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How i met Joanne


My name is Marie and this was the story of how I came to be:
My mum bought me a beautiful golden Labrador pup when I was thirteen and it became my best friend when I was at home. I called him ‘wobbles’ because of the awkward way he ran. Anyway when I was 18 I came home from school for the last time. I had just gradated and mum had taken me out to lunch. When we got home I said I would take wobbles for a walk, I left the house and headed straight for the park where I would throw a stick to wobbles for him to catch. We got to the park and found a nice big stick to play with.
After a while I needed to go to the bathroom so I headed to the newly built toilet block. As I went in I heard a strange noise coming from the cubicle next to me. Not making a sound, I put my ear to it and listened, it sounded like someone was having sex – I could hear moaning and grunting from the other side – then I heard another sound, a whine from a dog. Now that sounded unusual. I went into the cubicle next to the one where the sounds were coming from, closed the door and then crouched down so I could see underneath. What I saw was unbelievable. A young woman – maybe 20 – was stripped bare and crouched on all fours on the ground, behind her, slumped on her back was a black Labrador just bigger than wobbles. This dog was sporting a huge hard on and had it deep in the lady’s ass. This shocked me as I had never seen anything like this before but at he same time it aroused me and I started to get wet between my legs.
I pulled my eyes away and went to the bathroom trying to ignore the noises coming from the other cubicle. But this was futile, the sounds in the other cubicle changed then and the dog gave a moan and the woman grunted and shouted in an orgasm, I couldn’t resist, I wiped my pussy and crouched down again to peer at the woman.
The dog was bucking hard against the womas ass as it leaked globules of white cum again and again then the dog relaxed removed his great pink cock from her ass. The woman the made to get up but as she turned she saw me peaking under the cubicle wall and froze, we didn’t move for a few moments but then I mustered up the courage to say “um…sorry. I heard you and was curious.” The woman still looked surprised and alarmed but her expression softened “oh, that’s alright. You shouldn’t have seen that though. It is a very bad thing to do but I can’t help it I love it too much and Billy here is such a good lover.”
“you mean you’ve done it with your dog more than once?”
“oh yes, many times”
“wow! Um… I’m really sorry to intrude on you like that”
“no don’t worry about it. You look uncomfortable there. Why don’t I come into your cubicle and we can talk about it?”
The thought of a naked woman with me only furthered my horniness.
“aren’t you going to get dressed?”
“well I can if you want me to but…”
“um, no don’t worry”
“OK then, I’m Joanne by the way”
“oh I’m Marie”
“pretty name”
Why was I doing this it was so wrong? But she seemed nice enough and I was so horny.
The woman got up and I opened to door to let her in. she was a beautiful woman, she had a well looked after body and cleavage to die for plus she was lightly tanned and was still dropping bits of dog cum on the floor. She came in and closed the door, then closed the lid of the toilet and sat down. The black Labrador came In as well and I could see his dick slowly getting smaller, the dog sat at the door and kept on the lookout.
“so how much did you see of us?” Joanne asked
“oh I saw the dog with his dick in you and I saw him come but that’s about it”
“what do you think of it?”
“I was shocked at first, but it made so horny I had to watch again”
“really, well I can give you release.”
“I can help you come”
“oh, well…um…alright”
Joanne got up and turned me around to undo my school uniform. She stripped me bare and then turned me back around.
“you have a nice body Marie” Joanne said
“thankyou, I’m proud of my body”
“so you should be. Now let get you cumming”
Joanne gently cupped her hand around my crotch and I felt a wonderful feeling flow around my body. I grunted softly. Then Joanne slowly slid a finger into my vagina and moved it in and out. This was the best feeling I had ever had in my life.
“so Marie. You have any pets?” Joanne asked me as she worked my pussy
“uh…yeah…uh…I have a dog…uh…called…wobbles” I said in ecstasy
“why did you call him that?”
“because…uh…oh…he has…a funny way of walking…”
“what kind of dig is he?”
“…ah, uh…a Labrador”
It was then that I cummed really hard, this was unbelievable I gushed warm juices on Joanne’s hand and she then licked her hand and liked my pussy clean. I felt great.
“a Labrador you say. Is he here?”
“he should be tied up outside.” I said
“had he had sex with any other dogs?”
“not that I know of”
“well this should be fun for him too. Go and get him”
I opened the cubicle and still naked untied wobbles from the post outside and took him back in. then I closed the gate into the toilet room and locked it.
I took wobbles to Joanne to have a look at.
“Oh, isn’t he adorable!” Joanne cooed patting and hugging wobbles.
“He’s just like your dog Billy only he golden”
I bent down and patted Billy, he rubbed his body on my tummy and the feel of his fur was so nice.
“ok, so who do you want to do first?”
“um…I might give wobbles a go”
“OK then, bring wobbles up to your pussy and let him smell it so he gets aroused”
I called wobbles close to me and gently brought his nose down to my crotch where he smelled and licked it gently, this was nice!
“OK, now lay him on his belly and gently rub his cock till he gets an erection.”
This I also did I lay him on the floor and rubbed his dick so that it slowly grew into a huge pulsing pink cock.
“nice, now get down on all fours and open your asshole to him – give him something for him to penetrate.”
I followed Joanne’s instructions and got down on all fours, opening my asshole for wobbles to enter.
“now, he will enter pretty hard, try not to shriek or yell as he will withdraw again”
I felt wobbles nose sniffing my ass, liking my smell and then rasing his forelegs to rest his front paws on my back. Then without warning a sharp jab of pain shot through my body as he rammed his cock in hard into my ass. I bit back a yell and tried to stay still. Eventually, wobbles started to drag his cock in and out of my anus slowly. OH, Heaven! What a feeling – a dog inside me! I turned around and looked into wobbles’ eyes lovingly; he looked back at me with those big brown eyes. I loved the felling of his cock in me, it felt great! In, out, in, out.
I heard a shriek from Joanne and turned to see Billy in her ass as well. She was moaning in ecstasy, so I followed suit. Moaning and grunting.
Then I felt a warm cushy sensation on my lips and opened my eyes to see Joanne kissing me. This was too much, I loved this the dog in me and Joanne gently kissing and licking around my lips.
We kissed for a while as the dogs made love to us. Then something happened. Wobbles started to move faster and faster – he was cumming. I felt the pulsing in his dick and moaned louder and he rammed me again and again. Then the throbbing intensified and thick globules of cum spurted out my ass. Again and again more and more cum then all was still. I felt wobbles withdraw and move to the corner to calm down.
Meanwhile, Joanne was still getting humped by Billy and was moaning. I needed to cum badly so I slid under Joanne with my head positioned under her pussy, then raised myself on my elbows and began eating Joanne’s pussy. She moaned and shrieked as her ass was fucked and her pussy was licked. Then the dog brought on a huge orgasm squirting tonnes of cum into Joanne’s ass and spilling it out onto the floor. As the dog withdrew Joanne had her orgasm and filled my mouth with her juice. She then lay down panting heavily.
“That was incredible!” Joanne cried out
The two girls then cleaned themselves up and got dressed in their clothing.
“I have to go now” I said to Joanne “we’ll have to do that again sometime”
“what do you mean sometime. Did you finish school today?”
“then tomorrow same place at say 11 o’clock?”
“OK then. I’ll see ya then” I left Joanne then and went home. As I entered the house my mother bailed me up in the kitchen.
“you took your time what happened?” she asked
“oh, not much we just had too much fun” I said giving wobbles a sly wink.