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It all started one day while I was shampooing my Great Dane, Toby. I was washing his belly and started to wash his balls, when I noticed that his large prick began to come out of its sheath. I was curious about what would happen if I rubbed it with my hand.
When I started to stroke his prick, it came fully out of it’s fleshy covering. It was about 10” (since I didn’t have a ruler, I’m approximating). Nevertheless, it was the biggest cock I could ever imagine. I’ve seen boy’s cock in the shower after gym class, but none of them could compare to Toby. As I continued to rub my hand on his prick, his hips began pumping into my fist. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was actually fucking my hand. I put my face down closer to his prick to get a better view. He kept pumping into my fist and began to spurt his seed into my face. Shocked, at first, I jumped back and wiped my face with my hand. “I wonder what it tastes like,” I thought to myself. I tentatively licked the cum from my hand and realized that it tasted pretty good…a little salty, but otherwise good.
I stuck my head down to his cock again and saw that he was still shooting his cum uncontrollably into the tub. I put my face directly in front of the sporadic stream and began catching it in my mouth and swallowing as fast as I could. When he didn’t seem to be cumming fast enough, I put my mouth on his prick and began to suck the cum out of him. This was the first cock I ever put in my mouth.
Toby started pumping his hips again, fucking my sucking mouth and rewarded me with a huge load of doggie cum down my throat. I gagged and almost puked when his cock buried itself in my gullet, but I relaxed my throat muscles and he was able to push it further in my mouth. Load after load, he shot down my throat and, as fast as I was able to swallow, he still overflowed my mouth and spilled his come on my neck.
After he finished his orgasm, he was still shooting small streams of cum for me. I must have swallowed a pint or more of his cum. I found myself getting excited in a place I never felt before this day. I noticed my little penis was hard. I started to rub it to get rid of the tingling sensation, but the more I rubbed it, the more it tingled. “Maybe I can do the same as Toby did,” went through my mind.
I pulled my pants and underwear off and started to stroke my little dick like I stroked Toby. My cock got harder and harder. Toby looked over at me and moved closer. He stuck his long tongue out and licked my prick. That was more than my little tool could stand and I experienced my first orgasm. Not much cum came out but Toby returned the favor and licked the cum as it came out of my dick. Wow!!! That was great!!! I was hooked. I started to masturbate every day…myself and Toby.
Then one day I was naked and cleaning myself up after cumming on my stomach. I was bending over wiping some off my leg, when Toby reared up behind me and locked his forepaws around my waist. His weight brought me down to my knees. His prick found its way to my asshole and penetrated me in one push. I screamed out in pain, but that didn’t even phase Toby. He began fucking my ass like he fucked my mouth. Strong powerful strokes pushed him deeper into my tortured asshole. The hurt started to subside, and I started to enjoy it. He pumped harder and faster, deeper into me. He finally sank his entire length in me. Then I felt a larger object poking at the opening of my ass. It was his knot! He was trying to fit it inside me , too. When he pushed it in, the pain was renewed. I felt as though I was being torn apart, starting at my asshole. Furiously he kept pumping. Gradually, I became accustomed to his knot and, once again began to feel my cock getting hard again. As Toby fucked my ass, I stroked my cock.
Toby began to come and that sent me into another orgasm. I had never cum as quickly, after cumming just a few minutes before, as I did that day. Toby shot load after load into my ass. I felt like my ass was filled with a balloon. Finally he finished, but he couldn’t come loose from my ass. He was stuck! I began to panic because my sister was supposed to be coming home soon. As hard as I pushed, he just couldn’t pull his cock out of me.
Suddenly, my x year old sister walked in the room. I was mortified, but she looked only mildly surprised. “I see you found out that Toby is a multitalented dog,” she smiled, “I’ve been letting him fuck me for two years. Now, we both can get off, without the headaches of having boyfriends or girlfriends. But, if you don‘t want me to tell Mom and Dad, you‘re going to have to start eating my pussy and fucking me, too. Deal?“
What else could I say? But, that’s for my next story.