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Jayden, the boy who took my virginity


My name's Miles and this is the first story of my first boyfriend that I lost my virginity to.

I was a sophomore and I was the only openly gay guy in my school. The rest are none admitting to being gay. I had sandy brown hair and was pretty fit for a guy like me.

I was walking the hallways, trying to ignore the comments that people say behind my back. Not really paying attention, I accidentally ran into Jayden, a member of the school's football players. He was a junior and he was one of the school's hottest boys. He was one of the ones that pick on me but he never really did anything cruel to me. I have an honor class with him.
"Watch where you're walking fag," he said. "Stop trying to touch my ass."
"Sorry," I said, trying not to cause a big scene.

It was honor's geometry. Mr. Lerman already paired everyone up random. When he called my name and then my partner's name.
"Miles, you'll be paired up with Jayden."
"What? Why?" Jayden stood up.
Everyone laughed.
"The decision has been made. Deal with it.

We were working on our project of the solar system. I was trying to concentrate on making the balls, but Jayden was just so beautiful and sexy. You can see he's abs though his Abercrombie shirt. He had the most beautiful eyes I ever seen in a boy. The most grayest hazel eyes I'd ever seen. He worked on his project without talking to me. Only about the project.

We worked on the project for two weeks. He started to talk to me more and he started having conversations with me. We got to know each other. Then he asked a question.
"Wanna hang out? We could go to the park and talk so more."
It surprised me, but I would miss out a chance of seeing him more.
So after school we walked to the park separately so people wouldn't see and think something.
We talked about me being gay and he said he was ok with it and that we could be friends. Apparently, he had a girlfriend and they were super sexual. His light brown hair was gleaming in the sunlight. He was my type of guy. I wen to use the bathroom. After I used the bathroom and opened the stall door, someone grabbed my head and assaulted my lips. It was Jayden.

I forced him off me in confusion. I was stunned that he just did that.
"Why'd you do that? I thought you were straight and had a girlfriend." I said.
"That was a cover. I didn't want people to know. But now I'm coming out to you. I really like you. I'm gay too," he replied, trying to kiss me again.
"Then why do you make funny of me?"
"I couldn't have people thinking that I was gay too. I want to be on the football team with guys that respect me. Being gay is not a way to earn respect."
"That's still no reason to make funny of me," pushing his body off me, which was hard.
"I've always liked you. You were my type."
As much as I wanted to make out with him more, I had pride and I'm not letting him use me as an experiment.
"Fuck you. I'm not a boy toy that you can fuck and leave at home," I said slapping hard across the cheeks. I stormed out the bathroom and headed home.

It was night and I was sitting in bed, thinking of how Jayden's lips felt on my lips. Soft and passionate. So aggressive and hard... Something hit my window and I was startled for a moment.
I looked out my window and it was Jayden. Standing out my window. You gotta be kidding me, I thought to myself.
I opened the window and let him in.
"What?" I asked.
"I want to forgive for what I did and said to you those years. It was wrong of me to do that to you. To start with, I told my parents. They were okay with it."

That was a lot to do and handle. I guess I can forgive him. I just could resist his hazel eyes.
"It's okay. I was angry and shocked at that point anyway."
"Thanks," he said looking like he has something to say.
"What else do you want say?"
"You were a good kisser in the bathroom."
"I guess. I'm a virgin so that's good. Cause I'm not."
"You had other guys before?"
"Yeah some of the guys on the baseball team."
"That's good even better." Then he attacked me again with his aggressive lips. This time tonguing me, pushing me to my bed. He started kissing my neck. He stopped.
"Are your parents home?
"No they're in New York right now. It's just me."
"Good." He got back to kissing my neck. I got so horny, I felt my cock getting harder by the minute.
"You are so hot with your twink self," he whispered in my ear, grabbing my flat but soft ass.

I could felt his cock growing in his jeans and clawing it's way out. He was so horny it's like he hadn't had sex in monthes. He was talking off my shirt and then his. He had six packs and it was so tight. It made me want to get this going faster.
"Nice body. For a twink."
"Nice six pack. For a football player."

I pushed him on his back on kissed him and kissed him down to he's pant. I unbuttoned his jeans. His cock piped out like a jack-in-the-box. It was 9 inches and very wide. I held it in my hands, throbbing and pulsing.
"Fuck. Suck it already." Jay moaned.

I put it in my mouth and slowly try to take it in. Jay was getting impatient so he took his strong hands on my head and push down, forcing me to take his cock to he's croutch. I was gaging but I was enjoying it. He keep on going until he got up and started unbuttoning my pants. He pulled my pant and boxerbriefs off and started eating my ass and rimming it good. I was moaning.
The moaning made me so horny, I said,"I want you inside." he stopped and positoned his cock on my hole and said,"This is going to hard. Espeacially if you're a twink and virgin." He pushed it in.
He was right. It was the most painful thing I ever felt in my life. I was practically becoming numb from him pounding me. It hurted so bad but I was in so much estasy that I barely felt it and only pleasure. He thrusting back and forward and close to hitting my prostate. He was moaning loudly and turned me over on all my fours.

He thrushes even harder then. Then he hit my prostate. I screamed out his name over and over again. He said,"You like that huh?"
He kept thrusting until he said that he was going to cum. He pulled his 9 inches out and grabbed my hair to his cock. I put his cock in my mouth and he cummed so much.
He said,"Don't swallow just yet." He grabbed my mouth and started making out and swapping his cum til it was gone. I kept on kissing him hungrily til he pulled away.
He grabbed my cock and jacked me out til I cummed over our bodys. He licked it all off and kissed me. We fell til the bed.

"How's that for a first time?" he asked, touching my chest.
"Great. How's that for coming out?"
"I want you so much. I love you Jayden.
"I want you too Miles."
He kissed me and held me all night, tell me other we could do in bed.