then start to flick at her clit, I twist and turn my tongue, sucking her clit she starts to moan louder. She takes my hair in her hand and pulls on it a little. I then stick my tongue in her pussy and move it in and out.

She then says that she's coming, her pussy walls start to squeeze my tongue and she comes in my mouth I lick it all off. She's left breathing heavy "wow that was better than any guys ever done" she says "now its my turn. Alice then takes me and lays me down on my back and puts one of my legs on her shoulder, leaving my pussy wide and exposed. Then she puts her pussy really close to mine,she then takes some of her juice and rubs it on my clit. She takes her pussy and mine and starts to rub then together. I'm shaved she's shaved.... I melt at the feeling warm wet slippery." I love this" I tell her," I know you where really in to it watching that part of the movie" Alice tells me. We rub slowly at first I start to feel myself coming and then Alice bumps them together, not hard but with just the right force to send me over the edge.

A very powerful orgasm washes over me and we both come at the same time, getting even wetter. I then go and get my dildo that's under my bed "oh yeah come on Mia, fuck me" Alice says. I turn it on and rub my clit with it I start to moan I then sit next to her and I slide the dildo in I let out a load moan out. "Lick me" I tell Alice she then takes the dildo from my hand and moves it around and then starts to suck on my clit. "Harder suck it harder" I let out. Alice then starts to fuck me harder and faster, my muscles cave on the dildo and then release it. I squirt all over her chest. Alice looks down runs a finger from her neck down her chest and puts her finger in her pussy and takes it out to taste it. ."yum" she says " Mia I've never used one of these so be gentle OK" she hands it over. "Are you a virgin?" I ask. "Yeah" "OK, I got something better for you." I go over to my dresser and get my finger vibrator and turn it on. I then lay Alice down and put my finger in, I move it in and out she's moaning a lot and starts to kiss me, she then stops, and looks at me. "I want to squirt like you" she tells me "OK" I say. I move my finger in and out and when I start to feel her climax I press down and rub harder on her G spot she squirts in bucket fulls all over my arm. Alice then falls on me breathing heavy. I'm beat, she says I look down at Alice, her head on my chest she looks sleepy and so am I. I can't wait for our trip in the morning.

to be continued.....