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I Can Satisfy a Man


I am tall and slim, 28, with muscles in all the right places. I have had girl friends all of my life and have never really thought of being with a man. That began to change a year or so ago and it is all my girl friend's fault. She decided she wanted me fully shaved. Arms, chest, legs and my cock and balls. She loved the feeling of a perfectly smooth guy during lovemaking. This triggered something deep inside of me and I grew to love the whole shaving process.

Really, it made feel like a girl and I had thoughts of taking it a bit further and wearing female clothes. I played around a bit with panties but not much else.

I flew to Chicago for a week long training seminar without my girlfriend and was horny as soon as I checked in. Something about a far away town and hotel that gets me going.

During the first day there, I met a good looking guy who was very friendly with me. Even though there were women around that peaked my interest, this guy intrigued me. He was smart, kind and laid back. Plus he smelled real good.
He was big and strong and out weighed me by about 80 lbs. I am 5' 10" and 155 lbs while he was at least 6'4" and 230, 240. Usually, this made me insecure, but now I was liking it. Him, tall and thick and me long and thin.

Every chance we could, we would flirt a bit. Things were moving fast. Then one day, I found a pair of flip flop sandals hanging from my door knob. They were pink with a slight wedge and a flower between the toes. I was thrilled. This man wanted to see me in women's shoes.

The next day he visited me in my room and I wore the shoes like I have been wearing them for years. With my male shorts, my smooth legs looked great. We said nothing to each other about the gift but were to nervous to take it any further.

The next day, another gift. A very tiny, faded jean skirt. I went nuts. The skirt rode very low on my slim hips while making my tiny waist look even smaller. I slipped on my sandals and pranced around the room. This man was putting the moves on me, and I was liking it. If he thought buying me gifts was going to get me in his bed, he was right.

I changed and ran to a store for pedicure supplies and makeup. I wanted eyes like the porn-stars have. Dark liner and purple, almost black shadow.

I bought a tight white muscle shirt and hurried back to my room to primp. I wore the skirt so low, you could almost see the crack of my ass and my tight tee showed nothing except how thin and tight my stomach was. My toes were beautiful and I rubbed cream on my legs giving them a sheen.I checked my self out in the mirror, cracked a beer and waited. This man was chasing me, and I knew he would call. At least I was hoping he would call. I was ready to satisfy another man.

After a long time the phone rang and he was buzzing pretty good because he was in the bar all afternoon. He asked if he could come up and I said please do. When I opened the door, I am sure his jaw dropped. He sat down while I mixed him a drink, absolutely thrilled to be posing in my new outfit. For the first time in my life, I was standing in front of another person, skirt, heeled flip flops and make up, feeling terrific. I looked terrific.

He stood up and I wrapped my arms around his huge neck while gently slipping my tongue into his mouth. It was on and I was nervous. I wanted to satisfy this man and I was not sure if I could.

I peeled off his clothes and had a quick look at the body I would soon be rubbing and licking. Thick and manly, just like I like them. His cock looked like a giant muscle with bulging veins. Of course I checked this out because soon it would be inside of me. I went back to his neck, rubbing the back of his head while swaying gently to the music. I was in a trance. I was loving this man.

I left my clothes on and let him feel me up like most men would do to a girl in a mini skirt. I felt like a beautiful teenager, being manhandled by an older man.

He began to direct me to my knees and I obliged. When face to face with his throbbing member, I got the first sign I was turning on another man. He had precum dripping from the tip. Wow! I was turning on a man. I wasted no time wrapping my lips around it sucking and licking with great joy. It was hard as a rock and his moaning was driving me off the deep end. With the Stone Temple Pilots playing in the background, I gazed up with puppy dog eyes to gauge his reaction. He was loving it. A beautiful man, a real hunky was loving me sucking his cock.

This was his night, and even though I wanted it in my ass bad, I let him do what he wanted. After all, he is the man and it is my job, as a young girl to satisfy him, no matter what. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped his cock with great urgency and I knew what was coming next. That beautiful, tasty man juice that I have craved lately. After a lot of bucking, out it came. I made a man cum. It filled my mouth and spilled out on the floor, dripping down my chin.

He walked to the bathroom , cleaned up and after waving good-bye walked out the door. I mixed a drink, crossed my legs and with some cum still on my face, I looked out the window. I can now say that I doubt very much I will ever bed another female. I had what it takes to get men, good looking men into my bed.

The true stories of Desmoines.