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Hot Night with the Neighbor


My friend katy and I have been neighbors for 2 years now and ever since I have always pictured her naked. Her beautiful size DD tits falling out of her shirt, and nice legs. I dream about her rubbing my young pussy and licking me clean. I couldn't stand it any longer. So one day I walked over to her house for a little movie night is what I told her. She said it was fine so before I left that night I packed many pg-13 movies, and then for later some nice porn clips!!

When I got to her house she led me to the couch and looked through my bag for a movie. She bent down her breast were showing and it made me really wet. She came back up and when I saw what was in her hands I was happy! she was holding my porn DVDs. I stood up and took "act cool" and went over to her and gently kissed her neck. She didn't back away, instead she pushed me on the couch and quickly put in the porn.

She came and joined me on the couch and started unbuttoning her shirt. I could feel my pussy throbbing as she reached for my hand and I touched her breasts. she hopped on top of me and took off my clothes than started kissing me breast and fingering my wet clit. She took off her pants and I told her I had been dreaming about this for a long time. She smiled as she slid to the floor and started licking my pussy I moaned and was surprised at how great she was satisfying me! I could here the girls on the TV saying, "fuck me oh yeah that's how I like it...lick me U bitch", and I came all over katy's mouth. she laughed and took my hand and led me up the stairs to her bedroom where we continued on the bed.

she laid down and started masturbating. She screamed and said, "omg fucker" and "come here bitch. help me cum", I was really horny now and I moved over to her and started sucking the juices out of her pussy. she grabbed the edge of the bed and then her body jolted and moved up and down. I stopped to watch her breast shake and jiggle.
She got on top of me and flipped me over. we had sex for 2 more hours. that was a great night!